Domineering Husband, Gentle Love

Domineering Husband, Gentle Love



Before the wedding, she was plotted by her mother and sister and sent to the bed of her "brother-in-law". "Jiang Qiao Er, your name will be Lin Shu Xin from now on. Be content with being your 'Mrs. Gong', or I shall take your adoptive mother's life." In order to pay for her adoptive mother's medical expenses, she was forced to replace her biological sister and marry Gong Yu Chen, the emperor of the business world. It is rumored that he is brutal, especially cruel and unusual towards women, and has special hobbies. After marriage, she only met him a few times, just when she started to feel slightly at ease. At night, he lay on her body, deeply sniffing her scent, "You smell good." Jiang Qiao Er trembled, "You... you..." "I will love you well." One night of indulgence led to many nights of indulgence, and she gradually lost herself under his domineering tenderness. After drinking, he kissed her lightly with a hint of alcohol, his voice pained, "Why are you not her? Why?"
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City A

The Lin's residence.

After being abandoned for twenty-one years, Jiang Qiaoer was suddenly brought back to the Lin family home. The black Porsche moved swiftly through the plane-tree-lined avenue, making Jiang Qiaoer think back about the reason for her return and she couldn't help but smirk ironically.

If it weren't for the sake of protecting Lin Shuxin, the Lin family would probably never remember that they had a daughter like her in this lifetime.

The car stopped in front of a duplex villa, and as Jiang Qiaoer was about to open the car door, a servant had already done it for her. Jiang Qiaoer politely expressed her thanks.

She combed through her loose strands of hair hanging in front of her ears, half-closing her eyes as she carefully observed this place that once watched her birth, and then watched her being abandoned. A gentle breeze passed by, nymphlike white skirt lightly swaying in the sunlight, clean and elegant.

From a distance, Mrs. Lin, who is also Jiang Qiaoer's so-called biological mother, Jin Jing, holding a glass of red wine. She lazily adjusted the shawl that slipped onto her shoulders, lounging on the couch in the living room. When Jiang Qiaoer walked in, she coldly mocked, “Is your lowliness congenital? As someone who's about to play the role of Miss Lin, you best change this lowliness of thanking servants.”

Before Jiang Qiaoer could answer, Lin Ruohao, her biological father, stepped in, holding Jiang Qiaoer’s hand: “Qiaoer, once you’re back, you are a part of this family. Always remember your mother just speaks like that, do not take it to heart.”

Jiang Qiaoer smiled subtly, withdrawing her hand discreetly: “I understand.” Mother? In her eyes, Jiang Qiaoer was probably just a pawn to save the status of Lin family’s young miss, Lin Shuxin!

Lin Ruohao wanted to say something more, but he stopped speaking when he noticed Jiang Qiaoer's aloof gaze. He simply whispered: "You can settle down at home for now. We will send someone with your adoptive mother's medical expenses."

Jiang Qiaoer was assigned a room next to Lin Shuxin's. As she passed by Lin Shuxin's room, she couldn't help but peek through the partially ajar door. Pink lace curtains, a round princess bed, floor-to-ceiling windows hung with strings of crystal beads.

Maybe, if she hadn't been abandoned by the Lin family back then, she would have been the famous Miss Second Lin by now?

After a while, Jin Jing personally delivered a bottle of red wine, claiming that Lin Ruohao had sent it as a celebration.

Jiang Qiaoer barely twitched her mouth, receiving the wine impatiently and putting it on the table. Lin Ruohao wasn't too harsh on her, so even if she didn't want the wine he sent, she took it anyway.

Seeing Jiang Qiaoer accept the wine, Jin Jing's bright red lips curved into a smirk, her gloomy eyes revealing an ambiguous smile, and she then turned around and left.

At dinnertime, Lin Shuxin came home, reeking of alcohol.

"How come Shuxin drank so much?" Jin Qing, with a worried look on her face, hurriedly received a heavily intoxicated Lin Shuxin from the nanny while chiding Lin Hao to fetch a hangover remedy soup for their daughter. The Lin family's living room instantly became livelier than usual.

Jiang Qiaoer stood there, unsure of her position in all of this.

Passing by Jiang Qiaoer, Lin Hao glanced at the somewhat awkward girl and said, "Qiaoer, could you please bring this hangover remedy to your sister?"

Jiang Qiaoer pressed her lips together, took the hangover remedy, and walked towards Jin Qing.

"Mom, I didn't drink!" Lin Shuxin sat up, opening her eyes to see Jiang Qiaoer, who was holding the hangover remedy soup. Indeed, they looked exactly alike, except that the latter lacked any trace of Lin Shuxin’s intense energy. "Is she the sister who was married off to that devil in my place?"


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