Destined to Marry You

Destined to Marry You



Si Ling was rigid, strict, and overbearing... Song Yi was just a little doctor. His adoptive mother didn't love him, and his sisters didn't love him. When they first met, he grabbed her by the wrist. He intimidated her because of his soldiers. His gaze was fierce as he said, "You can't afford to lose if you save his life." When they met again, because of the fortune-teller's nonsense, the Si family had tens of millions of betrothal gifts. The family forced her to marry Si Ling. He looked at her crying and said in a much softer voice, "I'll give you a week to get ready to marry into the Si family."
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It was late winter and early spring. The weather was warm but still cold. Although it was four or five o'clock in the evening, the sky was already a little dim. The street lamps everywhere lit up one after another, making the whole Ocean City as bright as day.

The best hospital in Ocean City, Xinghe Hospital, the whole surgery department was extremely busy. The associate Director personally held an emergency meeting. A group of doctors in white coats sat around a long conference table and straightened their backs.

They didn't look like they were on duty, but they didn't attend any major ceremonies.

"Everyone, an hour later, our hospital will send an important wounded person from the C military region. The condition of the injured person is special, and the location of the shrapnel is very difficult to get. The operation requires the ability to be strong. Those who are sitting are all doctors who are capable in our hospital. Did they volunteer to come and take the operation?" The associate Director asked the doctor who was sitting.

All the doctors were silent and didn't speak. It was not that they didn't want to take this operation. The degree of danger of this operation was very high. Who dared to show off so easily? It was a matter of life and death. If they didn't have the confidence, who dared to take it?

This was a matter of responsibility. What's more, he was injured in the C military region, and the associate Director had a meeting in person. It could be seen how much attention he paid.

The Associate Dean glanced at the people sitting there and found that everyone was beginning to pretend to be deaf and dumb, and no one answered.

The vice president was very unhappy, and his face sank a lot. "Since everyone is so modest, let's raise our hands to vote."

If the operation failed, the reputation of Xinghe Hospital and the hospital would be greatly reduced. As an associate Director, he didn't have to work.

"Director, I recommend Song Yi." A female voice sounded, and everyone looked at Song Yi.

Song Yi looked at the person in front of him with a blank face. The person who spoke was none other than Dr. Han, who was in the same office as her. Dr. Han looked at Song Yi with a gloating look. "Isn't Song Yi very fond of performance?"

Why did it stop now?

Song Yi didn't understand. She didn't usually offend Dr. Han. She didn't expect that Dr. Han would push her into the water at a critical moment.

As the saying goes, people's hearts are separated by their belly. It's not false at all.

After hearing Dr. Han's words, someone couldn't help but say, "Yes, I heard that before Dr. Song came to the Star Entertainment Group, he had a medical experience in Africa. Over there, two or three operations a day are the most common. Although Dr. Song is young, in terms of experience, Dr. Song is better than us."

Song Yi was so angry that she almost burst into laughter. "Should I really thank this person's eight generations of ancestors? Should I praise her in front of the dean or add insult to injury?"

Before Song Yi could open his mouth and say something for him, the associate Director said, "Very good. If you agree to take over the operation, everyone raise your hands and vote!"

Immediately, all the people present raised their hands and Song Yi was pushed out.

The director looked at the people present and almost raised his hand. He stood up happily and said, "Okay, it's all approved. Let Doctor Song take the operation this time."

Everyone was right. Song Yi had done a drug surgery in Africa. Doctor Song should have more experience than others in taking shrapnel.

Song Yi looked at the colleagues present and smiled. "Well, since everyone trusts me so much, I'll take this operation."

Anyway, she couldn't avoid it, so she might as well open the spotlight and let the director take a good look at her. She was very excellent.

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a warm round of applause. Song Yi felt that it was very ironic. His smile froze on his face, and he felt extremely embarrassed.

After the applause, Song Yi looked at the people present and said again, "The operation is special. I can't do it alone. I'll choose some experienced ones. Let's discuss the operation plan. Dr. Han, thank you for your hard work."

"Trying to plot against me? Don't even think about running away!"

While speaking, Song Yi pointed at Dr. Han and the doctor who hit him when he was down. He also ordered two experienced people. Since Song Yi said so, Dr. Han was very angry.

But with the director here, although they were unhappy, no one dared to object.

Song Yi held a simple meeting and decided on the operation plan. The director was very satisfied with Song Yi's decisive behavior.

"There are still 15 minutes before the patient arrives. Let's go downstairs." Song Yi got up first and put on airs. Dr. Han couldn't help but pout. Song Yi had gone too far.

She was too proud of herself. If the operation failed later, she would suffer.

When Song Yi led the doctors and nurses to the door, they heard someone whispering.

"Song Yi is really poor. She is not the best doctor in this year's selection, and she is not in this promotion. Now, she is the first one to go out to block bullets."

This was the first time that Song Yi had become the focus of attention since she entered Xinghe Hospital.

The doctors and nurses who followed Song Yi out of the operation couldn't help but curl their lips. A nurse couldn't help but say, "If you don't have a diamond diamond, don't take on any porcelain jobs."

They were afraid that Song Yi would get them into trouble and lose their jobs.

It should be noted that a wounded man from the military region, who had been sent here this time, was seriously injured on a mission. The superior had given a death order. If an accident happened, everyone would resign.

The others all looked at Song Yi coldly. They were the same as the little nurse. The work of Xinghe Hospital was not easy. Their salary was high and they were famous. It was better for them to work here than to go anywhere.

Song Yi was wearing a white coat and did not take it seriously. He glanced at the little nurse and said, "In your eyes, is it more important than losing your job?"

She could find another job if she lost it, but there was only one life. When she chose the field of doctors, she understood it. How could she not know that she was pushed out as a shield?

Song Yi felt that he was the most aggrieved one.

But there was no other way. Just now in the conference room, when she raised her hand to vote, the remaining 17 doctors all raised their hands to vote for her, except for her. She knew that she had a good relationship with others, but she didn't expect it to be so good!

Everyone actually thought so highly of her ability, sadness, and the greatest sorrow in life!

The little nurse, who was ridiculed by Song Yi, curled her lips disapprovingly. "Don't pretend to be lofty. In fact, Song Yi is stupid. He was just pushed out to be a shield."

They were all implicated by Song Yi. If they lost their jobs, Song Yi would not have a good time.

Song Yixin was nervous and led a group of doctors and nurses to the door, waiting for the arrival of the big shot.

At this moment, Song Yi saw a military helicopter in the air coming in this direction. After a short while, Song Yi saw the military helicopter steadily stop at the gate of the hospital.

The cabin door opened, and several men in camouflage uniforms carried a stretcher down. Then, a man in a training uniform followed them. He looked at the scene in front of him with a gloomy face and cold eyes.

Song Yi had no time to think about it. He trotted over there. A man was lying on the stretcher. His face was covered with camouflage, and he could not see his face clearly. His combat suit on his chest was stained with blood.

Song Yi reached out to feel the pulse of the wounded, and immediately said to the doctor and nurse beside her, "Hurry up, carry her into the cart! Hang the drip!"

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone rushed up and steadily carried the man on the stretcher onto the cart, pushing the cart directly to the emergency room.

Song Yi trotted along the way. Several men in camouflage, who came with the wounded man, kept begging Song Yi, "Doctor, you must save our commander. Please!"

The shrapnel was in the vital part. Because the operation was very difficult, it was transferred to Star and Hospital. Looking at the young female doctor in front of them, they were helpless except for begging her.

"I will. Don't worry." Song Yi nodded. She had always been in awe of soldiers.

Without saying anything else, he was pushed to the door of the emergency room. The moment Song Yi entered, the man in the training uniform reached out and grabbed Song Yi's wrist.

Song Yi turned around and looked at the man in front of him. The man's facial features were three-dimensional, especially his deep eyes. He did not hide his sharpness, and his whole body was full of awe-inspiring momentum. The man frowned, and his eyes were like knives. He said in a cold voice, "Are you sure?"


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