Solider King of the Beautiful and Wealthy

Solider King of the Beautiful and Wealthy


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Looked down upon by a gold digger, I drove up there in my Rolls-Royce to confront her. One hundred and fifty billion, is that enough? I'm talking about US dollars.
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On September 30 at 3:30 in the afternoon, an Airbus flight is nearing the end of its journey, and is less than ten minutes away from Hongqiao International Airport in the magic city.

And in the first-class cabin of this plane, there is a man who looks quite ordinary, but his eyes are shining with a hint of bright light as he leans back in his chair.

His eyes unabashedly wander up and down the beautiful legs of a passing flight attendant, from time to time flashing a peculiar smile, almost drooling.

Those slender, long legs emerging from a short skirt, wrapped tightly in high-grade black stockings, with no excess flesh on her calves at all. It's like they are draped in a shimmering light. This is simply a perfect work of art!

Chen Hao is silently appraising in his heart, he is on the verge of reaching out to fondle those white and tender long legs.

The owner of the beautiful long legs, the pretty flight attendant, sees Chen Hao's roguish gaze as she passes by. She can't help but feel disdain at the sight of him, especially when looking at his attire, which altogether hardly costs a hundred. She doubted her own eyes for a moment, wondering how such a man could afford to sit in first class?

"Excuse me, I'd like some bottled water," said Chen Hao, noticing the white, tender legs were leaving his sight. Unable to sit still, he immediately pressed a nearby button to call the beautiful-legged flight attendant back.

Although the flight attendant found Chen Hao distasteful, she was trained to believe the customer is the king, even if the man before her looked like a beggar, and had a particularly lecherous gaze.

The flight attendant reaches into the food cart and pulls out a bottle of mineral water and a paper cup, and hands them to Chen Hao.

But to her surprise, instead of accepting what she offered, Chen Hao shakes his head hurriedly and says, "No, I only drink Nongfu Spring."

Hearing Chen Hao's words, a few lines of frustration appeared on the flight attendant's white forehead. What a cheap man, to be so picky with bottled water!

"I'm sorry sir, we don't have Nongfu Spring water on this flight." The flight attendant suppresses her anger and replies politely.

"If you don't have that, how about you pour me some water from your personal bottle?" Chen Hao suggests with an obvious hint behind his words. His insidious laughter pushes the flight attendant's anger to breaking point.

It's blatant flirtation, unapologetic flirtation!

"Sir, if there is nothing else, I'll take my leave." The pretty flight attendant is clearly angry. With a huff, she turns on her heel, and walks away resolutely in her high heels, making a clacking sound as she goes.

Chen Hao felt some regret, having returned home after such a long time, he had missed the appealing Chinese beauties. An innocent excitement could trigger their anger so easily, he noticed.

However, he recalled the chic pencil skirt worn by the attendant; it was just too enticing for him to ignore.

Secret plans began to form in Chen Hao's mind. He decided if he got a chance to meet that flight attendant after they disembark, he would ask for her contact details.

As these thoughts floated in his mind, a noise abruptly erupted from behind him.

A man who appeared to be of Russian descent was holding the pretty flight attendant's fair and delicate arm, speaking in broken Chinese, "Hey, beauty, I asked for Smirnoff vodka, not some juice."

The beautiful flight attendant responded with slight frustration, struggling to free her arm as she explained, "Sir, it's forbidden to carry alcohol on the plane. Please understand."

"If there's no drink, then I guess a beauty will do to ease the fire." The foreigner glanced at her youthfully appealing long legs under the short skirt and gave a sly smirk.

Passengers nearby could clearly see the foreigner's arm around the flight attendant's slim waist, his gaze dropping into her cleavage. His hand fearlessly began to knead over her uniform and fiddle with her buttons.

Under the foreigner's intrusion, her uniform slipped to reveal her enticing contours better. Her once neatly styled ponytail became disheveled, with strands of fragrant hair adding a feminine touch to her panic-stricken demeanor.

"Bang!" Finally, the flight attendant took advantage of the foreigner's distraction. Her fair legs instantly switched to weapons, one foot stomping on the foreigner's, then swiftly wrapping around his neck like a snake, intending to cause him to plead for mercy!

In doing so, the sightview underneath her short skirt was briefly exposed to the prying eyes of Chen Hao.

Wow, it seems to be black! That's quite stimulating!

“What a shameless behavior! Does he think he’s entitled to play with whichever woman he wants in China?”

“He’s not even giving China any respect! Go back to your country!”

Discussions broke out amongst the surrounding passengers, making the foreigner’s face darken. He maneuvered his hand to his chest, shockingly pulling out a handgun!

The pistol was made of jade, the texture of it appeared extremely high quality. Clearly, this expensive material was chosen to evade airport security checks.

As the foreigner sneered, he loaded the gun, pointing at the dissatisfied passengers and brandishing it a few times, "Anyone else feeling brave, wanting to court death?"

An eerie silence blanketed the entire place, every gasp of air could be heard clearly!!


This familiar yet alien term turned the once indignant passengers pale, none dared to even breathe!

The stewardess with her long legs, her face became ashen, knowing that her anti-harassment training she received didn't amount to much in the face of a firearm.

"No landing, turn this plane around, go back the way we came!" The foreigner, waving his jade pistol, scanned the stewardess's outstanding legs with greedy eyes, "Babe, you've got quite a spirit, let's see if you still have it once you're undressed!"

"I also think she has a spirit, but taming a wild horse into a kitten can be very satisfying." just then, a calm voice came from behind the foreigner.

The foreigner turned to see Chen Hao had somehow made his way behind him.

"You, refusing a toast only to face a forfeit, you cheap turtle, get lost!" The foreigner held the stewardess by the neck with one hand and pointed the gun at Chen Hao with the other.

"I might be poor, but at least I'm Chinese, much better than an arrogant foreign devil like you." Chen Hao's face was frosty, this was China's airspace, and this man in front of him actually wanted to hijack the plane!

"It seems you've not tasted the power of this baby." The foreigner sneered and pointed the muzzle at Chen Hao's head without hesitation and pulled the trigger!

"Bang!" The gunshot rang out, causing the well-dressed passengers on the genuine leather seats to go pale with terror, some of the more faint-hearted women screamed.

Surprisingly, Chen Hao was not the one to end up with his head blown off, instead, he tilted his head to let the bullet hit the wall, then with a ghostly speed, he was in front of the foreigner, snatching the jade pistol away. Two seconds later, a crisp metallic clanking sound followed, the pistol was reduced to small parts, clearly hitting the carpet. After which Chen Hao stomped on the parts and by the time he raises his foot, they were reduced to tiny pieces.

Seeing his beloved expensive pistol now reduced to scrap, the foreigner screamed in agony and charged at Chen Hao.

"Thud!" Chen Hao kicked out, sending a strapping figure of 1.75m flying straight backward. The man spun through the air for a good five to six meters, ultimately crashing into a wall and breaking a big hole in it. The foreigner was deeply embedded in the wall.

"Do you think you can act recklessly here in China?" Chen Hao calmly said, emanating an invisible aura of commanding power. He was entirely different from the sneaky and slightly sleazy person he appeared to be earlier.

His remark left everyone aghast, their expressions frozen akin to chickens stunned by a clap of thunder. Seeing the foreigner bleed from his mouth and the hole in the wall, everyone wondered in astonishment.

What kind of strength can achieve that?

The stewardess's plump lips parted in shock. She stared dazedly at Chen Hao, her ample chest slightly heaving. Was she really saved by the man who seemed to tease her earlier?

"Do you have any water?" Chen Hao asked, smiling as he turned towards the pretty stewardess.

"Yes, yes." It took the stewardess a good three seconds to process and answer.

"I prefer Century Mountain," said Chen Hao.

"Well, I don't have Century Mountain but... I do have milk," replied the stewardess, her cheeks turning a hint of pink as she said it.

"Pasteurized milk?" Chen Hao asked, a strange expression on his face.

"No, fresh milk. Very fresh," the flight attendant responded, throwing an irresistibly enchanting glance at Chen Hao. She then wiggled her hips and walked into the restroom, slightly lifting her mini pencil skirt on the way to tease him with glimpses of her sensual pink silk lingerie and her snow-white legs.

The sight made Chen Hao feel as if his whole body was about to combust. His mouth was parched, and his heart pounded as he recalled the challenging glint in her eyes earlier.

Chen Hao hesitated no more and strided directly into the restroom. He pinned her against the wall.

The wave of intoxicating fragrance from her body and the touching of her long legs against him clouded his senses. Her hazy gaze and rapid breathing made Chen Hao lose control.



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