The Unparalleled Monarch

The Unparalleled Monarch


Xuan huan

In the Divine Martial Continent, martial prowess is revered above all. The once top prodigy, brutally betrayed by his childhood sweetheart, is fortuitously bestowed with the primeval overlord's unparalleled divine martial arts technique, from then on, he begins his meteoric ascension. For a beauty, he dares to battle the heavens, his actions painting the sky red with blood, slaying all celestial deities. For his brothers, he dares to challenge all spirits, even defying the sun and moon to change the heavens. Wielding the Nine Dragons Sword, standing at the zenith of the universe, he gazes down at all lords and proclaims, "From now on, I, Ye Fei, is the overlord of this world."
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"Haha, look at him, this fool, sitting here for an entire day again. I think he must have truly lost his mind."

"He's been a fool from the start. Otherwise, why would he jeopardize his own cultivation progress to help Li Yue Ru eradicate the flame toxin within her body?"

"Alas, what a pity. He used to be the leading genius of our Hei Shui Sect's outer division, but now he's just a naive fool."

Many people passing by pointed fingers at a young man in black, seated on a piece of bluestone, his eyes closed in meditative rest.

The young man was fourteen years old.

He was once the top genius of the Hei Shui Sect's outer division.

Everyone said that he had the potential to become the fourth saint of the entire Hei Shui Sect, succeeding Li Tian Du.


One year ago, this top talent of the outer division sacrificed his promising future for the sake of a mere Li Yue Ru. He gave up his own essence to help Li Yue Ru eradicate the flame toxin within her body.

In one year's time.

His cultivation level had fallen from the peak sixth layer of body tempering to the mere first layer.

Not only that, his talent had also dropped from a rare top-notch genius level to that of an average fool.

It was as if he had fallen from the sky to the mud.

He had become the laughing stock of everyone in the outer division. They all thought he was completely infatuated and is an utter fool.

Yet, Ye Fei seemed entirely oblivious.

For the woman he loved, he would do anything.

"Hahaha, breaking before succeeding, I'm just a little bit away from completely understanding the 'Primordial Overlord Body Technique', opening the first Primordial Overlord's divine gate, and nurturing a strand of Overlord's power." Suddenly, Ye Fei stood up, his face full of joy, and he began to laugh heartily.

No one knew.

Two years ago, he integrated the memory of a supreme existence and from it, he gained a supreme martial art.

This supreme martial art, known as the Primordial Overlord Body Technique.

As it is said,

It was the supreme secret technique of the 'Overlord', the strongest being in the chaos times when heavens and earth were created.


A supreme existence said to be beyond emperors, undying and indestructible.

After Ye Fei got his supreme secret technique, the opening sentence was: break before you build.

After deep contemplation, Ye Fei finally understood the meaning of 'break before you build' two years ago.

That is to dispel his own true essence, completely turning himself into a cripple.

Then, using the Primordial Overlord Body Technique to tap into human potential, he opened a completely new cultivation gateway, cultivating the power of the Overlord.

In this way, once the Primordial Overlord Body Technique is cultivated to its peak, it can break through the emperor's realm and become the second Overlord since the creation of the world, becoming an undying existence.

Even if heaven and earth were to perish, he could exist eternally.

But he didn't dare to bet.

After all, he was a genius.

To become a waste, who could bear such a decision?

Until a year ago, his beloved Li Yueru was poisoned by fire in Huoyun Mountain. She was hanging by a thread, needing Jingyuan to dispel the fire poison.

At that time, he finally made up his mind.

He decided to use the Jingyuan force within his body to dispel the fire poison in Li Yueru's body.

"My cultivation level is still at the initial stage of the first layer in Body Tempering Realm. The Jingyuan force inside me has not been completely removed. Once I've removed it all, I should be able to open the gate to the Yuanzun Realm and cultivate a trace of Yuanzun power, right?" Ye Fei murmured to himself.

There was a trace of Yuanzun Qi in his body.

The Yuanzun Qi was insignificant.

But at least he could sense it. If he wanted to convert the Yuanzun Qi into Yuanzun power, he had to cultivate the first layer of the Primordial Yuanzun Body Technique, and open the first Yuanzun gate.

"The most important thing is, if all my Jingyuan is dispersed, I should be able to completely remove the fire poison inside Yue'er's body. By then, Yue'er will surely be able to become a genius of the Yuan realm, with further advanced cultivation level, she may even become the top genius in the outer sect, right?" A figure of a woman dressed in purple sprung up in Ye Fei's mind. His face immediately beamed with a happy smile.

He had made up his mind.

Once he completely removes the fire poison from Yue'er's body, he would pass on to her the Primordial Yuanzun Body Technique.

"Look, that fool is off again."

"Sigh, looking at his joyful demeanor, he is surely going to help Li Yueru dispel the Fire Poison from her body."

"I once saw Li Yueru in the Dry Forest with the second prodigy of our outer sect... No, I should say now, Haoyue Hua, the number one talent of our outer sect. They were held in each other's arms, whispering sweet words for a long time. This fool is clueless; I even told him, but he didn't believe me..."

"Is that true?"


Not long after.

Ye Fei arrived at the Dry Forest at the rear mountain of the outer sect.

He saw a purple-robed woman standing not far away.

The woman was none other than Li Yueru.

The first beauty of the outer sect.

"Brother Ye Fei, you've finally come, Yue'er has been waiting for you for quite a while." Seeing Ye Fei approaching, Li Yueru's face bloomed into a smile.

"Yueru, sit down quickly, let me help you refine the last trace of Fire Poison in your body. By then, your cultivation and even your talent can further improve, to become the number one prodigy of our outer sect." Ye Fei said gently with a smile.

Instead of the Overlord Body Art of Primordial Times, he cares more about Li Yueru.

Otherwise, he would not be so determined to use his own cultivation and talent to expel the Fire Poison from Li Yueru's body.

"Brother Ye Fei, you are so kind. Once the Fire Poison inside Yue'er's body is dispelled, I will go back with you to tell Uncle Ye and my father. We will choose an auspicious date to fix our marriage." Li Yueru stepped forward and pecked Ye Fei on the cheek.

Ye Fei was overjoyed at once, catching hold of Li Yue Ru's hand, his voice trembling with excitement, "Yue'er, have you agreed to get engaged to me at last?"

Since childhood, he had harbored affection for Li Yue Ru and dreamt that one day she would marry him. Now, at last, he had heard these words from Li Yue Ru.

"Of course." Li Yue Ru replied with a sweet smile.

She immediately took a seat.

Ye Fei took a deep breath, wrestling down the excitement in his heart, reassuring her quietly, "Yue'er, rest assured, once I marry you, I will ensure your happiness. In future, I want you to practice 'Hong Huang Yuan Zun Ba Body', together with me, becoming an immortal being."

Ye Fei's eyes flicked, his hands placed on Li Yue Ru's back, he started transferring the last essence from his own body into Li Yue Ru's continuously.

As the essence was transferred, Ye Fei's complexion became increasingly pale.

Ultimately, with a 'pop', he spit out a mouthful of fresh blood, and his internal essence completely dispersed.

At this moment, he had completely turned into a waste.

But at this very moment, a wisp of 'Yuan Zun’s Qi' inside his body began to tremble slightly.

A dark portal faintly appeared in the place where his Dantian was originally.

"Hee hee, my fire poison is finally completely eradicated. Not only that, my cultivation has also advanced further, stepping into the peak of the 'Body Refining Realm Fifth Layer.'" Li Yue Ru stood up, feeling the stronger power within her and jubilantly exclaimed.

Seeing Lin Yue Ru's ecstatic behavior, a hint of joy emerged on Ye Fei's face too.

His efforts had not been in vain after all.

"Yue'er, congratulations on eliminating the fire poison and advancing in the cultivation level." Just at that moment, a young man in white walked out, laughing heartily.

Upon seeing this young man in white, Ye Fei's smiling face suddenly changed drastically.

This young man in white is named Hao Yuehua, who is his mortal enemy.

But now, what has he seen?

His archenemy walked over and embraced the woman he loved.

And Li Yueru, as if she hadn't seen him at all, bashfully threw herself into Hao Yuehua's arms.

"You..." Upon seeing this scene, Ye Fei shivered all over as if struck by lightning, his head buzzing.


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