Mr. Soldier Pampers Me

Mr. Soldier Pampers Me



Four years ago, under the dim lights of the hotel, Lu Xicheng pinched Song Huai's chin, dangerously inquiring, "Woman, do you know what you're doing?" Song Huai responded, "I'm sleeping with you!" After a passionate episode, she was gifted with a little bundle of joy. Song Huai, seemingly softly beautiful on the outside, is in reality a feisty and straightforward spitfire who dares to love and hate. To catch up to him, she transformed her flower tending, garden nurturing hands into those of a sharpshooter! She could take a bullet for him, infiltrate a terrorist group to steal information. All heiresses who were his fiancées, all big celebrities who were his ex-girlfriends, all of them ought to step aside! But when threatened by terrorists once again, he chose to abandon her... all for the sake of their child...
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"Song Hui, let's break up."

Break up?

Wasn't it a marriage proposal?

Song Hui felt the figure in front of her gradually blur, her heart sinking bit by bit. Only when it fell to the depths of hell did she finally let out a long breath.

She closed and reopened her eyes. Although her eyes were still moist, the figure in front of her became clear.

"Yu Jingtao, are you sure you're not joking with me?" she heard a tremble in her own voice.

"Song Hui, I've wasted three years on you, you should know that I despise women who cling to me."

There was an undisguised impatience flashing in Yu Jingtao's eyes, and his tone naturally carried a touch of displeasure.

Waste? Clingy?


Listening to the man's words, Song Hui couldn't help but want to laugh.

She did indeed chuckle at Yu Jingtao: "Yu Jingtao, I won't hold grudges for other things. The bracelet you bought was with my money, please transfer the exact amount back to my card."

Having said that, she turned around and walked away without any hesitation.

But only Song Hui herself knew that each step she took weighed a ton.


At Word Bar, the night was enchanting.

Song Hua wasn't sure how many bottles of beer she had drunk. Her head felt somewhat dizzy, her hands slightly limp, and her legs seemed to be floating. It seemed like 'mosquitoes' were buzzing near her ear.

"Miss, we are currently on duty, please cooperate with us," said one of the soldiers dressed in military uniform standing by her side, politely telling Song Hua to leave for the third time.

Song Hua showed no reaction and continued to drink.

At this moment, a man in military uniform with four stars pinned to his shoulders walked over to the soldier.

Seeing him, the soldier immediately reported, "Captain Lu, it appears this lady is rather drunk."

"This isn't your concern anymore. Go carry out your orders," the man's voice was pleasant, with a hint of coolness.

Upon hearing this, the soldier quickly saluted, saying yes, and walked away.

After the soldier left, the glass that Song Hua was holding was grabbed by a large hand. "Miss, if you obstruct our mission, you'll have to face a military court."

Song Hua struggled a few times but failed to break free. Finally, she turned around and half-squinted at the man.

Arched eyebrows, high nose bridge, thin lips...

The man's face overlapped with that of Yu Jingtao. Whether it was the influence of alcohol or a signal from her brain, she couldn't control herself anymore. She raised her hand and slapped "Yu Jingtao" directly.

"You scum!"

Her slap caused the entire bar to fall silent. The soldiers on duty were so surprised that they didn't dare to move until they were swept with a stern gaze, then they hurriedly resumed their tasks.

Lu Xicheng's face darkened completely. No one had ever dared to slap him before.



Before he could finish his sentence, Song Hui, oblivious of the circumstance, retches, unfortunately, onto the collar of Lu Xicheng.

The room grew silent, then it swiftly resumed normalcy.

A soldier standing behind Lu Xicheng finally broke the silence, "Captain, it seems this young lady is drunk. There's a private room here. You go clean up and I will immediately..."

"Stuff her into the car!" Lu Xicheng snapped before the soldier could say anything else. Just taking a step forward, Lu Xicheng found a pair of delicate hands embracing his waist. He could not advance, "You cannot leave me behind!"

The one speaking was Song Hui, and she said these words with her eyes closed.

"What?" Lu Xicheng/Herbeck was stunned. His handsome face retained its typical solemnity, but his cold eyebrows added a touch of masculinity.

"Don't leave me behind." Song Hui stepped forward, stood on her toes, and pecked Lu Xicheng's mouth.

Despite her reeking of alcohol, Lu Xicheng somehow did not feel repulsed.

Realising the man in front of her did not push her away, Song Hui wrapped her slender arms around Lu Xicheng's neck, deepening the kiss.

The scorching touch of lips made Lu Xicheng unconsciously tighten his hand. His gaze with mixed feelings fell on her for a moment, but he immediately shoved her away. "You have mistaken me for someone else."

"I don't want to be left behind,” She mumbled, her soft, hoarse voice filled with sorrow.

The soldier’s hand froze and he was unable to avert his gaze from Lu Xicheng.

Just when he thought that Lu wouldn't say anything more, Lu Xicheng picked up Song Hui and directly headed upstairs.

"Execute the mission immediately, not allowing anyone to escape."


In the dead of the night, in City A, it rained cats and dogs, the streets echoed with thunderous roars that were accompanied by flashes of lightning.

In the guestroom, the disheveled bedsheet had already been kicked to the side. The man's upper body lay exposed, revealing his well-built muscles and captivating body line.

Song Hua's seemingly restless, delicate hands were sliding over him, taking the initiative to plant a sweet kiss.

"Woman, do you even know what you're doing?" Lu Xicheng pushed Song Hua away.

Song Hua stood before him, a dazed look in her eyes and a blush covering her cheeks. With her lips slightly parted, she said, "I'm... taking you."

Lu Xicheng squinted his eyes, his face darkening immediately, he lifted his hand sharply to grab the woman's chin, "What did you say?"

"Taking you..." Her voice was raspy, broken, echoing through the room that was filled with ambiguous atmosphere, making it a potent aphrodisiac that was hard to resist.


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