The Mafia's Little Angel

The Mafia's Little Angel

Author:Dolly writes


General Romance

Emma, a hotheaded 23 year old nurse who is trapped in an unromantic relationship with her boyfriend Travis is kidnapped a night after she is proposed to. She struggles to escape, but what happens when her abductor gives her all the attention and praises she lacked from her other relationship?, the love she has so much craved for?, but there's something else, what if he's just pretending?, what if making her smile is all part of the game?. **** Dante, an italian gangster after being shot seeks for medical care, but due to his being wanted by the CSI, has no other option but to adopt a young nurse to carter to his wounds, but there's a problem, she has seen his face and he can't trust her enough to let her go, He's left with only one option, to kill her~ Only that there is something in her eyes, attitude and the way she runs her mouth that he just can't get hold of.
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Episode 1 EMMA

"Daisy please could you put Travis on the line." I smile holding out the telephone when Travis, my boyfriend's secretary answer the phone to his office.

"An sorry Emma, Mr Travis is in a conference meeting right now, maybe you could call back later?" Her voice as polite as possible.

"Sure, thank you" i over a warm smile and replace the telephone handle back.

I sigh deeply rolling around the office chair, i knew Tyler was always busy due to his job as a 4star ranked doctor, but he hardly had time for me

We hardly even saw each other even though we practically worked in the same hospital, Travis and i have been together for almost 3 years now and its the same routine.

A ring comes from the telephone and i pick it up immediately.

"Emma?" Travis soft voice comes to life, "Sorry i was in a meeting when you called."

"Its fine honey,..."

"How was your night shift?" He asks interrupting me, a frown covers my face, his first thought is always work!.

No hi Emma, no I missed you Emma, just how was work? I've known Travis for more than 3 years but lately he makes me feel invisible, sometimes I would love to shake him and scream I'm right here into his face.

"Emma??" He calls out still waiting for an answer

"Sorry, yeah the night shift was long and very busy"

"Go home and rest will meet at home"

"Would you love to go out with me tonight maybe for dinner or a movie?"

"I can't tonight, darling I'm busy" he sighs and i roll my eyes, typical Travis.

"You're always busy Travis, we never do anything together anymore"

"You know I'm up for promotions soon, I'm trying to make a good impression"

"I understand that Travis,but would it really kill you to be a bit more spontaneous and romantic?"

"Get your head out of the clouds Emma, real life is not like those stupid romance novels you read when I get the promotion we will have more time together I'll see you at home later I need to get back to work" He hung up first, seriously sometimes i feel like an technically dating myself.

I begin to pack up my books into my bag as i prepare to leave, why can't life be like the romance books?. ****

I place my bag on the bed and pull off my white coat, seriously i don't think this whole shit can work out anymore, maybe i should just break up with him.

With my clothes pulled off, i rush into the shower in a haste to cool myself, everyone in my family knew Travis and they wouldn't be happy if i broke up with him, maybe i can just talk to him about it and see how he reacts.

Another ring comes from my cell phone and i pick it up, it was my older sister Diana.


"What's wrong?" She asked as my voice was a bit low.

"Nothing Diana, how was work?" I asked moving over to the kitchen to prepare dinner, Travis was going to be home anytime soon.

"Come on Em, don't be shy, i know something is wrong." Typical Diana, you can't skip a question with her.

"Sometimes I forget that you are the big sister it's like you forgot to grow up." I cursed and i could hear her giggle

"hey don't blame me because you chose to settle down with Doctor Dolittle, I'm not yet ready to hang up my partying shoes just yet"

"You are almost 30 Diana maybe it's time you did" I emphasize laughing.

"So are you going to tell me what's wrong?"

She asked breaking the silence

"Why? So you can say I told you so?" I eyed at her over the phone

"Has the doctor done something to upset you?" She queried

"No, he's never around long enough to upset me we've been together 3 years and it feels like our relationship is at a standstill it feels like we are drifting apart"

"Have you tried talking to him about it?"

"He thinks the relationship is perfect but the only time I see him he's in bed"

"How's things going in that department?"

"In bed?"

"Its cool i guess." Considering the fact that we only have it once in the blue moon, but i certainly wasn't discussing my sex life with Diana.

"Travis will be home soon, I'm hanging up now." I sigh cutting the call on her begore she insists she wants to hear more. ****

The door cracks open and i suspect Travis is back.

"Babe?" He calls out

"Am in the dinning." I reply and in minutes he was there.

"Come join me for dinner." I offer a bright smile as he takes off his tie.

"Am sorry, i cant, I'm going to my mum's for dinner".

"What about our romantic night you promised?".

"I can't right now I can't keep mum waiting" he sighs.

You know what?, fuck whatever my parents will think of me but i am certainly breaking up with Travis, they aint the one's suffering this with me, its all me!.

"It's important too Travis, i am important too.!" I scream out.

"What's gotten into you tonight Emma?".

"Are you cheating on me Travis??".

"Absolutely not, this is your sister Diana's influence right?, I've told you time and time again that she's bad news.".

"This has nothing to do with Diana, if you go to your mum's now I won't be here when you get back" i cross my hands meaning every dann word of it.

"Emma," he calls out to me softly.

"I just feel like the relationship isn't moving forward." I sigh. "we've been together for five years and nothing has changed".

"I agree" he nods.

"You do?" I ask and he nods again.

"So let's get married" his voice is stern as my eyes widen.

"Married!?" I repeat out of shock.

"Why not? We already live together." His voice is calm.

"I don't think marriage is the answer to our problems Travis". I reply as he comes closer to me.

"You want commitment am giving commitment".

"Did you plan this?".

"no and I don't have a ring but at least this way you can pick out a ring that you like".

"I don't know Travis".

"you said you wanted me to be more spontaneous and romantic right? can't get much more romantic than a surprise marriage proposal". he emphasized as I took a deep breath is making an effort this is what I wanted after all.

"Well what it to be?" He raises an eyebrow.

"I'm just not sure, i mean a wedding is not going to fix our problems".

"Do you love me?" He asked holding out my hands.

"Of course I do".

"Then everything else can be fixed the right?".

"I guess".

"So is that a yes?".

"It's a yes".

"You won't regret it this is exactly what we need." He smiled dragging me closer and kissing me.

"Remember you still have a night shift at the hospital today" he smiled softly at me. "You have to get going so you won't be late."

"Sure." I nod and head in to dress, i guess things already started turning good for me. ****

It was night already and i had a night shift back at the office, i didn't want to be late so i left the house.

Arhhh!, i hit my hand on my car weel,

"What's wrong with this stupid car?" I was out of gas and my car started making so crazy noises, happily there was a nearby Gas station, i quickly pul in.

"Am really going to be late for work." I murmur as i step out of the car to meet the Gas attendant.

"How may I help you ma'mm?" The attendant asked politely when I reached to the counter

"Just gas please" I offer my bank card

"No problem" She replied and gave me 2 litters of gas and I filled the car

"it's gonna be a long night!!" I sigh, entering and closing my door afterwards.


I shrink when i hear a gun click behind me . "Don't fucking move!!". Someone ordered pointing a gun at my head from behind me.


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