Marry The Richest Man

Marry The Richest Man




Bella doesn't believe in love but desperately needs to get married. So she went on the marriage website, 'No matter how handsome, rich, short or poor, you can get the certificate on the same day!'” Enzo didn't need a family, but he needed a wife. Two people who take what they need, get to know each other for a day and hit it off. Bella thought it was a loveless marriage, just one more roommate. Unexpectedly, life after marriage was as sweet as honey, and Enzo was diligent and cared for his wife. At night, Enzo laughed badly and lay on the marriage bed,'Wife, I love you so much, how are you going to reward me?'
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The man sitting across from me is my eighth blind date. His handsome face contrasted with his poor appearance. He never said much and seemed bored with everything. He doesn't make me laugh or feel anything.

He's perfect.

The previous seven blind dates were all elites. They were all handsome, successful and charming. They tried to impress me with their achievements, their jokes and their compliments. They made me feel nervous and scared.

They were dangerous.

I know what it's like to love someone who is dangerous. At that time, my mother and father loved each other very much, and my father even eloped out in order to be with my mother, despite everyone being against their relationship.

They also had the crystallization of love, which was me.

It's just that their love was gradually smoothed out by life, and their romantic love was shattered by life's firewood, rice, oil, and salt.

My family's life became dull and couldn't even stir up a little splash, and my father cheated.

Later, my mother found out, but she couldn't accept it and stabbed my father to death with a knife and then committed suicide.

I was very young when I witnessed everything with my own eyes.

Therefore, in my eyes, love is least worth looking forward to. Maybe without love, there will be no expectations and disappointments, and everything can be more comfortable.

Ever since then, I've been pessimistic about marriage. I don't want to fall in love with someone who can hurt me or betray me. I don't want to repeat my mom's tragedy. I just want to settle down with someone who is ordinary, someone who won't make me feel anything.

That's why I chose him. He's the safest option. He won't break my heart or take my life. He'll just be there, like a piece of furniture. Maybe we'll have kids, maybe we won't. Maybe we'll grow old together, maybe we won't. It doesn't matter.

When he asked me if I want to see him again. I smiled and replied,

"Would you like to come with me tomorrow to get a marriage license?"

He raised his head with a shocked face, his deep blue eyes were looking at me very seriously, as if he wanted to read my thoughts, and after a long time, his tone was light: "You are really straightforward and indeed different."

The corners of my polite lips rose; he doesn't know that I'm using him as a shield.

My blind date's name is Enzo, he was introduced to me by my grandmother, though my grandmother barely knew him.

She's not in a state of good health recently, and just wants to see me get married as soon as possible. Therefore, she had arranged many blind dates for me.

Since childhood, I had to depend on my grandmother, she was my only relative. So I went to see each man she had found for me, and I'm also anxious to get married just because of my grandma.

If Enzo can't accept my request to get married as soon as possible, I won't linger. Before I asked him again to confirm whether he would like to marry me soon, he said slowly with low voice,

"Let me tell you a little bit about my situation. I was married before and had no children. "

"And I'm very busy with work, maybe I won't have much time to spend with you."

I looked at him, wondering; I still didn't understand this man's current attitude,

"So are you willing?" I asked.

Enzo took a sip of his coffee again, his movements calm and elegant: "If you can accept that I have been divorced, and if I'm not too busy, I am also willing to go with you to get a license to get married."

"It's just that because of my work, I can't go with you tomorrow, and my family is out of town, and it will take about a month or so to complete the marriage formalities. Do you have any other questions?" Enzo asked

Can this be regarded as engagement? He must be someone who wants to get married soon, just like me. To avoid repeating my parents' tragedy, I asked further,

"What is the reason for your divorce from your ex-wife? Do you have a tendency to domestic violence?" I question this because there must be a good reason his wife would leave a good-looking man such as himself.

"I didn't do nothing like that , it was mainly because I was too busy with work so we decided to get divorced."

I nodded and expressed my satisfaction: "It's good that you didn't commit domestic violence. Apart from that I don't mind anything else."

Enzo looked at me fixedly and asked, "So, you agreed?" "

I nodded: "Yes."

"Good! Do you have any other questions?"

I thought for a while and asked, "Yes, there is another problem. If you find someone new, will you get a divorce immediately?"

I don't care if he has an affair, but I just don't want to get married and then divorce, which is too troublesome.

"I won't cheat, except that I won't have too much time to spend with you, I can do everything else."

I nodded "Okay, I have no other questions for the time being."

We then got to know each other, Enzo is a senior research director or in other words, the CEO at The Directorate of Arcanum Affairs, and the specific work content was kept secret. Honestly, I was quite surprised at the fact that he's a CEO. I wanted an ordinary man, not a CEO of a mysterious company that dealt with magic. I wanted a simple life, not a complicated one full of secrets and dangers.

But I had already asked him to marry me, and he had already agreed. It was too late to back out now.

I also shared briefly about my situation, and that my only request after marriage was for us to be able to take care of my grandmother together, and he also agreed.

Along the journey he sent me home, he promised me that he would come to my house to visit my grandma if he's available.

I walked into my house, and went to check on my grandmother she was already asleep, I decided to take a shower and go to bed.

I am so exhausted that as soon as my body touches the bed I fell asleep.

In my dream, I saw a woman in a long white dress who was ferociously slashing a man with a kitchen knife.

The man was covered in blood, after the woman laughed violently, she looked at a little girl fixedly.

In the next second, the woman aimed the kitchen knife at the little girl her neck, and after another burst of crazy laughter, the knife cut the blood vessels on the girl's neck.

In an instant, blood splattered everywhere...


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