Fatal Pet Wife: CEO, You Have My Life

Fatal Pet Wife: CEO, You Have My Life



She's the capricious underworld princess, who accidentally kidnapped the wrong person, and in doing so, summoned the devil himself. He's the ruthless tycoon, who entrapped her with a single contract, setting the stage for a game of revenge. He hates her, loathes her, but the one thing he won't do... is kill her.
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The man on the bed opened his eyes. Seeing an empty space within his arms, his amber eyes revealed a hint of unease.

Every day upon waking, his woman would always be in his embrace smiling lightly, softly wishing him good morning.

The man turned and sat up, the black quilt slipping down to his waist, revealing his proud honey-colored figure. After scanning the bedroom with his amber eyes, his handsome face, a blend of Eastern and Western features, immediately displayed surprise. His Yun'er would never leave his sight in the morning. Today was odd.

Rising up and approaching the floor-to-ceiling window, the man pulled aside the thick curtains, allowing the bright morning sunlight to instantly flood into the luxuriously decorated room of a Western castle style.

Looking out the window over the manor, elegant music was playing from the orchestra, the white roses were in full bloom. The man's gaze, from a high vantage point, searched among the flower paths, trying to locate his beloved woman.

Today was the day he, Huangfu Yunlian, was marrying Song Yun'er. Her absence at this moment was peculiar. The manor was bustling with guests, a gathering of powerful figures from both the legal and illegal world, and a convergence of the world's wealthiest tycoons.

He was the president of the Huangfu Group. A simple sneeze from him could cause the world to tremble. There was no need for any pretenses. The Huangfu Group was the largest organized crime empire globally, and he, Huangfu Yunlian, was the bold, unruly ruler that instilled fear within this empire.

"Knock knock…"

"Come in."

A gentle knock on the door sounded. Without turning his head, Huangfu Yunlian merely uttered in a low tone.

"President, Miss Yun'er’s stylist team is here. The Miss is…"

Tian Yi, the butler, glanced around the room. Only seeing Huangfu Yunlian alone, he paused halfway through his sentence. Song Yun'er, that woman, whenever Yunlian was back in the castle, she would always stay with him. As Yun’er’s personal attendant, Tian Yi going to ask if Yun’er had woken up indicated that Song Yun'er was not in the manor!

"Find her..."

Light and shadow fluctuated, the white roses under the windowsill emanating a subtle fragrance. The voice of Huangfu Yunlian was as cold as the sinister, indifferent and brutal image he portrayed to the world.

At Huangfu's Manor, guests were gathered, and beneath the apparent merriment, a sense of unrest was brewing.

Within the hour, a disc was delivered to Huangfu Yunlian.

"Sir, this is the recording from the surveillance room. Miss Yun'er has left..."

Tian Yi, leading Mingyu, the chief of the security department of Huangfu's Manor's surveillance room, stood before Huangfu Yunlian, whose face was clouded with gloom.

At the window, the man dressed in Armani's latest custom suit waved his hand, shattering the white porcelain vase on the table.

Tian Yi took a deep breath and said, "Sir, I think it's a good thing that Miss Yun'er left on her own accord. You knew well that she had malicious intent, that she's an assassin out to kill you!"

"Get out!"

Huangfu Yunlian's deep voice evoked greater fear than a roar.

"I spoke out of turn!"

Tian Yi shivered a bit, then turned and left the bedroom with Mingyu, who was trembling by his side.

"I was scared to death!" Mingyu stood on the luxurious corridor, clutching his heart and said quietly.

Tian Yi rebuked, "You're lucky to be alive! How could you let Song Yun'er just leave when you're in charge of such a large security department!"

"Cousin, you know that we had to set up surveillance for Sir's wedding these past few days. So many people coming and going..."

"Alright, stop making excuses!"

Tian Yi furrowed his brows in anger, about to storm off, but halted again, "Today, be at your best. News has been going around. The CEO's wedding banquet seems like a death trap; someone's put a billion on the CEO's life!"

"I under--"


Ming Yu's words were cut off by a sudden gunshot, mixed with the screams from outside the mansion.

"Head of security, go now!" Tian Yi yelled at Ming Yu, who was standing still in shock.

Outside the mansion, an army of assassins suddenly appeared, numbering in the hundreds. Their target was Huangfu Yunlian, the highest bounty head in the world.

This big fat reward dangled on the thread of Huangfu Yunlian's life. A mysterious sponsor has been increasing the bounty by billions each time. Hence, Huangfu Yunlian became the nectar attracting the bees.

Inside his room, Huangfu Yunlian untied his blue gemstone-studded cravat and sank into the couch. He sipped his wine as if he were enjoying an opera performance in Rome, listening to the gunshots outside. His slim fingers swirled the crystal glass, the Lafite's deep red color resembling blood. He gazed at a picture on the wall displaying a woman's beautiful face, downing the deep red liquid in one go.

"Yun'er, you loved me, that's why you left."

"Yun'er, the orphanage twenty years ago... I am that Yan Gege you have forgotten."

"So, even though you are a dangerous person, I still treasure you."


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