The Scientific Research Tycoon Adores Me

The Scientific Research Tycoon Adores Me



She woke up surprisingly to find herself teleported into a book as a youth sent down to the countryside. During the material-scarce 1970s, she was luckily equipped with storage space full of supplies before being transmigrated. Watch as she makes her fortune in the 1970s with an entire storage space filled with supplies. She initially thought she could comfortably live a life loved by all with no effort. Who would have known that she would unexpectedly encounter a cool and aloof scientific researcher, who spoils her endlessly! When she was bullied in her factory, a certain scientist assumed a powerful role to safeguard her, declaring, “Who dares to mess with my wife?” “But, weren’t you on a secret mission?” “As soon as the mission was over, my superior ordered me to rush over. No one should touch the nation's daughter-in-law!” A perturbed villian kneeled and begged for mercy, “You never mentioned you had a prominent scientist backing you up!”
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"Damn it! Whoever dares to send my two daughters to the countryside to join the youth team, I will fight them till the end!"

"Mom, the decision is already made. The neighborhood committee is checking every day; we can't just not go..."

"Go where? Your eldest sister and your younger sister have always been weak, going there is equivalent to sending them to their doom!"

"In my opinion, it would be better to go to the countryside. At least we can fend for ourselves and have food to eat."

"Listen to this! Are these words suitable for you as a sister-in-law? If it is so good, then you go! Don't think I don't know. You're the troublemaker who caused this mess. My second brother really made a mistake when he married you..."

Xia Qingqing was awakened by the quarreling.

Early in the morning, people were arguing fiercely outside, and she didn't understand a word.

The argument made her turn and toss in bed and she was so angry that she threw off the quilt and sat up.

How annoying!

The soundproofing in old houses was not good, and the quality of the neighbors was so low. She didn't know what they were arguing about!

Forget it, she thought. If you can’t sleep, just get up and find something to eat in the morning.

She rubbed her eyes and groggily got out of bed to put on her shoes, but her foot barely touched the ground when she was shocked.

What... why has the floor suddenly turned into an irregular dirt surface?

She quickly looked around to find that the white walls were poorly painted, the room furnishing were unfamiliar, and on the bed was a blanket so old that it had turned yellow.

It took Xia Qingqing quite a while to regain her composure.

What's going on?

Where is the expensive air conditioner she bought not long ago? Where's her king-sized bed? Why are they all gone?

Could it be that everything was stolen while she was sleeping?

That can't be right!

Her hands and feet aren't bound, she can still move freely.

Shocked, Xia Qingqing leaped up and ran out in a panic.

But because she got up too suddenly, she felt dizzy after only a few steps and ran straight into the door.


She stood by the door, holding her forehead, for quite a while before she recovered.

At this moment, a voice sounded from the bed, "Sis, what's wrong?"

Upon raising her head, Xia Qingqing saw a young woman sitting up on the bed, looking at her with concern.

That very moment, a flood of memories that didn't belong to her crowded into her brain.

Turns out, she had traveled through time!

The original owner of this body was named Xia Qingqing, about the same age as her, and was the eldest daughter in the family.

Their dad, Xia Fugui, was the workshop director of a machinery factory and was forty-four years old. Their mom, Deng Fangfang, was the purchasing department director of the machinery factory and was forty-two years old.

While both individuals hold the title of director, the differences between their standing is substantial. The workshop director is only a worker within the system, but the procurement department director held by Mom Xia is a cadre, a position much higher in the hierarchy.

Not only is Mom Xia particularly effective in managing household affairs, she is also the cornerstone of the procurement department.

Parents Xia had three sons and two daughters.

Their eldest son, Xia Jianzhong, is twenty-three this year. After graduating from high school, he passed the examinations to work in the propaganda department of the machinery factory. Seen as one of the department's dedicated workers, his superiors view him as a treasured talent.

Xia Jianzhong's wife is Ye MeiJuan, the two of them are the same age. She serves as the head of the logistics department at the machinery factory—a highly efficient role. They had a son three years after their marriage.

Being part of the cadre in the machinery factory, the couple was assigned a one-bedroom half-tubular building with thirty-five square meters of space. The parents of Xia pitched in some money to convert it into two-bedroom accommodation, providing a much comfortable living for the young couple.

The couple moved out of the Xia's abode relatively early, to allow their second son to move into their room for his marriage.

The second son, Xia Jianxin, at the age of twenty-one, wasn't fond of studying. He dropped out of high school halfway to return home. It was only due to parents' influence that he got a temporary job at the textile factory, finally managing to settle down.

When someone retired last year and decided to sell their job quota, Xia's parents spent some money to secure this opportunity for Xia Jianxin to apprentice in the workshop.

Just when the second son had found a job and was gradually settling into a routine, he suddenly went against his parents' preference and married Zhou Zhaodi.

Zhou Zhaodi was a whole year older than Xia Jianxin. Like him, she was a temporary worker but after their marriage, she gave up her job to her younger sister and spent her time at home.

She was pregnant when she moved into the Xia family home. Feeling secure about her situation, she started throwing her weight around the house and bullying Xia Qingqing and her sister.

It was Zhou Zhaodi who, behind the family's back, signed up Xia Qingqing and her sister to go to the countryside as educated youths.

Original host's sister, Xia Yueyue, was born only ten minutes earlier than her and is her twin. This year the sisters turned sixteen. Having recently graduated from high school, they are seeking employment.

Xia Yueyue was always protective of her sister and stood up for her. The bond between these twins was unbreakable since childhood, and they continue to have an exceptionally good relationship.

Since they already had two sons, Mr. and Mrs. Xia yearned for a daughter. Hence, the two sisters were particularly doted on in the family.

The elder sister, Xia Yueyue, was straightforward and hot-tempered. She was never one to beat around the bush, which often led to quarrels with the attention-seeking second sister-in-law.

Likewise, the second sister-in-law hadn't taken kindly to Xia Yueyue, including Xia Qingqing, who always sided with her sister and was seen as a thorn in the second sister-in-law's side.

The original host was a gentle and quiet young lady. The second sister-in-law often thought, if it weren't for Xia Yueyue's interference, she could easily manipulate Xia Qingqing.

The youngest sibling, Xia Ziqiang, had just turned 14 years old. He had just graduated from junior high and started high school. Being the youngest child in the family, his parents adored him immensely.

The second sister-in-law dreaded that he might demand a larger share of the family property, so she discreetly registered him as a young volunteer to work in rural areas.

Having inherited all of the original host's memories, Xia Qingqing felt it to be inconceivable.

She always thought that time-travel only existed in novels and dramas; she never imagined it would actually happen to her one day...

She steadied her flickering mind, showed a strained smile to the concerned eyes of her elder sister, Xia Yueyue.

"No worries... I just got up too quickly, felt dizzy, and accidentally bumped into the door."

"You scared me with your sudden movements!"

Xia Qingqing awkwardly laughed. Was this not her first time travelling through time? Had she not had any experiences?

Waking up to an unfamiliar environment, anyone might be scared, wouldn't they?

Before her transit, Xia Qingqing was an only child. A month after her high school final exams, her parents went on a self-driving tour and were tragically killed on spot by a rich, speed-loving second-generation.

Even though the culprit compensated generously and served a few years in prison, it couldn't alleviate Xia Qingqing's pain of losing her parents.

If it weren't for her transmigration to this place, she might still be wallowing in misery...

Suddenly, the door of the room was pushed open from the outside, and a familiar voice came.

"Wake up and come in immediately; the meal is ready."

Xia Qingqing looked up, teary-eyed as she recognized the figure of her 'Mom', Xia's Mom.

She looked exactly like her real mom!

She was astonished yet joyful, suddenly considering the transmigration not that bad.

At least, she wasn't utterly alone anymore.

Seeing that her daughter was about to cry, Xia's Mom, wondering if her tone wasn't pleasant, quickly tried to console her.

"Why are you crying again? If you're still tired, you can lay down a while after eating."

Xia Qingqing pinched herself again. It hurt. It seemed that she wasn't dreaming.

She did indeed transmigrate!

"Mom, I missed you."

Xia Qingqing suddenly hugged Xia's Mom, her voice choked with emotion.

Xia's Mom gently patted her back, comforting her, "We just didn't see each other for one night. What's there to miss? You're acting so melodramatic first thing in the morning. Did you do something wrong?"

Xia Qingqing shook her head, "I had a nightmare last night, got scared. I just wanted to seek some consolation from you."

After speaking, she went to freshen up.

After brushing her teeth and washing her face, she saw her father, who was not bald, coming towards her.

Yes, the biological father of the original owner and her father look exactly the same, it seems that the destiny of parents started from a long time ago!

After breakfast, Xia Qingqing went out to see what the world of the 70s looked like.

Xia Yueyue, because of her first period today, felt unwell and stayed in her room all day.

Thinking there was no one at home, Zhou Zhaodi, her sister-in-law, casually invited her brother, Zhou Daqing, over for a talk.

When Zhou Daqing heard that the three siblings of the Xia family were going to move to the countryside as educated youth, he became anxious.

He wanted Zhou Zhaodi to act as a matchmaker, helping him marry Xia Qingqing!

But Xia Qingqing doesn't have eyes for Zhou Daqing, this marriage is nothing more than Zhou Daqing's wishful thinking.

Zhou Zhaodi stated clearly, she will bring up the matter of the marriage after the Xia siblings move to the countryside. Otherwise, their mother wouldn't agree.

Upon hearing this, Xia Yueyue realized that Zhou Zhaodi was scheming against their family, she couldn't take it anymore!

She charged out and started arguing with Zhou Zhaodi and her brother.

Seeing that her plan had been exposed, Zhou Zhaodi didn't pretend anymore, she was speaking in an especially rude manner, addressing her as " use less stuff " and also saying that for Zhou Daqing to lay eyes on Xia Qingqing, was Xia Qingqing's luck for her previous eight lives!

Immediately, Xia Yueyue was so angry that she rolled up her sleeves and was about to fight Zhou Zhaodi.

Of course, Zhou Daqing was protecting his sister. Seeing that Xia Yueyue was really going to fight, he forcefully pushed her.

Xia Yueyue, not standing steady, accidentally hit her head on the corner of the table. Blood streamed down her face and she fainted on the spot...


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