Return to Earth After Supreme Ascension

Return to Earth After Supreme Ascension



Wang Nian, in his attempt to ascend to immortality, failed his tribulation but unexpectedly returned to Earth 30,000 years in the past! At this point, he was just a small intern doctor, coerced by the vice president into becoming a fall guy, notorious as a quack in the mouths of others. Since everything started afresh, he vowed to change everything. He can heal the sick and mend the bones, with unparalleled medical skills at his fingertips! In this life, he is not only determined to reach the heavens and achieve immortality once more but also to ensure the safety of his family, defeating all clans with his power!
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"Have I... been reborn?"

"Reborn on Earth from thirty thousand years ago?"

Wang Nian froze in bewilderment.

Many memories surfaced in his mind, and his eyes filled with confusion and surprise, then with uncontrollable excitement.

In his previous life, he jumped off a hundred-meter building at the age of twenty-eight due to despair. He didn't expect to be saved by a traveling Taoist who passed down the path to immortality. From then on, he embarked on the road of cultivation.

With strong perseverance and talent, he was transformed from an ordinary human to an unparalleled immortal, overpowering all races, and ruling the world for thirty thousand years.

Later, he ventured into the deepest part of the forbidden zone of the ancient wilderness in an attempt to break through to the Emperor realm.

Under unpredictable circumstances, he opened the ancient coffin in the forbidden area.

In that moment, he was suddenly suppressed by an unknown power and realized that he was probably going to perish.

But when he opened his eyes again, he was back on Earth from thirty thousand years ago.

"What is this??"

Wang Nian suddenly noticed a palm-sized pattern of a black coffin on his chest.

As he was distracted by it, a heart-wrenching voice suddenly brought him back to reality.

"You murderer, pay for my daughter's life!"

"You caused my daughter's death, I’m going to kill you!"

A middle-aged woman in her thirties was ripping his clothes, wishing she could kill him.

Around her were a group of patients and their relatives, as well as indifferent medical staff.

Each and every person looked at Wang Nian with eyes full of anger and contempt. No one stepped forward to stop the woman from hitting and cursing Wang Nian.

"Hasn't this quack killed several patients already?"

"This is the sixth one this month!"

"Heard that he's an intern? Who allowed an intern to perform a surgery? Isn't this like taking money to commit murder?"

"You guys have no idea. This lad is from a poverty-stricken family, and he's also in debt to loan sharks. The Chief Doctor sympathetically let him into the operation room. Who knew he would privately perform a surgery? Not only has he harmed six patients, his supervisor and the Chief Doctor had to take the blame."

Those who were clueless initially, upon hearing this, pointed at Wang Nian, calling him a quack.

Wang Nian felt a chill in his heart.

Not only had he returned to the past, but he had returned to the year he just graduated.

His miserable plight started from this point.

That year, after graduating from university, he entered the Qianjiang City's First People's Hospital as an intern.

Originally, Wang Nian thought of repaying his family's loans working hard on his own.

But the good times didn't last long. Somehow, the deputy director of the hospital found out about his family situation, and they made a deal.

The Deputy Director Liu Pengchun and his nephew Liu Jie had an accident during their surgery, and Wang Nian was made the scapegoat.

Liu Pengchun promised him that as long as Wang Nian took the blame, he would use his connections to prolong the loan repayment period from the high-interest lenders.

If he didn't agree, the lenders would immediately start debt collection and harass and threaten him and his family.

In a situation where he was isolated and had nowhere to turn, he had no choice but to agree.

In his previous life, it was because of this incident that Wang Nian and his family entirely fell into the abyss and one by one passed away amidst their resentment.


Thinking of his past life, Wang Nian emanated a terrifying murderous aura.


The young woman who had been beating Wang Nian was suddenly flipped over by an inexplicable force, and the surrounding people were terrified by the murderous aura.

The scene instantly fell into silence.

Although he had lost his realm, the might of the semi-step emperor still existed. A mere fraction of its explosion was more than any mortal could withstand.

"You, you killed my daughter, and now you want to kill me?"

The young woman roared while lying on the ground.

"Your daughter isn't dead yet!"

"Everyone get out of my way!"

An idea struck Wang Nian, and with a single bounding step, he moved to the front of the handcart. On it was a young girl who had just been diagnosed as dead.

This day in his past life had a profound impact on Wang Nian.

Everyone learned that he was the incompetent doctor that caused a death, the news eventually reached his mother. She, already in a fragile state of heart, couldn't bear the blow and died in resentment.

Filled with regret, he couldn't face the pressure from public opinion and ultimately chose suicide.

The little girl's death had led to a series of tragedies that Wang Nian had never forgotten even after cultivating for thirty thousand years.

Therefore, he knew the little girl's situation better than anyone else.

On the surface, it appeared that he was the medical culprit who failed to save her, in truth, it was Liu Pengchun and Liu Jie who made the wrong diagnosis that led to her death. They, the uncle-nephew duo from the Liu family, were the real culprits.

To safeguard their own reputation, they blamed Wang Nian yet again for this disaster.

At this moment, the little girl has been taken to the mortuary, Wang Nian had no time to hesitate and rushed there.

From the hands of an old doctor nearby, he snatched a set of silver needles, and with the fastest speed, inserted a needle into the little girl's brow.

In his past life, although he had been unfairly blamed for multiple incidents, this girl was the first patient who "died" under his name.

After his rebirth, he would never let the tragedies of the past repeat and would not let the villains get away scot-free.

"Quack, what are you doing?"

"My daughter is already dead, and you are still hurting her, get away from her!"

"He is not even sparing the little girl's corpse, beat him up!"

The family members were furious, rushing forward and punching and kicking Wang Nian.

The security guards widened their shocked eyes, the situation they had barely managed to control was on the brink of spiraling out of control.

"It's all due to that damned quack, why can't he just die!"

"Get your dirty hands off me, or I'll kill you!"

The little girl’s father, his eyes bloodshot, hurled his fist, hard as sandbag, at Wang Nian.

Wang Nian withstood the onslaught, his attention wholly on manipulating the silver needle.

"I will fight this quack to the death!"

In a fit of frenzy, the woman picked up a fire extinguisher from the entrance and swung it towards Wang Nian's head.


Just then, on the icy gurney, the little girl who seemed to have lost her breath, slowly opened her eyes.

The tender, young voice sounded, and the noisy corridor fell deathly silent.

"R-raised from the dead?"

The faint-hearted ones quaked from head to toe.

"Xiao Ru, have you woken up?”

Seeing her blinking daughter, the woman suddenly stopped the fire extinguisher raised above her head.

"My precious granddaughter... is alive again?"

The little girl's grandparents rushed to the gurney in disbelief, shaking hands reaching out to touch the little girl.

"How can a dead person be alive again? What on earth is happening?"

Several medical staff, as well as the security guards who were the closest, wore baffled expressions on their faces, utterly clueless about what just transpired.


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