Love in the Dark Night

Love in the Dark Night



...That glass of wine was not champagne at all, but a strong liquor swapped in deception! No! Su Mian fiercely bit down on her own wrist, the intense pain surged through her body, giving her a jolt of strength. Just as the five men were jesting and drinking, She suddenly stood up and darted into the crowded dance floor. "Hey! She's running!" "Damn it! Chase her!"... Su Mian didn't dare to look back, after crossing through the dance floor, she was completely panic-stricken and couldn't make out her direction. As she was about to look back, she was suddenly yanked hard by someone. Their reunion was far from pleasant: with a whoosh, the heavy curtains were drawn back. Xu Tianci lifted up the girl, who was huddled in the corner, and pressed her onto the window sill of the bay window... "Umm ... no!" The trembling girl raised her face, pushing away the man who picked her up. In the darkness, Xu Tianci couldn't make out her face clearly, only her eyes... those soft eyes, filled with tears, they looked all too similar to that damned woman from his memories! A faint glint flashed in Xu Tianci's eyes, he intensely stared at her pair of confused yet pure eyes. These beautiful eyes overlapped with the eyes in his memory, the familiar yet strange, quiet and cool fragrance from her body made his lower abdomen suddenly tighten. He couldn't help but smirk, this woman was truly an exceptional piece. Merely the sight of her was enough to stoke a man's desire... "You don't want what.....Hmm?" Xu Tianci slowly cornered her...
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Nightfall descends, the lanterns light up.

G City, this bustling metropolis, is a city that never sleeps, and "Decadence Alley" is the city's most famous bar street, with the "Imperial" entertainment city located at the end of bar street.

The basement of the "Imperial" houses the bar, where the deafening music thumps in people's hearts. Even on the streets, one could feel the intense atmosphere, it's highly contagious. Rows of luxury cars park at the entrance of the "Imperial". Its golden grand entrance is like a gentleman elegantly welcoming everyone who wishes to enter.

At this moment, a taxi races in. The screeching sound of the brakes pierces through the night, finally stopping steadily in front of the main entrance of the "Imperial".

The passenger door is hurriedly opened. The girl in the seat bends over to close the door, quickly thanks the driver and rushes toward the "Imperial".

Under the bright lights, it is easy to see that she is an extremely gentle and beautiful girl. She has waist-length hair, as smooth as satin, a delicate face, fair skin that glimmers under the light. She rushes around, innocent as a camellia, wearing a white chiffon dress, her steps light.

There are many beauties in the "Imperial", but seldom are they as pure and attractive as her. Her innocence contrasts with the scantily clad girls who usually visit the bar. Even without the slightest flirtation, people cannot help but fix their gaze on her luminous face.

Getting out of the taxi, the girl quickly closes the car door, wraps her arms tight around her bag, oblivious to the surprised or greedy eyes, and promptly enters the "Imperial".

Following the elevator down to the basement, she could immediately feel the strong impact of the music. A hint of panic crosses her heart, and she wants to turn around and run away. But she knows, she can't back down.

On the stage, the crystal chandeliers change beams of different colors. Men and women of all kinds sway their bodies and dance wildly to the beat, their movements disheveled and languid. Periodically, there would be bursts of screaming.

Su Mian endures the strong discomfort, her eyebrows slightly knitted, she scans across the dance floor... and spots five people sitting at a corner table. Three men and two women, amongst them one man wearing a black body-hugging attire, with a baseball cap on, and the two women heavily made-up and wearing tight dresses —extremely sexy.

Su Mian bites her lip and heads toward the group of five.

"Hey, beautiful girl." The man holding a cigarette quickly approaches Su Mian. She steps back, her gaze fixed on the man with the cap.

"Here's the money, a total of five thousand, where's my dad?" The surrounding music is deafening, Su Mian had to yell loudly to them.

"Huh? What did you say, I can't hear you." One of the men, wearing a floral shirt, and while gazing at the charming Su Mian, let out a loud whistle, and extends his alcohol-stained mouth towards her.

"Miss Su, it seems you are a person of your word." The man in the duckbill cap shot a glance of intense fervor at Su Mian, who stood before him.

Su Mian's father, Su Lingyuan, had racked up a debt of five thousand dollars from gambling at the Times Casino. Consequently, this man named Ah Hong brought Su Lingyuan to Su Mian. Regardless of how Su Mian pleaded, he insisted he would only release her father if he received the money. As such, Su Mian was left with no choice but to figure out a way to raise the funds.

Su Mian didn't know why this man, Ah Hong, would choose to meet in a place like "Imperial Capital". She had never been here before and there was an inexplicable fear in her about this place.

"Where is my father?"

"Miss Su, let's not be hasty," the man in the flowered shirt said as he offered her a glass of wine. “Come, come, let’s drink first, and then we will talk." Su Mian did not notice the swift exchange of glances among the three men.


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