Mr. Charming Bullies Me

Mr. Charming Bullies Me



On her first day stepping into the Bei Manor, Xi Xiaotong finally understood — Bei Yichen, in front of others, was a well-behaved and sensible young master. But behind closed doors, he was a big devil who tormented her every day! From ages six, seven, eight and up till now, this devil kept bullying her! "Bei Yichen, have you had enough fun, you have been bullying me for so many years, aren’t you tired of this?" grumbled Xi Xiaotong as she rolled her eyes. The handsome man sitting opposite her showed a faint smile on his peerlessly handsome face, he stood up and hooked her pointed chin with his hand, whispering in her ear: "I'm not tired of it. Because I plan to bully you for a lifetime!"
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The sky, dark and oppressive as if about to collapse.

"Boom!" A tremendous roar of thunder erupted, and in an instant, a torrential downpour attacked.

Bei family lived on the slope of the only mountain in City A. The architecture was European style, looking like an ancient castle even from afar.

"Yichen, from today onward, she will be your little sister. Do you understand?" The robust and handsome middle-aged man said, his warm hand resting on Xi Xiaotong's shoulder.

"That's great! I finally have a younger sister!" Six-year-old Bei Yichen happily said, looking at the five-year-old Xi Xiaotong standing in front of his father.

She had two little ponytails and her chubby little face was rosy and tender, extremely adorable!

Xi Xiaotong's eyes sparkled as she looked at her future brother, who was so handsome and well-dressed.

"You have to take care of her, got it?" He had adopted Xi Xiaotong from an orphanage because Bei Yichen always wanted a little sister at home. His wife had died early, and he had no plans to remarry, so he had to resort to adoption.

From the moment he saw Xi Xiaotong in the orphanage, he made up his mind to adopt her without hesitation.

"Daddy, don't worry. I will take good care of her!" Bei Yichen's mouth curved slightly upward, no one noticed the cunning light flashing in his eyes.

"Sister, my name is Bei Yichen, you should call me brother! What's your name?" A smile emerged on Bei Yichen's charming little face, completed with two shallow dimples.

He took a step forward and held Xi Xiaotong's little hand, only then realizing how surprisingly cold her hand was.

"I, I am Xi Xiaotong." She had thought that she would be excluded or even hated for suddenly coming into their home. After all, the Bei family was the richest family in City A, and Bei Yichen, being the only child, was naturally doted on at home. She suddenly entered their home and stole his love, she thought he should hate her.

But it doesn't look like that now!

"You two play well, Daddy is off to work." Seeing how much his son liked this sister, he felt a lot more relieved.

After sending off Father Bei, Xi Xiaotong smiled sweetly at him and called out softly, "Big Brother.”

“Humph, you ought to call me master, you know?” Bei Yichen, with his arms crossed, scrutinized Xi Xiaotong with his deep-set eyes, the corners of his lips slightly upturned, “The life that awaits us will certainly not be dull!”

“...” Xi Xiaotong looked at him, her face a picture of confusion. What... what was happening? Her brother seemed to have transformed into a completely different person.

Bei Yichen turned to return to his room, only to find Xi Xiaotong hadn't followed. He put on a face of distaste and impatiently said, “Servant, aren’t you coming along? This young master is bored. Come along and entertain me!”

Xi Xiaotong stood there in a daze, her expression one of bewilderment as she looked at him. What on earth was going on? Her brother had been so kind to her just a moment ago, but now he's acting like a different person – cold and intimidating.

“Xi Xiaotong, from now on, I am your master. What I say goes, understand?” Bei Yichen drew closer, whispering menacingly in her ear. “If you dare tell dad about this, I'll mercilessly bully you!”

“Big Brother...” Xi Xiaotong called out softly. She hoped this was all a joke.

“Call me Master!” Bei Yichen grit his teeth as he spoke. Was this little girl slow-witted?


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