Second Marriage With Mr. Right

Second Marriage With Mr. Right



After my husband betrayed me, I played the same game with another stranger. He said he didn't think much of me, but still insisted on being with me. My ex-husband and his mistress framed me, took secret photos of me which forced me out with nothing but the clothes on my back, and abandoned me in the mountains. He said he could help me get my revenge. He was willing to let go of his noble status to scheme against my ex-husband and ruin him entirely. But there was only one condition. He said, "Be my woman, and I'll help you punish that pair of unfaithful dogs."
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The first time I met Su Qingnian was in bed.

Then, I discovered that my husband of six months had an affair. My heart was painful as if stung by countless little needles. In rage, I ran to a bar to drown my sorrows, trying to indulge in alcohol oblivion.

At that time when I was dead drunk, it was Su Qingnian who carried me to a hotel.

That night was crazy. All I remembered was I wanted him desperately: kissing him, nipping him, hugging him tightly, refusing to let him go from my arms.

I couldn't even see his face clearly.

Until the next day when I woke up, I saw a man lying next to me, his naked body with an arm over my waist. I was startled with disbelief that filled my wide eyes.

At that moment, it occurred to me that I seemed to have cheated too. This was an affair within marriage.

I stumbled out of bed, rolling and crawling, bumping my waist against the table nearby. The sharp corner of the table caused me a great deal of pain, and the noise woke the man who was comfortably asleep on the bed.

He groaned a little and instinctively I looked over. He frowned slightly, and fear crept into my heart. What if this man wouldn't let me go?

Ironically, my husband Zhao Zha had cheated on me. I could divorce him and sent him packing, but if Zhao Zha found out about my affair, I would definitely be driven out of Zhao's family by his malicious mother.

The man lazily opened his eyes, looked at me for a good while, and then in a frivolous tone, he asked, "Little wildcat, why aren't you sleeping? Where are you going?"

It was not until that moment that I realized I couldn't look him straight in the eye. This man was overwhelmingly handsome.

His eyes were flickering with dark shadows, his lips delicately pursed, emitting a predatory glow. Perfectly shaped lips, strong eyebrows and eyes, he was an aristocratic and aloof man.

Suddenly it dawned on me that this man was not someone I could mess with. I quickly turned my head to explain, "I don't know what happened between us last night. Can we just pretend this never happened?"

He chuckled, and out the corner of my eye, I saw him getting out of bed, inversely revealing his naked body as the white sheet slid off. I hastily lowered my eyes in panic.

I feel a surge of anxiousness deep within my heart, clutching tightly the clothes on my chest. These are what I haphazardly grabbed from the bed, serving to cover the crucial parts of my body right now.

He squats, pinching my chin with two fingers, looking at me with a condescending smile, reflecting an air of disdain, mixed with an insouciant attitude.

I knew he just wanted to toy with me.

"Can you regurgitate food you've eaten? Can you shove back in the excrement you've defecated? Can you outright deny everything you’ve done?"

His language is crude.

Sweat trickles down my forehead, passing through the temples, giving an uneasy tingling sensation. There's one thing I fear the most, it's Zhao Zhi discovering my infidelity.

But I console myself with the realization that I do not really know this man, there would unlikely be any intersection after this incident.

Momentarily, I look up and stoically say, "It's normal for men and women to have sex, isn't it? Surely, you’re not the kind of man who plays but can’t afford the price?"

Upon hearing my reply, his pupils flickered, waves of emotions surging through, an emotion I don't comprehend. Instantly, he laughed delightfully and retorted, "What are you talking about? To bed someone like you would only lower my standards. Do you really think I am desperate for you?"

His gaze is straight forward and sarcastic in his comments. I subtly turn my head, my eyes rimmed with red, avoiding his gaze.

Maybe he's right. Given my low worth, it's no wonder that Zhao Zhi dallied with others.

"Let's hope so."

Suddenly, he pulls the clothing from my hands. I stand naked before him and hear his slightly husky voice saying, "Since we’ve done it once, there’s no harm in doing it once more. If you refuse, I might just have to pester you."

He's right. We've done it, so why not enjoy the moment? Under the clear sky, we again tussled with the bed sheets extensively.

Leaving the hotel, I went to a mall and bought a set of clothes and a bra to replace those the man had forcibly torn last night.

I don't know if he's crazy, or if I'm the one who's lost my mind.

While taking the bus home, I received a call from Zhao Zhi. His voice sounded anxious as he asked, "Gu Xi, where have you run off to? Why didn't you come back last night? Also, let me explain about that incident. Guan Xiaoyu and I are not what you think we are."

The bus was somewhat crowded, and I was leaning against the window. I asked sarcastically, "Then what kind of relationship do you guys have?"

"You have to believe me, I love you."

Love? What a load of bullshit.

His love is impulsive, neglecting loyalty to family. His love seeks thrill, devoid of responsibilities towards me.

This kind of love isn't worth a damn.

I don't want it. After all, I have evidence of Zhao Zhi's infidelity. I am going to strip him bare.

By the time I returned to what we once called home, Zhao Zhi was sitting in the living room waiting for me.

His brow creased with worry.

I knew he wanted to explain it to me now.

From Zhao Zhi's tone over the phone, he didn't wish to divorce me. But I won't stand a cheating man, I couldn't care less.

Seeing me back, he quickly got up from the couch and asked, "Where did you go last night?"

I responded coldly, "How is that any of your business?"

"Listen to my explanation."

Zhao Zhi knew I was still hung up on that incident, and he stomped his foot, saying, "There really is nothing between Guan Xiaoyu and me, can you stop making a fuss without reason?"

Ha! I'm the one being unreasonable?!

I glared at Zhao Zhi and sternly said, "We've known each other for five years, been married for half a year. You know well what kind of person Zhao Zhi is, don’t try to play the innocent. I have evidence of you two wrapped together on my bed. I’m getting a divorce and as for this house and car, not a single bit will go to you! I’m going to leave you homeless!”

My fierce appearance must have scared Zhao Zhi. He staggered backward, stammering, his gaze frantic as he looked at me. After a beat, he asked weakly, "What evidence do you have?"

He did not try to argue his innocence. I brushed past him and marched straight back into the bedroom. But on seeing that bed, I felt nauseous and hurriedly exited.

That bed was the place where my husband and another woman entwined in love.


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