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The charming landlady was drunk, but the boss asked me to take her home...
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"It's been three months. Why don't you pay for it?"

Looking at the announcement, Yang Tianren's eyes were burning with anger.

The Red Star mechanical plant where Yang Tianren was located had been converted from the former third-tier military factory, and its efficiency had always been poor. In recent years, it had basically been in a semi- threaten state. Not only did it have a small salary, but it often did not work for two or three months.

Without saying anything, Yang Chong turned around and saw a woman walking over.

The woman was wearing a green jacket and a pair of hip-shaped jeans. She walked as gracefully as the wind.

At a glance, Yang Tianren recognized that it was the anchor of the factory TV station, Xiao Mei.

There were three flowers in the Red Star Garden. Xiao Mei was nicknamed Beautytain. As her name suggested, she was indeed a first-class beauty. Without looking at the front, people would drool at the back.

"Tsk, tsk. My waist is twisted."

Watching Xiao Mei disappear, Yang Chongtian swallowed a mouthful of saliva, but then he stuck out his middle finger and said, "One day..."

He made a big vow in his heart and turned to go up the mountain. The Red Star factory was backed by a large mountain, and there were many wild animals on the mountain. Yang Chongtian took advantage of the materials in the factory and made a crossbow. He often beat wild chickens and hares and went home to improve his life.

When they went up the mountain, they saw a person in front of them from a distance. Now the Red Star factory was in a semi-production state. The staff took turns to work, and many people took turns to run up the mountain.

Just as Yang Tianren was about to greet him, he suddenly shut his mouth. His back was familiar.

"Like Yang Mazi. Why did he come to the mountain?"

As the deputy division chief of the welfare department, Yang Mazi had a little power. Usually, he held his chin high in the sky and ignored him. However, it was a little strange for Yang Mazi to go up the mountain.

When Yang Mazi went east, Yang Tianren went west. There was a cliff on the west side, but it was far away.

"There's something wrong with the pockmark. Let me have a look."

With this thought in mind, Yang Tianren quickly climbed to the top of the cliff. Looking down, he found that Pockmark Yang was going down the mountain.

In a pine forest in the valley, a woman came out of the forest and waved at Yang Mazi.

"There is indeed a ghost."

All of a sudden, Yang Tianren was excited. Taking a closer look, he found that the woman seemed to be Mrs. Jiang.

"Mrs. Jiang actually stole from Yang Mazi?"

Yang Tianren was surprised and delighted. "Today, I'm going to watch a good show."

However, as he looked on, he changed his mind.

Mrs. Jiang was not old, only 27 or 28 years old. She was a farmer in the village next door. Her husband died in a car accident and opened a small shop next to the factory. Because of her pretty appearance, many young workers often went to his shop, and Yang Chongtian was one of them.

However, most of the young workers didn't have much money, so they couldn't take advantage of it. Unexpectedly, they stole it from Yang Mazi.

It was simple why Mrs. Jiang stole from Mr. Yang. Mr. Yang had a little power in his hands and was willing to purchase benefits. He could come to Mrs. Jiang's store.

If he wanted to make it clear, he would be annoyed.

"Damn it."

The more Yang Tianren thought about it, the angrier he became. He casually checked a stone and threw it down. It fell in the forest. Although it didn't hit anyone, it scared the two of them.

Yang Tianren covered his mouth and snickered. He quietly shrank his head, not wanting to be seen by Yang Mazi. But he didn't notice that he suddenly fell from the cliff and rolled down.

He rolled all the way to the bottom of the cliff, bumped into an old tree, and fainted.

After an unknown period of time, she woke up and got up. She had some injuries on her body. Fortunately, she was fine and her head was a little painful. She touched the back of her head and found that there was a big bump.

"Bad luck." Yang Chongtian snorted. "This kind of thing really can't be seen."


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