His Peak: Beyond Mysteries

His Peak: Beyond Mysteries



The vast expanse of the Seven Xuanwu Realms is controlled by seven major Xuanzong. The young villager, Su Yang, saw his sister taken away by the Xuanzong. In order to retrieve his sister, he embarked on the pinnacle of the martial path. Inside him resides the devouring power of the martial source, with a preternatural aptitude that transcends the Seven Xuanwu Realms. Follow his against-all-odds cultivation journey, as he suppresses the Xuanzongs step by step to ultimately become the supreme Emperor of the Martial Source.
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Greenhill Village is a small hamlet located along the edge of the Azure Cloud Range, just outside the city of Azure Cloud. It is a self-relying settlement of merely a hundred households, mostly cut off from the rest of the world.

"Brother, look quickly, there are people in the sky," a girl dressed in coarse, tattered clothing yelled to a similarly garbed boy in the distance from the edge of the village.

The girl who was twelve years old was named Su Ya. Even though she was clad in dirty and torn clothes, her skin was snow-white. Her large eyes gleamed with a certain brilliance, hiding an unmistakable trace of allurement within.

The boy was named Su Yang, and Su Ya was his sister. They were orphans and lived in Greenhill Village.

"People in the sky? Ya, are you teasing your brother again?" Su Yang looked up, and into the cloudless sky. A touch of helpless smile showed on his dirty face.

"Really, Brother, I just saw someone flying across the sky," Su Ya ran to Su Yang's side. She tugged his hand and pouted in discontent because her brother didn't believe her.

"Really?" Su Yang scratched his head, glancing at the sky.

"Really," Su Ya nodded emphatically, pulling on Su Yang's arm, "Brother, it must be a warrior; Ya saw it fly in that direction."

Su Ya pointed towards the vast, uninterrupted Azure Cloud Range.

Su Yang hesitated for a bit, before clenching his teeth and saying, "Ya, come, let's go and see."

"A warrior...according to grandpa Village Head, they can fly through the skies and travel underground. They are capable of anything." Su Yang squeezed the tiny hand in his. He led the excited Su Ya to swiftly travel through the forest towards the hills.

Halfway up, Su Yang and Su Ya, worn from exhaustion, took a seat on a large stone.

"Ya, eat some biscuit." Su Yang withdrew a half-bitten biscuit cautiously from his pouch and, after swallowing his own saliva, passed it to Su Ya.

"Brother, you eat." Su Ya broke off a piece and shoved the rest back into Su Yang's hands.

"Hehe." Su Yang grinned and gently nibbled at a small piece, put the remaining piece of the cake back into his arms.

"Big brother, look quick, there are people." Su Ya suddenly grasped Su Yang's arm in excitement, pointing towards the sky.

Su Yang hurriedly looked upwards, gaping in astonishment.

In the sky, two people were flying towards them.

Just like that, they stepped on the air effortlessly and approached.

"Martial artists, real martial artists." Su Yang swallowed a mouthful of saliva, his dirty little face full of excitement, a deep longing swirling in his pitch-black eyes.

"Grandfather, the village chief said that martial artists who can fly are very powerful and can destroy a mountain with a wave of their hands," Su Yang muttered to himself.

"If I could become a martial artist, I could fill the belly of Ya'er, clothe her well, and protect her," Su Yang said determinedly, grasping Su Ya's little hand tightly.

"Big brother, Ya'er also wants to become a martial artist, to protect you," Su Ya suddenly looked at Su Yang and said earnestly.

Su Yang was taken aback, then hugged Su Ya and laughed, "Good, Ya'er also wants to become a martial artist, to protect big brother."

In the sky, the two figures were seemingly searching for something. Suddenly, one of them looked at a specific place, his eyes lit up in surprise, saying, "Senior Brother, look there, that little girl has aura circulating around her body."

"Hmm?" The one referred to as Senior Brother raised his eyebrows, he followed the direction Junior Brother pointed at, a trace of ecstasy flashed in his eyes, "She does have aura circulating around her body. This little girl possesses at least a triple Xuan-level talent."

"Let's go, let's go see." Senior Brother took a quick swipe of his sleeve, the two of them quickly flew towards them.

"Those two martial artists are flying this way." Su Yang's pupils contracted suddenly, his gaze fixed onto the figures that enlarged quickly in his line of vision, a look of ecstasy on his face.

"Ya'er, quickly get up." Su Yang suddenly pulled Su Ya to his feet, he watched the two incoming figures with intense anticipation.


The two of them landed in front of Su Yang and Su Ya. The elder brother fixated on Su Ya, his eyes beaming with immense joy. "Such spirituality. Absolutely a four mystic, or even above that level of talent."

"I never imagined that in such a remote place, we could encounter a little girl with such terrifying aptitude. It is as if precious jade dropped from the heavens."

"Little sister, where are your folks?" The elder brother, smiling, asked Su Ya.

"We are orphans," Su Yang nervously replied.

"Orphans?" The elder brother's eyes sparkled even brighter, he glanced at Su Yang, slightly frowning. They obviously were brother and sister. With such a talented sister, but a seemingly unimpressive brother.

No matter, such talent should not be wasted. If he brought her back to the sect, he was sure to receive a substantial reward. Even if he had to use force, he would take her.

The elder brother pondered, and then with a smile looked at Su Ya. "Little sister, would you be willing to come with me to a beautiful place?"

"Can I become a martial arts practitioner?" Su Ya asked curiously, her big eyes wide open.

"Of course, you can. You can become a martial arts practitioner just like me." Seeing the spark in Su Ya's eyes, the elder brother seemed relieved, as if there wouldn't be any difficulties.

"What about my brother? Can he become a martial arts practitioner?" Su Ya abruptly held onto Su Yang's arm and demanded.

Su Yang's heart clenched, his breathing turned heavy as he focussed sharply on the pair before him.

The elder brother frowned slightly, casting a disgusted glance at Su Yang. Smiling at Su Ya, he said, "Little sister, your brother cannot become a martial arts practitioner, but you can."

At that moment, Su Yang felt his strength drain away. The phrase 'cannot become a martial arts practitioner' echoed in his mind, his eyes lifeless.

"I cannot be a martial arts practitioner," he thought, "I cannot become a martial arts practitioner."

With all his strength, Su Yang clenched his fists, a deep pain welling up in his heart.

He felt powerless as he realized, without being a martial artist, he couldn't protect his little sister anymore.

"Little sister, would you be willing to go with me?"

"No, if brother doesn't go, I won't go either. I want to be with my brother," Su Ya stubbornly shook her head, tightly clutching Su Yang's hand.

Snapping back from his painful realization, Su Yang gritted his teeth, "Ya, follow them. I may not be able to become a warrior, but you can. When you become a warrior, protect me, okay?"

Upon hearing this, the senior apprentice felt an extreme disgust, scoffing, "You simpleton! Once you start practicing martial arts, who would bother to remember a worthless person like you?"

"No, I won't leave my brother. If brother's not going, I'm not going either," Su Ya firmly held onto Su Yang, glaring and yelling at the senior apprentice.

The senior apprentice's patience was wearing thin, his expression turning cold.

"You useless creature, with a sister as talented as yours, you should be satisfied." He stared coldly at Su Yang, his hand suddenly reaching out towards Su Ya.

Su Yang shuddered, feeling a sharp pain as if a blade had been plunged into his mind.


Crouching on the ground, clutching his head, he let out a painful scream.

Su Ya was directly caught in the grip of the senior apprentice.

"Let me go, let me go, you big villain! What did you do to my brother? You big villain, let me go!"

"Brother, save me! Save my brother, I don't want to leave you, brother."

The sound of Su Ya's crying rang in his ears, driving Su Yang into a frantic madness.

"Ya, Ya..."

He didn't know where the strength came from. Biting his lips tightly, Su Yang furiously charged at his senior brother. Unexpectedly, his senior brother stumbled and Su Yang managed to grab his robe.

"Let go of Ya, let go of my sister," he demanded.

Intense pain turned Su Yang's eyes bloody red, and his thoughts were in disarray. The only voice echoing in his head was: Sister, sister.

"Damn you, get off me," his senior brother's face was frighteningly gloomy and his boot landed violently on Su Yang's body.

With a 'thud', Su Yang was thrown onto the ground. His body convulsed violently as he vomited mouthfuls of blood.

"Ya, Ya...let, let go of Ya," Su Yang struggled to lie on the ground. His vision became blurred, yet he stared back at his senior brother with feeble words escaping his lips.

"Brother, brother, what happened?" Su Ya observed Su Yang coughing blood. Tears welled up in her eyes and in a fit of rage, she bit down hard on her senior brother's hand.

"Ahh!" A scream tore from the senior brother's throat as he violently shook off Su Ya. Looking at the bloody bite marks on the back of his hand, his fury was uncontrollable.

He, an elite disciple of the Nine Tunes Heavenly Palace, was in such a disarray all because of two commoners.

A glint of murderous intent flashed in his eyes as he grabbed Su Ya by her collar and struck her neck. Su Ya instantly fell unconscious.

Subsequently, he glared at Su Yang, coldly saying, "You naive brat, it’s your blessing that your sister could make it to the Nine Tunes Heavenly Palace. When she becomes successful in her cultivation, she won't even remember having a brother like you."

"Die, so she can cultivate in peace."

Saying this, a ball of white light emerged from his palm and fiercely struck Su Yang's body.


Suddenly, Su Yang's body stiffened. His chest was blasted into a bloody mess by the white light, even revealing broken bones underneath. From his mouth gushed a stream of bright red blood, spurting out like a tide.

"Sis, sister, gurgle gurgle."

His vision became blurry, and he felt light, as if he were about to float up. In his haze, he saw his sister flying away.

"Was the Yin-Yang Martial Emperor really defeated here? I wonder who was the one to spread this news. The Yin-Yang Martial Emperor was the strongest in the Seven Profound Martial World, how could he possibly fall?" A young disciple above the sky curled his lips in disbelief.

"Whether the Yin-Yang Martial Emperor fell or not, this little girl is enough for us to complete our task. She possesses at least the Four Profound attribute, we brothers would certainly benefit from this." The older disciple glanced at the little girl in his hand, a deep smile surfaced on his face.

"Haha, we should thank senior brother's high cultivation level, otherwise we would have missed this."


Amidst their laughter, the two figures swiftly disappeared into the sky.

On the hillside, Su Yang lay motionless on the ground, his chest stained red with blood. His vital energy was fading and soon, he would lose his life completely.


Suddenly, a thunderous boom rang out from the otherwise clear sky. A stroke of purple lightning flashed across.

The world once again fell into tranquility.

Suddenly, a bewitching purple glow flickered on Su Yang's chest.


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