The Female CEO's Clairvoyant Soldier

The Female CEO's Clairvoyant Soldier



【Passionate Display of Skills, Light-Hearted and Refreshing Novel】He, hailed as the Harvester of War, the King of Assassins, and a Legend in the Medical World... in a time when his wife thought of him as a useless fellow... "Dear wife, it's quite late, why are you holding onto me?"
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"Damn it to hell. Good thing I kept one card on me, otherwise, I would be sleeping on the street."

It was a bustling street in the city of Zhonghai.

A plainly-dressed young man, with a cigarette hanging off his lips, was walking through the crowd, mumbling to himself.

His name was Lin Tianyang.

He just came back from overseas.

Facing the bank in front of him, Lin Tianyang cracked a smile. Thank god he had secretly saved a card, otherwise, it would have been awkward.

So, with big strides, he walked towards the bank, intending to take some money out for spending.

It's a joke if one doesn't have any money in an international city like Zhonghai.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

Just as Lin Tianyang walked into the bank, a staff in a suit stopped him.

"Hello, brother. I'm here to withdraw some money," Lin Tianyang responded with a brilliant smile, reaching his right hand into the pocket which bulged noticeably.

The staff, noticing the situation, frowned. Especially at Lin Tianyang's attire which resembled more of a rough-and-ready worker than an actual worker, and the weather-beaten canvas bag in his hand.

He doesn't look like a wealthy man, no matter how you see it.

"Get lost, who said I'm your cousin? Don't fabricate relationships," the male staff grumbles.

"I'm here to withdraw money," Lin Tianyang says with a smile.

"You? How much money do you even have to withdraw?" The male staff member scrunches his eyebrows, maintaining distance from Lin Tianyang, as if afraid of having his clothes soiled.

Unruffled, Lin Tianyang smiles and says, "Just a six-figure sum."

"What? You want to withdraw a six-figure sum?" The male staff member is momentarily stunned, then snorts derisively. He gazes at Lin Tianyang with a contemptuous attitude and says, "Little laborer, do you even know how much a six-figure sum is? And you, looking as poor as a church mouse, want to withdraw such an amount?"

What a joke, not to mention this little laborer in front of him, even his own savings aren't six figures.

"What, is the bank not allowing people to withdraw money now?" Lin Tianyang's eyebrows furrow, becoming somewhat disgruntled.

"Go, go, go. Do you even know where you are? I don't have time to banter with you. Get going. Don't disturb others." The male staff dismissively waves his hand, growing impatient.

"I'm here to withdraw money, what right does a small clerk like you have to drive me away?"

Not only did Lin Tianyang not leave, he held his head high and strode towards the inside.

"Hey, with my temper, if you can withdraw a six-figure sum, I'll eat shit directly!"

The male clerk was angry. This damn little worker was getting cockier.

Without another word, Lin Tianyang took out a black card and threw it directly onto the male clerk's face.

"You're sure to eat shit today. Whether it's real or fake, give it to your supervisor and you'll know."

With that, Lin Tianyang ignored him, found a seat, and sat down.

He looked as aloof as a proud rooster.

"Fine! Fine! Fine! I'd like to see what credentials you have to slap me in the face. Little worker, just you wait!"

Seeing the glances of the people around him, he had to maintain his conduct as a bank employee, he took Lin Tianyang's card and walked towards the inside.

He wanted to see what tricks this little worker wanted to play. If the card turned out to be fake, he'd call the police and have him arrested on the spot.


Lin Tianyang grumbled.

He had tried to talk nicely, but it was not taken seriously. Insisted on making a fool of himself.

Just like a cigarette butt on the ground - asking for a slap in the face!


"Enough, Chu Tianming, there’s no chance for us! I hope you will stop bothering me."

While Lin Tianyang was waiting for the male staff member,

A pair of fashionable young men and women suddenly appeared at the bank's entrance.

And nearby, a very luxurious Range Rover was parked.

Standing next to the Range Rover was a handsome young man holding a bouquet of flowers, clad in an Armani suit, wearing glasses and flanked by two black bodyguards.

Standing opposite the handsome young man was a young girl.

The girl was tall and curvaceous, wearing a simple, light, blue, tight-fitted shirt and a pair of straight crops, outlining her long and slim legs that were even more rounded and attractive.

"These legs are worth admiring for a year."

Lin Tianyang said, grinning.

But when the girl turned her head, her exquisite and perfect face brightened Lin Tianyang's eyes even more.

Fine features, big eyes, curved eyebrows, thin lips.

Give her a few more years, and she will definitely become an enchantingly beautiful woman.

As Lin Tianyang turned to the girl, her gaze swept towards him as well.

"Xiao Xiao, I truly like you. I can swear to the heavens on this."

Chu Tianming earnestly raised three fingers, making a solemn oath to the sky.

He looked completely sincere.

"I'm sorry, Chu Tianming, I already have a boyfriend. We're not suitable for each other, please don't bother me anymore."

Mu Xiaoxiao coldly stated, outright rejecting the young man's confession.

She then turned and strutted her way toward the bank.

"You have a boyfriend? Who is your boyfriend?"

Chu Tianming's handsome face registered surprise.

From his understanding, Mu Xiaoxiao did not have a boyfriend.

And he had known Mu Xiaoxiao for more than a day or two, where did this boyfriend come from?

"Whether I have a boyfriend or not, it seems to have nothing to do with you?"

Mu Xiaoxiao turned back and coldly retorted.

Her beautiful face was filled with irritation.

Chu Tianming didn't get angry, he knew that she was likely lying to him.

He chuckled, "Xiaoxiao, stop kidding. It's impossible that you have a boyfriend."

"What do you mean? Do you mean to say I, Mu Xiaoxiao, who is so pretty, don't have a boyfriend?"

Upon hearing this, Mu Xiaoxiao becomes unhappy immediately. What nonsense is this?

Damn it, I'm a first-rate beauty.

Thinking of this, Mu Xiaoxiao snorts and turns her head, only for her eyes to light up.

It was as if she had discovered a new land.

"Holy crap!"

Lin Tianyang, who was being stared at by Mu Xiaoxiao, suddenly felt uncomfortable.

Did this girl take a fancy to him?

"He's my boyfriend!"

Suddenly, Mu Xiaoxiao waved her hand and pointed straight at Lin Tianyang.

Then, with large strides, she walked over, grabbed his arm, and proudly looked at Chu Tianming.

Holy crap!

Lin Tianyang was startled. Damn, did his happiness come too suddenly?

"Is it him?"

Chu Tianming suddenly laughed.

He glanced at Lin Tianyang with disdain.

If Mu Xiaoxiao were to choose another man, Chu Tianming could probably accept it. But she just picks any old guy, a guy whose entire outfit doesn't even add up to three hundred yuan.


Moreover, this bumpkin is barely comparable to a distinguished young master like him, Chu Tianming.

"Xiaoxiao, I know my confession was rather abrupt. Perhaps you weren't emotionally prepared, but you can't just pick any bumpkin as a shield. Look at him, look at his pathetic penniless vibe.

Is he worthy of you?"

Chu Tianming didn't bother to mask his sarcasm and disdain for Lin Tianyang.

In Chu Tianming's view, this peasant didn't even deserve to carry his shoes, let alone compete with him for a woman.

When Mu Xiaoxiao heard how Chu Tianming was ridiculing Lin Tianyang, she felt immediately annoyed.

Although she didn't know Lin Tianyang, Chu Tianming was way out of line.

"Chu Tianming, what business is it of yours who I date? I happen to like this one."

With that, Mu Xiaoxiao tightened her hold on Lin Tianyang's arm.

Chu Tianming's eyes nearly spit fire at the sight.


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