Reborn  Life As Wicked Lady

Reborn Life As Wicked Lady



Naomi was abandoned by her parents, framed by her best friend, and deceived by her boyfriend. She was the supporting female character in the novel, but her tragic death left readers dissatisfied. Suddenly, the world of the novel began to rebuild, and the story started anew. This time, Naomi found herself as the leading lady, endowed with the foresight of all the villains' schemes. Her road to fame was smooth. So she quickly became the darling of high society. However, amidst it all, she was always seeking the supporting male character, the unsung hero who once saved her with his life...
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Naomi Irwin was dead, killed in a car accident.

Before her death, her father was shaking her already frail body incessantly, "You are indeed the jinx of our family, ruining even the things that are bound to succeed, you're simply useless. What car accident, this premeditated was by you, wasn't it?"

She premeditated it?

Even if she didn't want to marry that dreadful man from the Chambers family, she wouldn't joke with her own life!

Her ex-fiancé, holding her cousin, stared condescendingly at her, "Don't think I'll forgive you just because you're injured. It's all because of you, Shannon was hurt, I want you to kneel down and apologize to Shannon!"

Here she was on death's door, and she still had to apologize to Shannon, what kind of nonsense was Aydin Robinson uttering?

"Aydin, you leave first, I have some words to share alone with Naomi."

Her usually meek cousin bore a sly smile on her face, in her beautiful eyes danced the malicious gleam, "Naomi, you want to compete with me? What are you, exactly? Even if you had plastic surgery to look like me, Aydin would never spare a glance at you."

"Counterfeits will always be counterfeits, a substitute can never become real. Do you know how this car accident happened? I planned it!"

Naomi's face was filled with disbelief. She was severely wounded and could hardly utter a word. She could only gaze spitefully. She knew Shannon disliked her, but she never thought that Shannon would be so vicious.

Shannon Irwin slowly closed in on Naomi, "Even if we were swapped at birth, what of it? Whether it's your birth parents or mine, they both only adore me. You are just a yapping clown."

"You have wracked your brains to win the affections of Sean and Gina, trying to make up for the lack of familial affection. But, to what end? They still don't give a damn about you. They only remember my birthday, not yours."

"Even if Sam is your biological brother, and I'm just his cousin, isn't their favorite sister still me?"

"Aydin is your fiancé, yet isn't the one he loves most me? Naomi, I am about to take everything away from you, whether it's the love of the family or romance. These things should rightfully belong to me. All the good fortune should be mine, because I am the protagonist of this world!"

Naomi was consumed with anger and her eyes were full of resentment and anger.

"Hehe, how does it feel, unbearable isn't it? Let me tell you one more thing, the day you encountered the bully, it wasn't Aydin who saved you. You've always thought that Aydin loves you, but you don't know, he didn't even give you a second glance before walking away."

"The one who saved you was that good-for-nothing from the Chambers family. He was maimed for you, his looks completely ruined, and was utterly discarded by the Chambers family."

"Speaking of which, he's actually your savior, that's why Logan forced you to marry him. But it doesn't matter anymore, you are going to die soon, and you fear him so much."

"Hehe, you have never seen what he used to look like. Tsk, what a pity. He used to have a face even more handsome than Sam."

Naomi struggled to get up.

Why? Why did it have to be like this?

She just couldn't accept it!

She struggled desperately, feeling her life ebbing away bit by bit, but in the end, she closed her eyes helpless. If there were a next life, she would definitely not let go of Shannon and Aydin, this dastardly pair, and she would definitely not let Edwin Chambers down!

[Beep, warning, warning, the villain has captured the public's heart, causing high resentment among readers and the world is collapsing and rebooting. The rebirth of the evil female side character is proceeding.]

The past events flashed across her mind like shattered fragments. In her blurry state, she vaguely heard someone calling out for her.

"Naomi, you're finally awake. How are you feeling?”

At the city central hospital in Annbarnlynn, Naomi sat up and rubbed her temples. Her head was hurting terribly.

She looked up and saw the chubby-faced Diana Ryan chattering away at her.

"Naomi, how are you feeling? That Aydin went too far. You got injured like this, but he wouldn't even take a look. What kind of fiancé is he!” Diana was very indignant on behalf of her best friend.

"Diana... Diana..."

Naomi's voice wavered, looking at Diana in front of her with disbelief.

Didn't Diana die overseas? And she shouldn't be in this hospital, what on earth was going on?

"Naomi, what's wrong with you? The doctor said you're fine, your brain CT scan is normal. Why do you look so shocked? Did you lose your memory from the blow?"

Naomi fixed her gaze intently on Diana. When Diana died in a car accident, they were both twenty-seven years old. At that time, Diana had double eyelid surgery done. However, the Diana right now was still her original self.

With her chubby little face and round, single eyelid and big eyes, remarkably adorable. This was the Diana before she turned twenty, no mistake.

She didn't die!

Diana didn't die either!

They are both perfectly alive.

At that moment, a voice rang out in her mind. [Beep, world restart successful, the rebirth of the vicious female side character was successful.]

In an instant, pages of text flashed past in her mind. She finally figured out why she came back to life! Turns out that she was living in a book, where she was the vicious female side character, and Shannon was the female lead.

The better life the vicious female side character was living before, the more miserable life would she be living after. Now she had everything, but she would lose everything soon because all this good fortune was meant for the female lead!


"Naomi, what's up with you? Why are you crying? Are you feeling unwell anywhere?"

Diana was puzzled as she watched Naomi, not knowing why she just woke up and started crying again. It must have hurt a lot when Naomi was hit by the ball! She'll teach that nasty kid who hit Naomi with the ball a lesson when she got the chance.

"Diana, it's so good to see with you again."

Naomi hastily wiped away her tears, then abruptly pulled Diana into a hug. Who knew what emotions she’s feeling now? It's as if she just experienced a death and rebirth, a loss and a regain. Life has become as thrilling and exhilarating as a roller coaster ride.

Regardless, she truly has reborn.

Her existence was for the sole purpose of highlighting the pure-hearted main female lead. Villainous characters, naturally, were doomed to an unfortunate end. Those who were good to her would end up unfortunate while those who followed the main female would rise swiftly. The villainess was arrogant and unreasonable, while the main female was kind-hearted, gentle, and considerate.

Her beloved persons, bit by bit, would be stolen by the main female character – her familial love, her romantic love. In the end, she was left with absolutely nothing. Truly faithful people who followed her would face dismal fates. Diana, her best friend, her most sincere companion, ultimately died in a foreign land.

She would not let the tragedies of the past life repeat this time. She was determined to live a good life, and Diana should too. To hell with he villainess. Now that the heavens have bestowed her with this opportunity, she was resolved to change her fate.

"Naomi, are you not feeling well?" Diana asked, seeing that Naomi was behaving strangely.

Naomi massaged her aching head, now remembering why it was hurting so much. She had been hit by a ball.

She and Diana went to the gym to watch Aydin's game. There, she bumped into Shannon, her innocent sister. What could an antagonist do upon meeting the main character? Naturally, to do harm and hurt her. The main character, helpless and endearing, would have her defenders. Like this ball, someone knocked Naomi out.

Naomi glanced at Diana, her plump and adorable face, so fair and loveable, gave one the impulse to playfully pinch her cheeks.

"Naomi, did the ball knock you silly?" Diana said, looking at Naomi who had been acting weird since she woke up. She got so scared, she started looking around for help.

Naomi immediately stopped her, revealing what she thought was a friendly smile, "I'm okay."

With her heavy makeup, purple eyeshadow and thick black eyeliner, blood-red lips and white teeth showing through what she thought was a friendly smile, it gave an eerie feel.

Diana let go of Naomi's hand, "Naomi, maybe you should stop smiling. Every time you do, I get goosebumps."

She really didn't know what happened to Naomi. For no reason, she was attracted to Aydin. The people around him said Aydin liked this kind of makeup, and so Naomi changed accordingly. It was now impossible to see her original face.

Naomi caught a glimpse of her own face reflecting in the TV screen. Then she picked up her phone beside her, checked her face in the selfie camera, and felt a sudden wave of despair.

As young and reckless, she was always fond of pursuing something that was exciting and unconventional. Now when she looked back, jesus.

"Where's my bag?"

Diana immediately fetched Naomi's bag for her.

"Diana, wait for me for a moment."

Naomi went into the washroom. A few minutes later, she emerged with a bare face.

She walked over to the full-length mirror of the wardrobe, carefully scrutinizing her face. As natural and fresh, with no artificial adornment, her face was, to put it mildly, a God-given blessing. Bright eyes, pearly teeth, purity with a trace of charm.

As for her figure, she was now eighteen. While slim, she also had a voluptuous figure and round hips. As for her long, straight, and white legs, they were a sight to behold. Tomorrow, she was planning to get insurance for these beautiful legs.

In the past, she didn't know how to cherish herself and always wanted to conform to others. She even went through plastic surgery to look like Shannon, which was utterly ridiculous.

In what aspect could Shannon compare with her?

"Naomi, you're finally letting go of your messy heavy makeup?" Diana looked relieved seeing Naomi's original face.

Naomi nodded, then said, "Diana, I have a request."


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