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Next-Door Goddess Proposes Daily


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His girlfriend resented Chen Fan for his lack of money, and shockingly cheated on him with his best friend! Chen Fan, enraged, ended up in a fierce brawl with his fake friend, unexpectedly inheriting the legacy of an ancient emperor at that very moment... From then on, he mastered medicine, martial arts, and divination with ease! In this world, he is destined to stand undefeated at the pinnacle!
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"Are you not afraid that the good-for-nothing Chen Fan will suddenly come back if you're making so much noise?"

"Don't worry. That waste is on a business trip and won't be back until a few days later. Hurry up!"

Despite the scorching summer heat drenching Chen Fan in sweat, his heart felt ice-cold.

Right after he drove into the basement car park, he immediately spotted his vehicle shaking vigorously in its parking slot.

Soon, indescribable panting sounds were heard inside the car.

Intrigued, Chen Fan peered into the car and instantly felt like he'd been struck by lightning.

Because the two people inside happened to be his girlfriend and his best friend.

Both of them were half-naked and were engaging in an intimate act.

In his angered state, Chen Fan pulled open the car door suddenly.

"Ah! Chen Fan, you... weren't you supposed to be on a business trip?"

Upon seeing Chen Fan, Zhou Li was taken aback and quickly covered her lower body, panicking.

Chen Fan clenched his fists tightly, seething with fury, he trembled as he yelled, "Had I not returned early, would you have continued to cheat on me?"

When Zhang Kun glanced over and saw Chen Fan, he showed an expression of calm.

He pulled up his trousers, unhurriedly buckled his belt, and looked at Chen Fan teasingly.

"So what if you found out? If you can't satisfy Li Li, I'll help you out. Shouldn't you thank me?"

"I curse your middle-of-nowhere!"

Upon hearing this, Chen Fan was instantly filled with rage, throwing a punch at Zhang Kun's face.

Caught off guard, Zhang Kun immediately fell to the ground under the impact of Chen Fan's punch.

Without hesitation, he then straddled Zhang Kun and unleashed a barrage of punches.

Zhou Li, who had been in a state of panicked confusion, finally snapped back to reality upon seeing Zhang Kun being beaten on the ground.

She grabbed a stainless steel water cup from the car and proceeded to approach Chen Fan.

Chen Fan, who was still relentlessly pummeling Zhang Kun, was completely unaware of Zhou Li approaching from behind.


Zhou Li suddenly smashed the stainless steel water cup directly onto the back of Chen Fan's head.

In an instant, Chen Fan's head began to buzz, a stream of fresh blood slowly trickling down to his neck.

With his mind a complete blank, Chen Fan turned his head in disbelief to look at Zhou Li.

He then collapsed onto the ground.

Taking advantage of the situation, Zhang Kun seized the stainless steel cup from Zhou Li's hand and began relentlessly beating Chen Fan on the head to vent his pent-up anger.

"Dare to hit me, if you have the balls get up and keep fighting."

"Most of the money you've made has been spent by me."

"Even your mother was driven away by me through Lili!"

Zhang Kun daringly insulted Chen Fan, yet still feeling unsatisfied, he ruthlessly pulled Zhou Lili back into the car for a broadcast, squarely in front of Chen Fan.

"See this? Your woman is just a plaything for me, you useless man. Even if you watch with your own eyes, what can you do?"

Seeing Chen Fan's slowly closing eyes brought an inexplicable satisfaction to Zhang Kun.

After settling the matter, they confiscated all the cash and bank cards from Chen Fan, before finally driving away.

Chen Fan could only helplessly watch the departing car.

Fury overwhelmed his heart and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Unbeknownst to him, the fresh blood trickling down his neck was absorbed by the ancestral dragon talisman which he wore since childhood.

A moment later, the dragon talisman suddenly shone brilliantly, and with a whoosh, turned into a streak of light and disappeared into Chen Fan's forehead.

Suddenly, an image of an elderly man with the essence of a hermit appeared in Chen Fan's mind.

"Sigh, I would have never guessed that you, a simple fool, would experience the same betrayal as I did long ago.

In the past, I traveled all around the three realms, and yet, I was severely injured and lost everything due to a conspiracy by my trusted brother and my Dao companion.

In retaliation, I used all my power to kill the treacherous pair, sending them to a place from which they would never reincarnate!

Finally, my life faded, leaving only this wisp of my soul in the Nine Dragons Jade Talisman, without any intention of recalling my past, but unexpectedly, I've come across you now."

The elderly man sighed deeply, with a tone full of gravity.

"Since fate has brought us together, I shall fulfill your destiny and impart to you everything I have learned in my lifetime. Do not disappoint my expectations," said the old man.

"But remember, after receiving my inheritance, do not harm the world. You must strive to help others and save the people. I was the Supreme Immortal in my lifetime."

After this speech, the nine-dragon jade pendant on Chen Fan's neck vanished into thin air.

Simultaneously, countless memory fragments surged into his mind like a tidal wave.

The earth and all living things, the laws of nature, the universe and everything in it, I am the invincible Supreme Immortal.

The Supreme Immortal Martial Arts Master, the world-renowned Medical Sage.

Various ancient martial arts and medical skills, Supreme Immortal tactics, and Dao arts appeared in Chen Fan's mind.

Unknowingly, Chen Fan's wounds were healing at a visible speed.

It wasn't until Chen Fan felt a twitch in his arm that he abruptly woke up.

When he opened his eyes, Chen Fan found himself lying in a hospital bed.

At the side, a nurse with a ponytail was injecting him with a needle.

Chen Fan turned his head curiously, just in time to see the nurse's pure and exceptionally beautiful face.

Tall and well-proportioned, her delicate silhouette was checking the IV tube, instantly capturing Chen Fan's attention.

"Are you awake?"

The woman's voice finally brought Chen Fan back to reality.

Seeing the other party smiling sweetly at him, Chen Fan's face immediately turned red, followed by an awkward scratching of his head.

"How did you get injured like this? If it wasn't for me going to the underground parking lot for work and discovering you, you might still be lying there."

Seeing Chen Fan staring at her with a silly smile, the woman asked in confusion.

With these words, Chen Fan realized that it was this nurse sister who had saved him and he prepared to express his gratitude.

"You don't have to thank me. After you're discharged, you can just pay me back the medical expenses. Pay attention to your IV; when the medicine is finished, call me in time."

The woman finished speaking and turned to leave the ward.

"Wait, I still don't know your name. How will I repay you?"

Chen Fan quickly raised his head and shouted.

"Qin Wanrou."

The woman turned back and reported her name, then turned and left.

Qin Wanrou—a gentle, generous, delicate, and cute name. Not bad.

Chen Fan muttered an appreciative sentence and determined to find an opportunity to thank her.

At this moment, Chen Fan was alone in the ward, and it quickly quieted down.

Suddenly, he remembered the elder that appeared in his mind after he fell unconscious.

Subconsciously reaching out to touch the dragon jade pendant on his neck, he discovered that there was nothing there.

"Holy cow, it's actually true!"

To confirm something, Chen Fan immediately closed his eyes, silently reciting a magic incantation in his mind.

Then he abruptly opened his eyes, only to discover he could actually look directly through the solid wall, taking in everything happening in the neighboring sickroom.

This scene shocked Chen Fan immensely.

"Holy cow, I've actually learned how to see through objects!"


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