It's Hard to Please Miss CEO

It's Hard to Please Miss CEO




Phoenix Salazar is born as badass and savage CEO. Living her life in her field of expertise, her strong personality was intrigued by Atlas Salazar, the handsome CEO with a soft side. But hell, she was intimidated yet she dump him, simple as that. Dark secrets. Dark romance. Secrets to reveal but remained silent. No clues, just ordinary secrets. Love was indeed unconditional but love can make a person crazy.
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"Where do you think you're going?" Phoenix asked him. "Don't turn your back on me when I'm still talking, asshole!"

Atlas pursed his lips, looking back at her with a smirk flashes on his lips. "I'm going to my company, the meeting is already ended right, Ms. Florendo?" Sarcasm filled his voice.

Phoenix rolled her eyes. "Oh, sure! You can go! As if I need you here in my empire." She pushed him away.

"Wait, Phoenix," Atlas uttered. "You need me in your empire, woman."

Phoenix raised a brow at him. "Why would I need your help?" She asked, bluntly. "I didn't ask for your help, Mr. Salazar. I can build my own empire without your investment." Phoenix uttered with annoyance.

Atlas just chuckled at her words. "Sure! Should I pull out my investment in your company?" He questioned, arrogantly. " If you just knew, I hold the highest percentage of your company's assets. I can buy the stocks of your investors in just a snap." He added, seriously.

She smirked while her hands folded over her chest, revealing her cleavage. She saw him swallowed upon looking at her chest.

"Arrogance can kill you, asshole." Phoenix mumbled, frankly.

"Oh?" Atlas was mesmerized, "it won't kill me, woman... do you want to know what would've kill me?" He challenges, blinking his eyes.


He smiled, devilishly. "Sexual desire," he answered.

Phoenix crumpled her fist. She looks annoyed and irritated. "If you're just here to make a story with your women, on how you f*ck them, go away." She uttered, bluntly. "I don't have time with your f*ck*ng sinful mouth."

Atlas chuckled. "Jealous are we?" He teased.

She rolled her eyes. "Does your girls reached my standards? Don't flutter your self, Mr. Salazar. If girls fallen for you easily, don't compare me with them. I'm not easy to get..." She said with pride. "Oh, you're not gonna make it with my standards for men." She smiled, fiercely.

"You won't fit on my standards too, you're annoying and brat!" He fired back. It wasn't true. He was just pissing her off. "And other than that, you're not my type!" He added.

Her eyes blinked twice but then again, her forehead knitted. "The feeling is mutual, Mr. Salazar."

Atlas turned his back on her, he can feel her eyes looking at his well-toned bare back. He smirked and just open the door but before he totally close the door of Phoenix's conference room, he sneaked his head and say something unusual to her.

"Soon, it would be mutual!" He giggles, winked at her before shutting the door.

PHOENIX massage her temple because of annoyance within that man. If ever she had to do some black magic, she would turn him to a little rat—no, she would turn him to a cockroach.

She sits back, relax her mind. She leaned at the back rest of her swivel chair, while her eyes were closed. She heard a knock, her forehead knitted.

She clears her throat and fix herself. "Come in," she uttered, intimidately.

Her secretary entered while holding a bunch of papers. "Excuse me, Ms. Florendo but..."

"But what?" She cut him off.

Yes, it's a male secretary she got. She don't want to have a female secretary because it irritates her.

"—Mr. Salazar told me, he wants to have dinner with you. I don't think he's joking because he's serious while saying that earlier before he leaves your company." He uttered, nervously.

Phoenix raised a brow. "Decline him," she smirked.

"But if you won't come to his invitation—"

Phoenix raised her voice. "Then, tell him to meet another woman!" She growled, angrily. "Oh wait, make a reservation and let him wait until he's fumming mad." She blurted, changes her mind.

"—Well... that's a good idea but I don't think he wouldn't like that?" Her secretary, Hayes nervously mumbled. "You know him, Ma'am."

Phoenix smirked. "He would, I would dump him anyway. He's a f*ck*ng eyesore."

"Indeed, but he's handsome and attractive," he contradicts.

Phoenix mouth formed an 'o' as if she's not aware of that. Atlas is handsome and attractive but he's not really her type.

"He's not my type," she argued, nonchalantly. "I find him as a Greek good looking God came from Mount Olympus but yeah, he's not a delicacy." She added, bitterly.

Hayes shrugged his shoulders and just heaved a deep sigh. "Alright, I'll inform him, Madam. Anything else?"

Phoenix flicked her tongue. "None, just let him wait and let's see what he got and how far his patience go."

Hayes smiled at her and nod his head before he walked out of Phoenix's office.

When Hayes went out, Phoenix calm herself and relax her mind. She thinks of what will be Atlas reaction if she dump him in just a snap.

"I'm not entitled as savage and easy to fall, Salazar. I don't play games with a man like you," she mumbled, annoyingly.


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