Honey, Stop Hiding

Honey, Stop Hiding



"You slept with me!" "I... I didn't mean to..." "Then you don't need to be responsible for it?" Lu Jian really wanted to die. She had drunk for one night and provoked the Childe Di of a rich and powerful family. She was also a shameless childe. After a marriage certificate, she changed from an abandoned woman to a rich and powerful woman. Since then, she had been attached to the heroine of a novel and had been hanging all the way! A limited edition luxury car, bought! A scum came to provoke her and killed her in seconds! As long as Lu Jian liked it, even the star Childe Nangong in the sky would pick it for her. She slowly lost her heart and sank. She thought it was love, but the truth was revealed and she was so hurt. "Nan Zhi, I want to divorce you!" The Childe Nangong knelt down and apologized. "My wife, I was wrong!" "I want to divorce!" "I want to ask the child in your belly!" The Childe Nangong was annoyed. "Do you agree?"
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In the darkness, the man's hot breath wandered around her ear, and the messy kiss passed over her cheeks and her locked eyebrows.

The pair of big palms that touched her skin were burning hot, but her body was too cold, ice and fire intertwined, and the pain and itch were unbearable.

All of a sudden, the man exerted his strength...


When the phone rang, Lu Jian suddenly woke up from her dream. At this moment, she was curled up on the sofa, with cold sweat on her forehead. Her rough breathing echoed in the air.

It had been two years. She had had this dream again and again, but she could not see the man's face clearly in the dream.

What happened that night? How could she have sex with another man? Who was that man?

Lu Jian knocked hard on her head, but she couldn't remember anything.

Did he choose to lose his memory?

It was ridiculous that she, a surgeon known as a genius, got such a disease. That memory seemed to have been cut off, and she could not remember a little bit.

When she realized that the phone had rung, it was from the old man. Lu Jian calmed down and called the old man back.

"Hello, Grandpa."

"Xiao Jian, Chenjie has returned to the country today. You should make good use of this opportunity. I want to have a great-grandchild."

"I see, Grandpa."

The old man had urged her to get pregnant for two years. She also wanted to get pregnant as soon as possible, but... Xiao Chenjie never touched her. How could he get pregnant?

That's right. She had done something immoral, so he had to bear it no matter how hard he tried to ignore her.

Thinking that he had just returned from a business trip abroad, he would definitely not come back tonight. After thinking about it, Lu Jian decided to wait for him at the company.

Before going out, she carefully put on makeup and opened the wardrobe. The pink sexy dress in a row of plain casual clothes was particularly eye-catching. It was sent by the old man a week after they got married. Who knew that Xiao Chenjie couldn't find her at all that night?

After putting on his clothes, Lu Jian stood in front of the mirror and looked at him. She was really different from her usual white coat. Would Xiao Chenjie like her like this?

When she arrived at the company, it was already dark. She entered the lounge in the private room of Xiao Chenjie's office and sat on the bed, waiting quietly like a cat. Judging from the time when he got off the plane, he should be here by this time. She was still a little nervous.

"Bang!" At this moment, there was a heavy knock on the door, which scared her. "Is Xiao Chenjie back?"

"Chenjie, why don't you go to the hotel and come to the company?"

When Lu Jian heard the voice, she was about to go out. But as soon as the door was opened, she suddenly heard Xiao Chenxin's voice. Why did she come here? If she saw her dress like this, she would definitely laugh at her.

Lu Jian stopped and was at a loss. But at this time, Xiao Chenjie suddenly hugged Xiao Chenxin and made her lie on the desk. From this angle, Lu Jian looked very real. What were they doing?

"I won't be suspected if I come to the company." Xiao Chenjie said while kissing her lips. "Now is the most critical time for me to take over the Xiao Group. If our affairs are exposed, grandpa will be angry. If he doesn't give me the inheritance rights, it will be troublesome."

"But I've already had enough of this kind of sneaky life. When can we be together openly?" Xiao Chen's heart was pouted, full of grievance.

Hearing this, Lu Jian felt like her head was going to explode. Even a fool could tell what they were doing, but they were siblings!

Is it a mess?!

How could it be possible!


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