The Beloved of the Arrogant CEO

The Beloved of the Arrogant CEO



For some reason, Luo Xiya had to have a baby. However, she was single!!! Thus, she made the most audacious decision in her life- to become a "female Monk Tang", find a man, and "extract essence" to bear a child! For this, she had spent a fortune at an underground surrogacy company. She chose the super luxurious package - the male party would be 1.83 meters tall, have 6 packs, and hold a doctorate degree obtained overseas! "On the night of 'extracting essence'" The appearance of a super-hot guy made her exclaim, the surrogacy company was really a conscientious enterprise! Wasn't it agreed to be only one time? How come it was done seven times? Did she earn it? After all, she only paid for one ‘extraction of essence'! But wait, why did the people from the surrogacy company call to tell her... That they had sent her the wrong room number? And the man who was supposed to donate his essence due to kidney deficiency didn't show up!!! Then, who was the man that spent the night with her?? She thought she had made a profit, spent money once, took the "essence" seven times, but now she realized she suffered a huge loss. She got serviced by a strange man and she didn't even get paid! And he serviced her seven times! Ah Ah Ah~~~~~
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At the onset of the luminous twilight, in the Emperor Hotel,

"Damn that woman, she actually dared to slip something in my drink," Jiang Jingchen's voice was low and fuming, his eyes dark and filled with fury.

Tonight at the celebrity charity banquet, Miss Shen from the Shen family insisted on having him drink with her.

Had it not been for the consideration of the ongoing partnership with the Shen Corporation, he wouldn't have taken a sip of the red wine offered by Miss Shen.

He was not oblivious to Miss Shen’s desires.

Yet, he didn’t expect that the Miss of the Shen Corporation was so desperate to be with him, that she would even stoop to such lows as drugging his wine.

Since she dared to scheme against him, she shouldn't blame him for being ruthless.

Jiang Jingchen coldly spoke to the man standing behind him. "Sun Ziqi, let’s switch rooms, you head to the presidential suite. If Miss Shen tries to throw herself at you, do not hesitate."

Upon hearing Jiang Jingchen’s instructions, the man named Sun Ziqi showed a fearful expression and stutteringly said: "BOSS, this, this, may not work out well. If Miss Shen finds out, then, then…"

"Those who dare set me up, should have the guts to face my punishment. Since that woman is so desperate, you are only doing a good deed. Don’t worry, even if the sky falls, it won’t be on you. Go ahead."

Sun Ziqi has been Jiang Jingchen's personal bodyguard cum secretary for the past five years.

Throughout these five years, he's witnessed Jiang Jingchen’s decisiveness and extraordinary abilities.

Knowing the fact that Jiang Jingchen, with his exceptional skills, could resurrect the Jiang Corporation, which was on the brink of bankruptcy with a debt of 800 million, emerging into the country's top conglomerate within a mere five years.

Jiang Jingchen's wisdom and means are certainly not your average Joe's comprehension.

Therefore, Sun Ziqi always flat-out obeys whatever Jiang Jingchen says!

"Yes, BOSS!"

Just as Sun Ziqi was about to leave the room, Jiang Jingchen suddenly called him to stop.

"Hold on, there is one more thing that you need to take care of immediately."

"What else needs to be done, BOSS?"

Jiang Jingchen gave Sun Ziqi a proud and aloof expression, as if saying: 'I'll give you a look; you figure it out on your own!'

"Women, I don't want those who have been touched by others!"

Immediately after saying this, with a ‘PA’ sound, Jiang Jingchen shut the room door.

Leaving Sun Ziqi alone outside the door, as bewildered as a wooden chicken.

Wait, did he hear that right?

The boss said he didn't want a woman who had been touched by others.

Does this mean the boss wants to find a woman?

Oh, my god! This is really explosive news.

Sun Ziqi felt that he was about to lose control of the primordial force within himself.

Who would have thought that the always aloof and proud, cold-hearted, strict and efficient CEO of Jiang Corporation, Jiang Jingchen, would have this day.

It is surprising that the boss, who is nearly extinct as an abstinent CEO, would also have a day when he needs a woman. It seems that the medicine of Miss Shen is really explosive!

Son Ziqi, with his smug and gossipy face, trotted off.

Fifteen minutes later, a beauty with a refined, pleasant appearance - adorned in a pure white long dress and chestnut-colored long curled hair - appeared at the door of Jiang Jingchen's hotel room.

She is Luo Xiya. At this moment, a thin layer of sweat had already permeated her palms due to nervousness.

She carefully looked at the golden door plate at the door of the room, 1208.

"1208, this is the place."

Luo Xiya steadied her mind, summoned up her courage, and lightly knocked on the door.

With a snap, the door instantly opened.

A handsome man appeared in front of Luo Xiya. His face was as sculpturally handsome as you can imagine, with distinct facial features and deep-set eyes. He looked like a super male model who walked straight out from a magazine cover - proud and aloof, handsome without losing his noble demeanor.

Aside from a white scarf wrapped around him, the man was not wearing any clothes. His robust pectoral muscles thus appeared unarmed before Luo Xiya's eyes.


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