Love Me, My Lady Bigshot

Love Me, My Lady Bigshot



"Old friends, are you welcome to my return?" Matilda Hawk was the only female leader in Caesar's hundred-year history. Nothing gets done without paying for something. Abducted by human traffickers at a young age, she endured six months of inhuman torment before joining Caesar. Starting as a null, she fought her way up to the top. Ten years ago, her father was beaten to death by someone. If it weren't for her five brothers protecting her and helping her escape, Matilda would have surely been killed as well. Where was her mother? She would find her trace. Matilda concealed her true identity and began the search for her five brothers and her long-time-no-see "friends"...
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From a private plane, a black coffin was brought down.

Matilda Hawk, dressed entirely in black, descended slowly from the stairs on the other side. Without meaning to assert any dominance, her aura alone was intimidating enough.

Her red lips slightly parted as she declared coldly under the gaze of thousands of commanders, "The traitor is dead. From today onwards, I am the saintess of the Caesar Group!"

She was kidnapped at the age of eight and tortured for half a year. Then, she crossed the ocean to Country M and joined the mercenary organization, Caesar. Starting out as an obscure follower, she fought her way up to her current position.

The corpse in the black coffin was the traitor who killed the previous leader. According to the rules, the one who captured him would become the twelfth generation saintess.

Matilda was the only female saintess in the one hundred years since Caesar's establishment.

Everyone exclaimed in unison, "Welcome home, Saintess!"

Yes, the twelfth generation saintess had moved Caesar's headquarters to Julgrad City in Country C, her former home.

Ten years ago, her father, the head of a construction company, was framed and bankrupted by debts. Her family hid in the slums.

But in less than a month, collectors of usurious loans came knocking at the door. In front of eight-year-old Matilda, they brutally killed her father and were about to force themselves on her mother.

Had it not been for the five adopted brothers shielding her to escape, she might have ended up a victim of the fire herself.

Matilda pulled open the driver's seat door, gestured with her chin and ordered, "Get out of the car. No one is allowed to follow."


The driver, Asher, hurried out of the car. The saintess' aura was far too overwhelming!

A Mercedes G-Wagon raced away quickly, drifting out of everyone's sight like a top-level race car.

Asher wiped his sweat and exclaimed, "It took a hundred years for a woman of such high regard to come forth! How captivating she is!"

Ten years passed.

Matilda leaned against the hood of the G-wagon, with a lollipop between her fingers. Her mother always hated the smell of smoke, so she quit smoking before returning to Julgrad City.

"Hey, where'd this beautiful babe come from? Come over here... F*ck!"

A man with a scarred face, who had just left the underground bank, instantly eyed Matilda. The moment he tried to make a move, he was plastered to the wall by a flying kick.

At the sight of her stunning, slender legs, the scar-faced man didn't know any better and reached out to touch them. But before his hand could make contact, a sharp Swiss army knife made a cut on his hand, revealing the bone underneath.


That one cut was enough to terrify the man. He began to plead for his life. "Ma... madam, please spare my life! I... I..."

"Where is Helen Matthews?" Matilda pressed one hand onto the wound on the man's hand. Blood flowed like a river.

Upon hearing the name "Helen Matthews", the man was immediately spooked. He was shaking uncontrollably, unable to let out a single squeak.

Helen Matthews, Matilda's mother, had gone missing after the fire. As for her father, he had been conned into buying a piece of abandoned land which suddenly struck oil.

That small, unimpressive underground bank was responsible for mediating the sale of that newfound oil. Matilda's first task upon returning to her home country was to find her mother, and to avenge her father.

And then there were her five brothers...

Whenever she thought about them, the spark in Matilda's beautiful eyes seemed to flare brighter, and she applied even more pressure onto the man's hand.

"An adult human body has 5000ml of blood. Judging by the speed you're bleeding out now, I can guarantee that in ten minutes..." Matilda tilted her body forward, whispering into his ear like a demon, "You will die!"

For ten years, she had seen more dead people than alive. A scum like that only be a threat to peace in the society.

The man had been completely dominated by Matilda. Shaking, he said, "If you want to find Helen Matthews, you've got to go to Jenkins Group. Look for their president, Reginald Jenkins. I've heard that name from our boss. I don't know if it's real or fake info."

Jenkins Group was the largest business empire in Country C.

Caesar had tried to establish connections with them in the past, but they showed no intention of cooperating. They hadn't even met the real leader of the group, who was so elusive that no information about him could be found.

Reginald Jenkins... Matilda gripped the steering wheel with one hand, while the G-wagon roared down the traffic-heavy main road.

In her other hand, she held a weathered photo. In the photo, a single girl was surrounded by five handsome boys.

One of the boys looked stoic, yet his gaze remained fixated on the girl.


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