Starting as Loser, I Got Rich

Starting as Loser, I Got Rich


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After his live streamer girlfriend drained Li Yang of his savings and readily dumped him, the greatly wronged Li Yang felt hopeless about life. But at this moment, he unexpectedly bound himself to a cashback system! Li Yang: "Holy smokes, they gave me a billion right off the bat?!"
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"Li Yang, you useless prig, what can you even do? You promised to top up my ranking but you stood me up. Let's break up!"

"I spent my entire salary for your ranking, I've even exceeded my credit card limit. What else do you want me to use to top up your ranking?"

"I don't care. Why should I suffer with you if you can't deliver?"

"Fine, let's break up! I must have spent at least 300,000 to 400,000 in the last three years on you. I won't ask for more, just give me 300,000, that's all."

In the rented room, Li Yang extends his hand emotionlessly.

Upon hearing these words, the anchor Xiao Haio gets furious.

"Li Yang, aren't you being shameless?!"

She watches Li Yang disdainfully with her arms crossed, "You gave me money, yet upon breaking up, you want it back. Are you even a man?"

" So you won't give it? Alright!”

Li Yang is not to be bullied. He replied righteously: "A financial transaction with no intention of marriage is cheating. You don't have to give it, but prepare for compulsory execution!"

"Hahaha! You're hilarious." Xiao Haiou laughed loudly upon hearing this: "Sue me, go ahead! If you dare, I'm ready anytime!"

Xiao Haiou said and stormed out of the room slamming the door behind her.

Although they broke up, Li Yang felt incredibly relieved.

"Finally, I rid myself of this bottomless pit!"

His happiness didn't last for more than three seconds, though, as Li Yang quickly succumbed to worry.

Both of his credit cards were maxed out, and all of his earnings were spent.

What is he going to use for repayment next?

Feeling bothered and disturbed, Li Yang opened the Shark Live Streaming platform, intending to ask the customer service if he could get a refund from the tips he previously sent.

Just as he opened the Shark Live Streaming platform, a robotic loli-like voice echoed in his mind.

【Congratulations! You have received the Divine Cashback System】

【The Divine Cashback System is being bound, please wait......】

【Ding! System binding successful】

"What the hell is Divine Cashback System?"

Li Yang was momentarily lost, unable to understand it.

Being an avid reader, he naturally understood what 'system' implied.

It’s an epic cheat code!

Was he so fortunate to be the chosen one?

【Ding! The system detected that the host is currently in heavy debt. Now, the system has bound you to accounts on various live streaming platforms】

【Ding! The system has obtained an initial spending fund of 1 billion. You can freely spend on various platforms, and every time you spend, the host can get a 1:1:10 cashback. Do you want to recharge now?】

【Ding! The current consumption level of the host is Lv1. Please actively spend to quickly gain the qualification for upgrade, there's a big surprise awaiting you!】

【Divine Cashback System】

【Host: Li Yang】

【Current Level: Lv1】

【Current Level Up: 0/10 billion yuan】

【Current Actual Assets: 280 yuan

cashback ratio 1:10

At that moment, Li Yang's phone beeped with an incoming text message.

Curiously, he opened it to look.

【You have a pre-charge amount of ten billion yuan available for use on any live broadcast platform. This amount is temporarily stored in your Industrial and Commercial Bank account ending in 9528 and cannot be directly consumed in reality.】

Looking at the ten billion yuan in his bank account, Li Yang was completely dumbfounded.

"Holy crap! I actually have ten billion yuan!"

Without any hesitation, Li Yang pulled up the Shark Live broadcast platform on his phone.

Since the system had said this money could only be used on live broadcast platforms, he decided to give it a go.

At that moment, a new streamer appeared on Li Yang's screen.


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