CEO's Naughty Wife

CEO's Naughty Wife



Three years ago, Nanxi's wedding was in trouble. She became the real god of plague, and everyone avoided her. Three years later, in order to achieve her goal, she resolutely took the initiative to show her kindness to the powerful. However, she inadvertently got close to Third Master Bai, the richest man in the Bai State. From then on, no one dared to say "no" to Nanxi, who dominated Qing City! "Third Master, Young Madam hit the daughter of the richest man in Qing City and broke three ribs." "Call the rich guy over and I'll talk to him." "Third Master, Young Madam has no right to do business. She lost 100 million yuan." "Give her another one billion!" Later, the man in Nanxi's heart came back. They had agreed to make use of each other. He would help her find a fiance and she would help him find a child and a mother. However...
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Bai Country, Qing City.

The sky was covered with dark clouds, and the whole Qing City was shrouded in gloom, as if it was mourning for someone.

Nanxi came out of the police station in anger. "Nonsense!"

Today, she had a personal matter to attend to, so she was called to the office to work overtime.

Protecting Ji Shanghuan?!


Ji Shanghuan was neither a celebrity nor a government official. Did he name himself to protect her?

To put it bluntly, his family was rich!

To put it bluntly, he wanted to take the opportunity to torture her!

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. The heavy rain suddenly poured down. Nan Xi looked at it and felt extremely depressed.

She didn't bring an umbrella with her. She put her coat on top of her head and rushed into the rain with the car key... She trotted all the way to the only public car in the station.

Getting in the car, he turned on the radio and took a tissue to wipe the water stains on his face.

"Hello, everyone. Welcome to the entertainment industry and the entertainment industry. Let's cut to the chase and get to the topic today.

"I'm mainly talking about the legendary figures who are very concerned and curious about you. He has been missing for three years, and no one knows whether he is dead or alive... I believe everyone has guessed it. Yes, he is the young master of the Gu family, Gu Lianyue!"

Nanxi's hands suddenly froze, and his heart was hit by the name... It hurt!

Gu Lianyue, the wound in the bottom of Nanxi's heart that could not be touched.

"There are many versions of the rumor about Mr. Gu's sudden disappearance. What everyone admires most is that Mr. Gu was killed by his fianc的未婚妻e... The First Miss of the Nan family! The Nan family..."

It was said on the radio that the murderer of Gu Lianyue's death was her... the Young Lady of the Nan family, Nan Xi, who was once envied by everyone!

The heavy rain was still pouring, and the raindrops fell on the roof of the car, making crackling sounds, and hitting the heart of Nanxi, which was full of holes.

Three years ago, when there was a lot of criticism, she still explained like crazy. Now, she was so indifferent that she didn't even have the strength to explain and rebuke people.

Today was Gu Lianyue's 26th birthday. Ji Shanghuan came to cause trouble because of Gu Lianyue.

Ji Shanghuan liked Gu Lianyue and tortured her... He was just taking revenge for Gu Lianyue.

"Nanxi, remember, pick up the plane at half past ten!"

The severe voice of the director came from the walkie-talkie in the car, and Nanxi came to his senses.

Her vision was foggy. She pulled her nose and pretended that the rain was too heavy and blurred her vision. She roughly wiped away her tears and turned off the radio.

Looking back through the rearview mirror, he saw the pendant, reverse, and turn around neatly and neatly...

But even though her world was quiet, her teardrops were broken. Tears kept rolling down her cheeks, and she couldn't hold them back.

It was not because of the sensational news broadcast just now, but because of the guilt and self-blame deep in her heart and... deep longing for Gu Lianyue.

She didn't harm Gu Lianyue, but it was really because of her. If she hadn't been at the wedding...

The road was smooth, but Nanxi couldn't go on.

When she drove to a deserted street, she lay on the steering wheel and cried bitterly. Her heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys were all in pain.

In a trance, Gu Lianyue seemed to have come back. He appeared in front of her in a white suit, but he was still handsome... He looked at her with a smile, which was like the sunshine in winter and the cool breeze in summer...

Time ticked by. The more beautiful the illusion was, the more cruel the reality was!

His cell phone suddenly rang non-stop, pulling Nanxi back from the illusion.

He frowned and did not open his eyes. He fumbled for his phone and pressed the answer button. "Hello?"

"Nanxi, do you want me to complain about you? What time is it now? Where is he?"

Ji Shanghuan was furious. Nanxi straightened his body and looked at the time. It was already a little bit late!

She frowned and said, "I'll be there in 15 minutes!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he hung up the phone, rubbed his eyes rudely, shook his hair, and sorted out his emotions. Then he started the car and rushed into the heavy rain.

Fifteen minutes later, at the entrance of the airport, Nanxi sent Ji Shanghuan his car plate number and location, waiting...

"Thump thump thump!"

A few minutes later, someone suddenly knocked on the door. Nanxi looked out through the window and did not see anyone. She thought she had misheard.

"Thump thump thump!"

The voice sounded again, and Nanxi was shocked.

She lowered the window suspiciously and poked her head out. She saw the little boy who was knocking on the back door.

When their eyes met, Nanxi was stunned.

It was not because they knew each other, but because this little boy was really beautiful.

Her chubby little face, big round eyes, long eyelashes, beautiful nose and small mouth... She was wearing a sky-blue denim belt, carrying a mini milk bag, and holding a small yellow umbrella. She looked very cute.

The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and the little fellow blushed.

There was something strange in the corner of Nan Xi's eyes. "Kid, what's the matter?"

The little boy was silent.

"Where are your parents?"

After a long period of silence.

"You can't find your parents anymore?"

A long period of silence.

Nan Xi looked at the little boy suspiciously. He once suspected that there might be something wrong with his hearing, or that he could not speak.

She looked around and did not see anyone looking at her. The rain was getting heavier...

She was supposed to take the little boy to the police station, but she needed to wait for Ji Shanghuan. After a quick consideration, she got out of the car and opened the rear door.

"Get in the car first. I'll take you to find your parents later."

The little boy was well-behaved. He closed the umbrella, raised his short legs, and sat down. Without saying a word, he kept looking at Nanxi with his big watery eyes.

Nanxi returned to the car and asked tentatively, "Do you know the phone number of my parents?"

The little boy nodded.

Nan Xi dialed his cell phone and handed it to the little boy. The phone was actually connected...


A low and hoarse male voice came into Nanxi's ears. This voice... was very magnetic and pleasant.

"What's up?"

Nanxi came to his senses. "Hello, are you Bao father?"

The other party was silent.

Realizing that there was something wrong with his speech, Nanxi explained.

"...He's in my car now. Maybe he lost something..."

Nan Xi was still talking, but he did not notice that the little boy behind him shook his head... He was not lost.

"I'm at the northwest exit of the airport, the black Land Rover. The car plate number is 'X x'"

"I'll be right there!"

The phone hung up decisively, and Nanxi frowned.

"How can I not be moved by the fact that I'm a good person?"

Or is it that all the strange men nowadays are so stubborn?!


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