Daddy, Mommy Is Charming

Daddy, Mommy Is Charming



In country C, it is well known that the third young master of the Gu family, Gu Ssan, is a regal and aloof demon lord! However, one day, this big boss willingly allowed Rosa's CEO, Ye Lanshan, to call him "Sweetheart," — an unheard-of event indeed! "Mister Gu Ssan, may I ask, how did Mrs. Gu conquer your heart?" with a calm expression, Gu Ssan replied, "She's just ruthless!" "Then, Mrs. Gu, what would you say is the biggest advantage of living with Mr. Gu Ssan?" Ye Lanshan's legs went soft, "He's incredibly considerate." The journalist blushed deeply, shedding tears of embarrassment. "What... what makes your cute little rice cake so popular..." "It's natural! My dad is a handsome hunk, my mom is a beauty, even without eating a lot of 'cute things', I can still grow up to be cute. Daddy, hug~" A certain little cutie clung to a big thigh and acted coquettishly. That evening, the nationwide audience who was dominated by this lovey-dovey family: (눈‸눈)(╯>д.
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"Oh, Jesus! Look at these things, all of you kneel down!"

It was midnight in London, at the underground slave market.

The black guard was incessantly cursing, and slaves of various skin colors, under the lash of his whip, blankly knelt down one after another.

Assuming various poses on command.


Suddenly, the black guard's whip lashed viciously onto a woman cowering in the corner, her body wrapped in rags, causing a burning pain across her back.

"Bitch! Did you not hear me?" The guard snarled maliciously.

Damn! New slaves are always the most difficult to handle!

Seeing her remain silent, fury bubbled up within him, and he raised his whip for another strike. But just as the second lash was about to land, a fair hand suddenly gripped the tail of the whip:

"Have you finished yelling?" Ye Zhan raised her eyes, and a bone-chilling coldness and resolve seemed to flood her gaze.

This scene was fully captured by a man outside the quiet room. He was dressed in a black windbreaker, and his whole demeanor was cold and aloof.

He extinguished his cigarette, his tone indifferent: "Take action. Too night, leave her alive." Jones the butler standing beside him heard and nodded respectfully, "And the other buyers here..."

"Eliminate them all!" The man said, a flash of disgust flickering in his eyes. He stretched out his long hand, tugged his collar, and turned to leave.

"Yes, young master."


When Ye Lanshan woke up again, she found herself in a lavishly decorated room. The sudden explosion from last night had already subsided.

"You're awake? Get dressed quickly. The old butler will take you to meet the young master soon," said the maid who entered the room, indifferently handing her a new set of clothes.

Ye Lanshan paused for three seconds before hoarsely asking, "Where am I?"

"This is the Gustine Castle. Now that you've been bought back here, just accept your fate," the maid said, glancing at the collar around her neck.

It was a symbol of slavery, bearing her code--70089, which could be traced worldwide.

Had she really ended up here at Gustine Castle two days after being taken to the slave market?

Just after she had changed into her new clothes, old butler Jones led her to a door.

"Your main duty is to take care of the young master's daily schedule. Whatever the young master needs, you must fulfill," even if it hurts you, you must bear it.

Of course, this sentence, old Jones finally held back.

"Our young master, has a bad temper. You need to be careful. All the previous maids in this castle have failed. If the young master isn't satisfied with you, I will return you," he threatened.

Ye Lanshan wasn't stupid, she knew that old Jones was warning her.

"I will do my utmost effort."

Upon hearing this, old Jones nodded and then opened the door.

Gu Shangheng was casually leaning against the French window, dressed in a silk white shirt with three buttons undone, and fitted black trousers. His demeanor exuded a defiant and cold air.

Seeing his unruffled face, an unexpected surge of admiration stunned Ye Lanshan.

His face could be described as devastatingly handsome, reminiscent of a perfectly crafted Greek sculpture. With thin lips and a high nose, especially those rare silver-grey pupils, they are like the most dazzling gems, astonishingly beautiful.

"Young master, this is the new maid--Alice. Starting from today, she will be responsible for your daily meals and living arrangements," old Jones respectfully said.

The man's icy gaze was locked on her, sharp as if wanting to strip all her disguise.

Ye Lanshan felt a chill run down her spine. After taking a deep breath, she also paid a respectful bow. Then, she lifted the corners of her mouth into a bright smile, as beautiful as the fragrant blooms of March.

"Young master, hello. I am Alice, your personal maid."


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