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That night, by some stroke of luck, she managed to escape after unwittingly ending up in his bed. Now, in order to avoid the persistent pursuit of an old man, she once again willingly throws herself into his arms, "As long as you can save me, I'm willing to do anything." Ling Yunxiao had always concealed his true nature, that of a ruffian hiding beneath a gentleman’s façade, until he met her. Only then he revealed his true colors: "My appearance fee is quite hefty, what do you plan to repay me with?” Feeling pitiful, Hua Xiaorui asked, "What do you want in exchange?" With a devilishly handsome grin, he answered, "I want to reexperience every single thing we did in bed that night!" Hua Xiaorui, blushing crimson and terribly embarrassed, snapped, "You ruffian!" Embracing her once again, he took action on the spot, "Excellent. Let's follow the ruffian's playbook, then." In this life, he only wants to play the part of a ruffian for her alone!
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At the Imperial Dynasty Hotel, the most expensive five-star hotel in Tong City, not only is it extremely luxurious in decoration and amenities, its thorough and considerate service is also well-known in the industry.

This place is a nest for the wealthy to lavish their money. Various kinds of entertainment facilities are available, and the restaurant provides a variety of exquisite dishes 24/7. Despite the high costs, the hotel's entrance is still crowded with luxury cars and frequented by business people every day.

Hua Xiaorui, who works as a waitress in the Chinese restaurant of the Imperial Dynasty Hotel, was planning to finish her shift at 12 noon, but due to her best friend, Lan Xiang, suddenly feeling unwell, she had to replace her on an empty stomach.

She took a plate of exquisite dishes from the hands of the serving staff, knocked on the door and entered a high-end private room. After putting the dishes on the table, she professionally introduced the dish to the seated guests, "Wishing you all enjoyment of this 'Flowers in Full Bloom Under the Bright Moon' dish."

Just as she was about to turn around and leave, she felt an unsettling gaze from somewhere.

Hua Xiaorui lifted her head subconsciously, and found a handsome man with strikingly delicate features sitting at the main position across the table was staring at her intently.

The man was casually leaning against the back of his chair, drumming his long fingers absentmindedly on the table's edge, exuding an aura of nobility distinct from common people.

His eyes were shining like black gemstones, their cold gaze chilling to the bone, and his strong presence was almost enthralling.

Hua Xiaorui couldn't help but feel a chill running down her spine, and she turned to make her escape.

But just as she rushed out of the room, she almost ran into someone. Despite her best efforts to stop herself in time, she still stepped on the gleaming leather shoes of the person.

Just as she was about to apologize, someone besides her began muttering loudly, "Can't you watch where you're going? What made you run so abruptly? Do you know who Mr. Wang is?"

"I'm so sorry, so sorry, I didn't mean it," Hua Xiaorui hurriedly apologized to everyone.

At this moment, the man she bumped into retorted with a teasing tone, "Oh, isn't this Miss Hua? I was looking everywhere for you. I didn't expect you to come crashing into me. Seems like fate really adores us."

Hua Xiaorui looked up, only to find the man was a middle-aged gentleman with a chubby face and oily skin, and his small, mung bean-like eyes were lewdly looking her up and down.

Terrified, she immediately denied, "No, no, no, I don't know you at all. You've got the wrong person."

The man chuckled darkly, revealing a row of large yellow teeth, "Just because of Miss Hua's charming and delicate appearance, could there be a second one like her in this world? Your mother has already betrothed you to me, why are you here slogging away as a waitress? Come with me quickly. Once you become my, Wang Dahai's wife, I guarantee you'll eat well and live well."

Upon hearing these words, Hua Xiaorui finally remembered. Her foster mom did indeed forcefully betroth her to a self-made man in real estate.

He was already over fifty years old and had recently lost his wife.

Her foster father’s company was facing a financial crisis. When they sought help from him, the man demanded that the father agree to marry his daughter to him in return for his help.

Upset, Hua Xiaorui was thrown out by her foster parents and ended up here, working as a waitress to support herself through the introduction of her best friend, Lanxiang.

Originally, she thought she could escape the clutches of this old man this way, but she didn't expect to bump into him here.

Hua Xiaorui was both angry and anxious, her small face blushing red, "Give up on this idea, I will never marry you."

Wang Dahai's chubby face fell, "Your foster father has already taken one hundred million yuan from me as a dowry, you are already mine. If you know what's good for you, you'll come with me willingly, or don't blame me for being rude."

As he said this, the man reached out his hand trying to grab her.


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