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Qin Chuan unexpectedly traveled to the world of special forces, not only becoming the crown prince of the Huaxia conglomerate, but also obtained a god-level Soldier King system. Hence, the strongest Soldier King in history arrived. He annihilated foreign mercenaries in "Warwolf", made a name in Africa through "Operation Red Sea"... Qin Chuan traversed the city, writing the legendary story of the Soldier King. Numerous confidantes surrounded him, while his enemies trembled in fear upon hearing his name, quivering and crawling...
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In the peak of summer, within the dormitory of a military camp in Jinling city.

A handsome young man gazes into the mirror at his own striking face. His eyes clear and lively.

A multitude of information filled his mind, a tidal wave of facts that left him, Qin Chuan, in shock.

After a good while, he digested all the data in his mind.

Firstly, Qin Chuan affirmed one fact - he had traversed timelines!

Astoundingly, he had unexpectedly crossed into a parallel world. His current name remained as Qin Chuan. However, his identity was starkly different.

The present Qin Chuan was the single and cherished heir of the illustrious Qin family—a well-bred individual of significant impact!

The Qin family was known as a first-rate affluent household throughout all of China. Qin Chuan's Grandfather was considered a heavyweight within Jinling and a significant magnate in China.

Being the only heir of the family, Qin Chuan was heavily doted upon by his elders, resulting in his habitually mischievous nature, stirring up more than a few troublesome incidents.

Most recently, he created a commotion within Jinling city in pursuit of a woman. Out of exasperation, his family sent him straight into the army, planning to temper his unruly personality.

'It appears I'll be spending considerable time in the military. What rotten luck,' Qin Chuan mumbles to himself.

Despite verbalizing his unfortunate circumstance, he remains collected within.

Because, along with his timeline jump, arrived a God-tier Warlord System with him.

God-tier Warlord System - although the name gave an impressive implication, he was uncertain about its actual capabilities.

"Ding, Congratulations host, the God-tier Warlord System binding complete. You are the singular user of this system."

"Ding, issue a main task; join the Warwolf Special Forces and gain approval from Long Xiaoyun. Completing the task rewards additional bonuses."

"Congratulations to the host, you have received the system's novice gift pack."

A mechanical feminine voice rang in Qin Chuang's ear, precisely from the God-level Soldier King System.

A series of system announcements allowed Qin Chuang to finally let out a sigh of relief.

After a brief exchange with the system, Qin Chuang gradually understood its functions.

Simply put, as long as he completes tasks, he can gain system credits, which can be used to exchange for various items in the system mall.

These range from various weapons and equipment to ability skills, including certain special items, all of which can be exchanged.

Understanding the system's role, Qin Chuang was also reassured.

Let's first look at what's in the novice gift pack!

"Open the novice gift pack."

Qin Chuang was very interested in the novice gift pack given by the system, silently echoing in his heart.

"Ding, congratulations to the host, the novice gift pack is opened."

"Ding, the host has received advanced combat skills."

"Ding, the host has received advanced firearms proficiency."

The system's voice once again sounded.

Just as Qin Chuan was about to ask, all of a sudden, a warm current surged from his dantian's qi sea in his abdomen. The warmth flowed like rampant tides, spreading throughout his limbs and bones.

The pores all over his body opened up, his bones cracked with a popping sound, and his muscles became more powerful.

Every inch of Qin Chuan's skin, his bones were undergoing a seismic transformation.

It felt like the warm sun on a winter's day, making him extremely comfortable all over.

At the same time, Qin Chuan's mind was filled with various knowledge about weapons, firearms, and ammunition. This knowledge seemed to be inherent, enabling him to master it effortlessly and apply it at his will.

Such are the two abilities granted by the system!

Every inch of Qin Chuan's muscles was filled with explosive power. He tightly clenched his fist and moved his body a little, making a crackling sound like frying beans.

His senses also reached the climax.

Sight, hearing, smell, and other senses far exceeded ordinary people. His physical fitness seemed to have been developed to an extreme.

Qin Chuan was amazed.

He moved his body, and while rejoicing, he felt a deep admiration for the power of the system.

It is indeed the God-level Soldier King system, the name was not wrongly picked.

For a moment, Qin Chuan even had the illusion that he could fight against lions and tigers.

And the various firearms information in his mind, it was as if he was born with it, he is now a firearms expert.

Qin Chuan is certain that his current strength is comparable to that of elite special forces!

"What a system!"

After his initial delight, Qinchuan gradually calmed down. He clenched his fist; He couldn't believe the heavens had granted him such an opportunity of reincarnation. He was definitely going to seize it!

Having tasted the sweetness of the system, Qinchuan immediately decided his first goal was to complete the system's tasks.

The system's task was for him to join the 'Wolf Warrior Special Forces' and at the same time, earn Long Xiaoyun's acknowledgement.

Only then did Qinchuan start to process this.

Wolf Warrior Special Forces, Long Xiaoyun?

Aren't these characters and a special force team from the movie "Wolf Warrior"?

The Wolf Warrior Special Forces was a mysterious team in South Hua Xia, with squad leader Long Xiaoyun being a stunning beauty.

Did that mean characters from the movies existed in this parallel universe he had transmigrated to?

The thought provoked a smirk from Qinchuan's corner of his mouth. It seemed things were far more interesting than he had anticipated.

"Knock, Knock."

Just as Qinchuan was deep in thought, someone knocked on his door.

Upon hearing the noise, Qinchuan quickly arranged his military uniform before getting up to answer the door.

As the door opened with a creak, a middle-aged man in military uniform was standing at the doorstep.

The middle-aged man had a stern face, stood upright, and was dressed in a military uniform. A bright gold star on his shoulder badge indicated his extraordinary military rank.

Seeing the middle-aged man, Qin Chuan was taken aback: "Uncle He."

Indeed, the person who came was Qin Chuan's uncle, He Zhijun.

He Zhijun is the pillar of the Jinling military, a person of real power, and has great prestige within the military region.

He Zhijun treats Qin Chuan quite well, and the two have a close relationship.

Looking at Qin Chuan, He Zhijun patted Qin Chuan's shoulder and asked, "You've been in the military for a month now, how does it feel?"

"It's not bad, I'm already accustomed to it." Qin Chuan said.

He Zhijun studied Qin Chuan carefully and couldn't help but nod: "You've become stronger, your temperament has also changed. You've changed a lot in this month. Your grandfather would surely be very comforted to see this."

Qin Chuan remained silent with a smile, in fact, his changes came from the help of the system.

He Zhijun said earnestly: "Xiao Chuan, don't blame your grandfather. He just wanted you to temper yourself in the army. You are sometimes too stubborn, especially last time, you irritated who you shouldn't, particularly that girl from the Su family......

Upon hearing He Zhijun's mention of the Su family girl, Qin Chuan raised his eyebrows slightly, and a graceful figure emerged in his mind.

"Uncle He, I understand grandfather's intentions, I will make him proud in the army." Qin Chuan said.

He Zhijun slightly nodded: "That's good, I can rest assured. I just came to see you, if there's nothing else, I'll leave first."

He Zhijun is a busy person. Visiting Qin Chuan was already a break from his busy schedule, and he planned to leave soon.

"Wait, Uncle He."

"What's the matter?" He Zhijun stopped.

Qin Chuan said, "Since grandfather has sent me to be a soldier, I don't want to be an ordinary one."

He Zhijun couldn't help but laugh upon hearing this, "Good lad, truly worthy of being a Qin. You have ambition! So what do you want?"

Qin Chuan decisively said, "I want to join the Warwolf Special Forces."

"You want to join the Warwolf?" He Zhijun's expression instantly became serious, a mixture of both satisfaction and doubt.

The Warwolf Special Forces, that was Jinling Military Region's strongest and most secretive Special Forces unit. Trying to join such an elite unit would not be an easy task.


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