Time-Travel to 1979 and Become a Billionaire

Time-Travel to 1979 and Become a Billionaire



The nasty gambling dog, Chen instead, jumped down from the tall building. When he opened his eyes again, it was already autumn century. The great era's great changes had just begun. This was the era of all those who dared to fight, as well as his great Chen himself! He wanted to bring his little brother and sister to continue living, live well! He wanted to bravely fight over it, make a great deal of money in the new era's waves!
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"Bet on dogs and dogs. There's nothing left!"

"Hahaha! I really have nothing left now..."

On the tall building, Chen Dahu laughed miserably. His face was full of tears, and his red eyes were full of regret.

The fortune he had accumulated over half of his life was turned upside down in one day.

Her parents refused to acknowledge her, cut off their relationship, divorced her wife, and left without looking back. Her daughter, whom she usually doted on, resolutely chose her late father...

He had already come to his senses, but it was too late.

There was no point in being alive...

"I, Chen Dahu, advise the world before I die, don't gamble..."

After that, the man jumped down.


"Water..." When he woke up in a daze, he felt that he was thirsty.

He stretched out his hand and wanted to turn over, but his hand was sore and weak. His whole body felt very heavy, and his muscles felt like they were burning.

Big Master Chen had been hungry before, so he knew that it was a sign of lack of nutrition and extreme hunger.

He shook his head hard and opened his eyes, only to find that it was dark. What he saw was a mud house with some jars, jars, and cans placed in the corner of the wall.

He was lying on a wooden bed. The bedding was very shabby, very dirty, and it was all black...

"Where am I? Am I not dead?"

"Why didn't he die?"

As he murmured, he felt that his throat was dry and sore, and there was a kind of tearing pain.

"Is anyone there?"

"Where is he?"

He shouted, but because he was powerless, his voice was not loud.

He gave up shouting, struggled to get up, dragged his sore and weak body, and walked out of the room.

There was also a room outside, with a stove, a table, and a stool. It seemed to be a kitchen...

However, the tables, chairs, and tables were too dark...

The muddy ground, the uneven ground...

"Is this a primitive society?" He couldn't help but think.

At this moment, a little girl ran in.

The little girl was about five or six years old. She was wearing dirty and shabby clothes, and there were seven or eight patches that could be seen.

Her hair was not combed, and her hair was disheveled and dirty. It was a mess.

Her little face was sallow and her skin was thin.

However, her eyes were bright.

The little girl held a bamboo basket tightly with her small hands. In the bamboo basket was...

"It's pig grass?" Chen continued to think.

"Four pots, can you get up?" The little girl was pleasantly surprised to see Chen Dahu.

Then, he threw down the bamboo basket and pounced on Chen Dahu.

"Four pots, I knew you wouldn't leave me and five pots behind..."

"They all said that the four pots can't be saved, boohoo..."

Tears welled up in the little girl's eyes.

"Don't, don't come over..." Chen continued to stop him.


His current body was so weak that he could barely stand. How could he withstand a pounce?

In an instant, he fell to the ground...

"Four pots, you... I'm sorry, four pots, I'm sorry... Wow!"

"Four pots, don't die... Wow!"

The little girl was frightened and wanted to help him up, but she didn't dare to get close to him.

"I'm fine. Don't cry, don't cry..."

Chen Dahu said with a wry smile.

He frowned.

As soon as the little girl threw herself at him, it was as if something had exploded in his mind. Countless messages flooded into his mind.

After a while, the memory collection was completed. Chen Dahu finally knew what was going on.

It turned out that after he died, his soul entered the Netherworld and was reborn 40 years ago. In the year of humans, there was a man named Chen Dazheng.

This Mr. Chen was 63 years old, and he was just 16 years old.

At present, in this era, the car bandits were rampant. In order to make more money, his father took a private job and went to other places with the car guards. He died in the battle with the car bandits.

Half a year ago, his mother died of excessive fatigue and serious illness.

As a result, only Chen Dazhi, his 11-year-old brother, and his 5-year-old sister were left in this family.

Chen Dazhi, who was just 16 years old, had become the pillar of the family. He was already poor and weak due to lack of nutrition. In less than half a year, he couldn't take it anymore. A few days ago, he fell ill.

There was a sudden fever today, and then it disappeared. His body was occupied by a soul from later generations.

Yes, Big Master Chen was born with a borrowed shell!

"This is really amazing..."

"This family is really pitiful!"

He first sighed at the strangeness and magic of his rebirth, and then at the difficulty of his family's fate.

He came from the 81th and 19th century. At this moment, his father still didn't know his mother, did he?

His wife was two years older than him. Now, she should have been born....

"Alas!" Chen continued to sigh.

"Four pots, are you hungry? I'm going to cook porridge. After four pots of porridge, you'll have strength."

The little girl said like an adult.

He ran into the bedroom with his short legs. When he came out again, he was holding a bowl in both hands.

Chen Dahu took a look and found that there was half a bowl of rice.

The little girl poured the rice into a black pot, then carried the black pot and put it on the stove.

She had to lift her hands. Because of her short arms, the black pot was stuck to her body. There was another piece of black on her dirty black clothes.

She skillfully patted her clothes, and then poured water into the black pot bit by bit with a gourd ladle.

I'll go back and forth seven or eight times...

Then, let's start a fire!

She was very skilled... When the fire started burning, she would turn into a little black cat.

Chen continued to watch silently. Suddenly, he saw the little girl turn her head and smile at him. "Four pots, wait a little longer. It will be fine in a while..."

He swore that this was the most brilliant smile he had ever seen!

He would never forget this smile!

He wanted to stand up and help, but his repeated struggles exhausted his last bit of strength, and he couldn't stand up no matter how hard he tried.

Chen Dahu had no choice but to look at the little girl helplessly. He picked up the bamboo basket, washed the "pig grass" inside, and then poured it into the black pot to cook with the rice...

He saw clearly that this was a kind of wild dish, which could be eaten by pigs. If it was dried, people could also eat it.

"Four pots, the fat aunt said you would die, and she said you would die. So she asked me to live in her house..."

"I don't want to. I want to be with Five Pots..."

"But five pots said that he couldn't keep me alive. I think I don't need him to raise me..."

"I can feed the chicken, I can dig wild vegetables, I can cook, I don't need him to feed me..."

Chen continued to quietly watch and listen.

In the end, tears began to flow down her cheeks.

It was already dark.

It was pitch black in the room, leaving only a wisp of fire in the corner. In the midst of the hot pot, a small figure could be vaguely seen.

"Ninth Sister, Ninth Sister..." There was a commotion outside the room.

Then, a big figure walked into the house.

"Ninth Sister, my sister-in-law has given me two eggs. You cook them together. I'll give them to Fourth Brother later. After he eats the eggs, he'll recover from his illness..."


Half of his body was tripped over by Big Master Chen.

"Ah, five pots, don't trample the four pots to death..." The little girl exclaimed.


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