Urban Supreme Childe

Urban Supreme Childe



The captain of Wolf Fang Special Forces Team returns to the city, protecting his sister, encountering an aloof goddess, challenging Japanese geniuses, crushing dark forces, constructing a commercial empire, and composing an epic urban saga! Ye Long is an orphan who was often bullied. It was only after Liu Zheng lost his temper that he taught Ye Long martial arts. Little did he know, in the future, Ye Long would grow to be a towering giant tree, becoming an unparalleled master and making a name for himself domestically and internationally.
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This is a high-speed train heading towards Dongjiang from Yanjing.

At this moment, in a secluded soft sleeper compartment, something extraordinarily despicable is unfolding. Luo Ya never imagined in her wildest dreams that she would encounter such a nightmare. A man from the upper bunk suddenly jumped down. This man, with a fierce look, a bald head, and a scar on his face, was intimidating.

The man with the scar abruptly covered Luo Ya's mouth. He pinned Luo Ya down, his breath heavy and eyes filled with a beast-like glint. The scar-faced man warned Luo Ya in a low voice, saying, "Behave, or else your life is at stake."

Luo Ya was petrified. She tried to struggle but the scar-faced man was too strong, she was utterly defenseless. Tears gushed out uncontrollably, she regretted not paying heed to her uneasy feeling when she first walked in. Would a man dare to cross the line onboard a high-speed train?

Clearly, Luo Ya had underestimated this man's level of beastliness.

At that moment, the scar-faced man picked up a bottle of mineral water and forcefully poured it into Luo Ya's mouth. Luo Ya couldn't avoid it and ended up drinking some. She was aware that it wasn't ordinary water; something must have been added to it.

Oh my God! At that moment, Luo Ya was wishing for death. Once the drug took effect, willingly... with this man... She couldn't bear to even think about it.

The scar-faced man's eyes sparkled with evil gleam. He let out a wicked chuckle, and said, "My lady, soon you'll beg me to satisfy you... " He was immensely pleased with himself.

Luo Ya's mouth was covered, she couldn't utter a word. Just then, she noticed movement from the upper bunk across from her.

"There's actually someone?" Luo Ya struggled desperately.

A sophomoric young man sat up from the opposite bunk. He was named Ye Long. Ye Long quickly caught Luo Ya's pleading and desperate gaze. Being someone of quick wit, Ye Long immediately perceived the situation. Rage surged in his eyes. This audacious man dared to...

This scar-faced man, Ye Long remembered him vividly. He was the first to enter this soft sleeper compartment, and chosen the lower bunk seeing no one else was there. However, when the scar-faced man entered brusquely ordering him to move, Ye Long, knowing he was in the wrong, obliged and moved to the upper bunk.

Ye Long suddenly jumped down and sternly shouted, "Stop! What are you doing?"

Suddenly, a gleaming knife blade appeared in the scar-faced man's hand. It was unclear how he managed to bring it onboard the train. Being a desperado himself, the scar-faced man coldly retorted to Ye Long, "None of your business, best not to meddle in. Once I'm done having my fun, I'll naturally let you have yours. Otherwise, I'll throw you out of this window."

Such intimidation, generally, no one dares to interfere.

At this moment, the blush began to appear on Roa's face, the medicine started to take effect.

Ye Long sneered, saying, "What if I insist on meddling in this matter?"

Seeing Ye Long's fearless expression, the Scarface became annoyed and said, "You're courting death!"

Ye Li smiled faintly, saying, "Yes, I am inviting death. Do you dare to send me off?"

"Darn it!" Scarface finally lost his temper, suddenly pounced towards Ye Long, intending to show him some color.

However, just at this moment, Scarface stopped abruptly.

Because a revolver appeared in Ye Long's hand, with the dark muzzle pointed at Scarface.

Scarface's face instantly turned incomprehensibly complicated, he couldn’t tell whether it was fear or something else. "Damn it, how does he have a gun? How can you carry a gun onto a train? The blades I brought were wrapped in special items, only then could they evade the security check. Could the one he is using be a toy gun?"

For a moment, Scarface was in a state of uncertainty!

Ye Long sneered, saying, "It seems you still don't have a clear idea about who I am, let me show you!" He took out an ID card and showed it to Scarface.

Scarface took a look and felt weak in the knees, almost kneeling right then and there. Turned out that this ID card had the real seal of the Special Guard Bureau! This Ye Long is actually a sergeant of the Central Special Guard Bureau!

Damn it, oh my god! Scarface, whose real name is Zhao Hu, immediately understood that he had pushed his luck too much and finally encountered trouble. This was indeed a hard nut to crack!

The person in front of him was the legendary XX ocean bodyguard!

"I… Brother, it was my mistake, please give me another chance, I beg you." Zhao Hu immediately knelt, crying and begging, "Brother, I have an old mother to take care of, and a child to feed. I was just confused for a moment, please give me one more chance."

Ye Long snorted coldly, with a sharp gleam in his eyes. "Give you a chance? Why didn’t you think of giving me, or this innocent girl, a chance earlier? Now, I will give you two options: Call the train police, or jump out the window, whether you live or die, it depends on your luck."

The high-speed train was moving extremely fast. Jumping out from the window would likely lead to severe injuries if not death. But Zhao Hu had a previous criminal record, he knew that if he ended up with the train police, it was certainly a dead end.

"Hurry up, if you continue to dawdle, I'll shoot you." Ye Long said coldly.


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