Getting Married Step by Step

Getting Married Step by Step



Qin Jiu has always had a notoriously bad reputation. Everyone says her personal life is chaotic, and that she is without self-discipline. Yet, she never denies it. She is the illegitimate daughter of the Qin family, in an embarrassing status. Her half-sister, born of the same father, has an attractive and wealthy boyfriend. And this man, just so happens to be her first lover. She doesn't mind being the one to break up other people's relationships. After all, the one who first met Zhao Wang, was unmistakably her...
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In the steam-filled bathroom, Qin Jiu was pressed against the washbasin, her delicate waist against the cold counter. A large, feverish hand gently caressed her beautifully curved back, sending shivers down her spine.

Qin Jiu bit her lip, raising her hand to cling onto Zhao Wang's neck.

"Ah Wang, it's been so long since you returned to the country, why didn't you come to see me?"

His handsome face was cold, and in his narrow, phoenix-like eyes, a dark hue was concealed, fierce and ruthless.

He held Qin Jiu's waist tightly with his large hand, lowering his head to bite her lips forcefully.


Qin Jiu moaned lightly, crinkling her brows in discomfort.

Her slim legs wrapped around the man's slender waist tightly, her soft chest pressing against the man's.

War was on the brink of breaking out.

The temperature in the bathroom suddenly rose. The night turned ambiguous and intoxicating.

Qin Jiu could feel her body gradually softening, turning into a puddle of spring water that yearned to melt into the man's blood and bones.

A chaos of her dress skirt lay on top of her legs. The man's slender fingers traced along her slim ankles, slowly creeping up, skillfully sneaking inside her skirt...

"What are you here for?" Zhao Wang's gaze was cold, but his voice was hoarse with desire.

Qin Jiu softly bit his Adam’s apple, lapping it like a kitten: "If you won't come to me, I had to take the initiative and come to you instead, Ah Wang, I miss you so much."

"What are you thinking about?" Zhao Wang smirked, swaying his hips tantalizingly. "Do you...desire me?"

The blunt question made Qin Jiu's pretty face flush crimson immediately.

She opened her luscious lips, gazing up at the man in front of her, lifting her head to kiss the corner of his mouth: "Yes, I've been thinking about you for two years, every day......yearning for your possession."

Qin Jiu was breathtakingly beautiful.

She owned a face with an ethereal aloofness, an icy grace, like an orchid blooming aloft in highlands, unapproachable when not smiling.

However, at this moment, she fixed Zhao Wang with her exquisitely delicate, peach blossom eyes that held a coquettish allure.

Even though Zhao Wang was known for his stoic disposition with minimal desires, he found it hard to resist Qin Jiu's seduction.

Indeed, a seduction.

This evening, Qin Jiu was there to tempt Zhao Wang.

However, after two years of absence, her technique seemed a bit rusty.

Qin Jiu kissed with a fervor, her soft tongue playfully exploring his.

Yet, Zhao Wang remained unmoved throughout.

Initially thrown off by her audacity only for a few seconds, he found his cool, calm demeanor returning in the end.

Undeterred, Qin Jiu's exquisite hand roams around his body randomly.

Finally, she took his hand and placed it on her chest.

"A'Wang, it's been two years, don't you miss me at all?"

As she spoke, the legs wrapped around the man’s waist squirmed restlessly.

Zhao Wang let out a soft gasp, his eyes instantly darkening.

"Is this how much you miss me?"

"Mmm, I miss you a lot." Qin Jiu raised her eyes to look at him, giving him a beguiling smile, "A'Wang, hold me."

Zhao Wang's breathing hitched, and the hand resting on her waist suddenly exerted force.

The next second, Qin Jiu let out a startled cry, she was pulled down by Zhao Wang.

In the vertigo of spinning topsy-turvy, she found herself pinned on the damp floor, her knee banging against the floor causes her complexion to pale from the pain.

"A'Wang, go easy."

A man scornfully lifted her skirt, "What's all this show for? Isn't this exactly what you wanted?"

"Two years without seeing each other, Qin Jiu, you're still as promiscuous as you were."

Qin Jiu's face stiffened, and it felt like her chest was ruthlessly stabbed by someone, issuing a ray of pain that turned her face white.

She bit her lips lightly, concealing the self-deprecation and wetness swirling in her eyes. When she spoke, her voice was both treacly and charming: "Doesn't A'Wang like me like this?"

"No wonder you like my sister. Is it because she's pure?"

Zhao Wang's expression immediately deepened, and the darkness in his eyes faded instantly.

With a cold expression, he pushed aside Qin Jiu, expressionless as he straightened his clothes.

Qin Jiu tumbled onto the floor, turning back in embarrassment, her eyes full of panic and confusion, "I'm sorry, Ah Wang, I didn't mean to mention your sister."

Damn it! How could she make such a rookie mistake?

She must be out of her mind.

Just at that moment, a gentle woman's voice came from outside the door, "Ah Wang, are you in the bathroom?"


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