The All-Seeing Sage

The All-Seeing Sage


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A destitute commoner fortuitously encounters Sun Wukong, the Fighter Defeating Buddha, and attains his unparalleled skills! The average Joe henceforth turns his life around, embarking on a journey of urban defiance, flaunting his prowess, and slapping faces with his triumph!
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"Victorious Fighting Buddha, in guarding Tang Monk's western pilgrimage for scriptures, you have made a ground-breaking contribution. While your meritorious deeds are accomplished, your earthly matters are yet unresolved. I hope you will settle your ties with the mundane world and return to the West Heaven…"

In the main hall of the Dàléiyīn Temple, an enormous hand descended in an instant. Sun Wukong didn't have time to react and was immediately enveloped by the endless darkness.

"Old Gautama, it's the Five Finger Mountain again…"


Jiang Cheng shivered and rolled off his bed. He wiped the sweat from his forehead, recalling the scenes in his dream, he was still panting heavily.

Since last week, every night, Jiang Cheng had been having the same dream. In the dream, he was the Victorious Fighting Buddha, Sun Wukong, only to be suppressed under the Five Finger Mountain by Buddha again.

Even if it were just a dream, Jiang Cheng was extremely frightened.

Coming back to his senses, Jiang Cheng randomly picked up his glasses from the bedside table, put them on and prepared to wash up.

"Huh, why is everything more blurred when I put on my glasses?"

Non-myopic people would know that wearing glasses makes everything blur. Does this mean that he isn't short-sighted anymore?

Jiang Cheng was delighted, immediately took off his glasses, and indeed things became much clearer. He could even see the advertisement on the building across the street.

"That's it, you're fired!"

Jiang Cheng excitedly threw his glasses aside. He was tired of wearing glasses, and now that his vision has improved, there was no need for them.

After washing up and quickly eating a few bites, Jiang Cheng greeted his mother who was washing dishes in the kitchen: "Mom, I'm going to class!"

Being a senior high school student, despite it being the weekend, he had school make-up classes. Jiang Cheng was already used to studying every day, even if his academic performance was at the bottom.

"Tsk tsk, it's nice to be wealthy. Such a good car must be worth millions, right?"

Unconsciously, Jiangcheng had already walked onto the broad street, facing many luxury cars — especially the Maserati just up ahead — Jiangcheng could only smack his lips, expressing deep envy.

However, envy was of no use to Jiangcheng. His family was an extremely ordinary peasant family. Even when he went to the provincial city to study, it was only because he had barely scraped together the required score after fighting tooth and nail.

Jiangcheng's parents also started working in the provincial city, just so they could give him a better future and take care of him.

Living in a low-rent house every day, there was no point in harboring any illusions about luxury cars. Jiangcheng derisively shook his head and picked up his pace, remembering that today was a mid-term examination.

But just at this moment, as the corner of Jiangcheng's eye glanced over the back seat of the Maserati, he felt a sudden jump in his heart.

A dark box-like object came into Jiangcheng's sight, and a timer was clearly visible on top of the black box.

What was it?

Recognizing this familiar object, Jiangcheng's heart thumped in his chest. Wasn't this just like the timed bombs often seen on television?

And by the look of this box, it was very likely a C4 explosive!

Jiangcheng's eyes widened, and he swallowed hard. He had never seen a real C4 bomb before, but who, with nothing better to do, would hide a bomb under the back seat of their car?

Seeing that the time on the C4 explosive was less than one minute, Jiangcheng didn't have time to think. He darted towards the window of the Maserati, and began to forcefully tap upon the glass.

"Hey! Quick! Get out. There's a bomb in your car!"

Jiangcheng yelled frantically at the window, which quickly opened up, but then Jiangcheng promptly froze in his tracks.

A face as cold as ice entered Jiangcheng's view.

This woman, Jiang Cheng swore, was the most frigidly alluring he had ever encountered. Her expression was icy to the marrow, yet beneath her oval face, the willow-leaf eyebrows and red lips were so delicate.

Before Jiang Cheng had time to recover from her captivating demeanor, those red lips coldly uttered a word: "Scram."

Jiang Cheng stood stunned for a moment before remembering why he was there, and he hastily explained, "Lady, you need to get out now; there's a bomb in your car!"

This time, however, the woman simply ignored him and promptly rolled up her window. Seeing this, Jiang Cheng took another look at the timer on the bomb; less than thirty seconds remained.

Biting his lip, he somehow mustered the strength to stop the rising window, reached in and opened the car door.

Without another word, Jiang Cheng yanked the stunning woman from the driver's seat, hoisted her onto his shoulder, and as he ran into the distance, he shouted, "Everybody, run! There's a bomb in the car!"

The sudden event left the pedestrians in shock. In the melee, everyone scattered, perhaps driven by Jiang Cheng's apparent urgency.

Today, Su Jingwen's mood was as volatile as an impending volcanic eruption. Although it was the weekend, the term "holiday" hadn't been in her vocabulary for a while.

Earlier in the day, Su Jingwen had set out to run an errand. She was almost at her destination when out of nowhere came a wild man from perhaps a mental asylum claiming there was a bomb in her car.

Su Jingwen was aware of her own beauty, with suitors that could line up from the city center to the suburbs. She had seen all sorts of bizarre courting methods, but a pickup line like this madman's was a first.

What made Su Jingwen even more infuriated was that after she ignored the madman's warning, he had the audacity to hoist her up and start running.

Was this a kidnapping?


The thought had barely flitted across Su Jingwen's mind when a thunderous blast erupted behind them. Su Jingwen even felt a wave of heat sweeping across her back.

Before she could comprehend what had just happened, she felt herself being gently placed on the ground.

Jiangcheng breathed heavily, his coarse clothes sticking to his sweat-glistening skin. He thought to himself, "Lucky me, always quick on my feet. Or else, wouldn't I've had to make a heroic sacrifice, and at this tender age?"

At this moment, Jiangcheng finally had a chance to really look at the woman in front of him. Her business attire suggested a high price tag, and her long legs under her black mini pencil skirt were simply a feast for any leg-man, exuding an irresistible allure.

However, what really caught Jiangcheng's attention wasn't the beauty's long legs, but the 36D tightly wrapped in her shirt.

Why did he know it's 36D? That was because he surprisingly caught a glimpse of a pale yellow bra, and clearly written on the side of the bra's label was: "Victoria's Secret, 36D."

Jiangcheng felt a rush of blood to his head. Did he see it wrong? He shook his head and bulged his eyes, wishing he could see through the pale yellow bra and discern the true nature of the mountain. But unfortunately, no matter how wide he opened his eyes, at most, he could only see a hint of snow-white cleavage.

“You dirty pervert, what are you staring at?”

Suddenly, a delicate reprimanding voice rang out in Jiangcheng's ears. He suddenly awoke from his daze, where was that hint of snow-white now? All he could see was a face full of cold frost and a pair of eyes glaring at him with gritted teeth.


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