Contract with Ghost

Contract with Ghost


Xuan huan

For the sake of money, I entered into a partnership with a beautiful woman via WeChat. She instructed me to locate a suitcase late at night, but to my shock, it contained the body of my girlfriend...
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Just as I was lying in bed at night, my WeChat flashed with a new message: Want to get rich? If you do, then sign a contract with me.

Again, this person? Aren't they a nutcase? Sending me messages every day. I've deleted them at least ten times already. How do they manage to slither back into my WeChat unnoticed day after day?

This whole thing started around half a month ago. I had spent a few hundred yuan on a new phone. After activating the system and installing some common apps, I opened WeChat, and this user named 'Meng Meng' added me.

The user profile displayed a picture of a sexy, enchanting woman, which was clearly an image from the internet. She would send me advertisements every day, asking whether or not I wanted to get rich. If I did, I just had to sign a contract with her. What baffled me was, every time I blocked her, she would mysteriously reappear the next morning.

Her WeChat moments were filled with all sorts of bizarre supernatural phenomena. Many of the images gave me goosebumps. After analyzing for a few days, I concluded that this person was some kind of deranged scammer or involved in pyramid marketing schemes.

This person had the skin of a rhino, and no matter what I said, they wouldn't remove me. Blocking didn't work either. I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling WeChat, but they were still able to add me. I thought maybe my phone was infected, and sent it for after-sales service. However, the check-up showed no issues whatsoever.

So finally, I decided to ignore this person.

I laid on the bed, chatting with my girlfriend Xiao Yu. Her birthday was due next month and I was worried about what present to get her. Xiao Yu was my college classmate and we had been dating for two years.

I had graduated three months back and had taken up an accounting job in a small company. I, a typical white-collar slave, worked overtime almost every day. My monthly salary of a little over two thousand yuan barely covered my rent and personal expenses. I had never been able to afford any decent gifts for Xiao Yu during these two years.

Xiao Yu mentioned over the phone how I couldn't earn enough money. She talked about how well other guys treated their girlfriends. It made me feel somewhat uncomfortable. Xiao Yu indeed had a tough time with me, but our love was always there. If she was a gold digger, she would have left me long ago.

After bidding Xiao Yu goodnight, I glanced at the message that Meng Meng had just sent me in WeChat. My right hand hovered over the screen. I thought about what Xiao Yu had said earlier, and in a moment of insanity, I replied: Yes, I want to get rich. I want to be filthy rich!

Meng Meng immediately replied, sending me a link. She wrote: After you open the link, sign on it, and the contract will be established.

Contract? What the hell?

I opened the link. It led me to a webpage with line after line of chaotic characters. It looked something like the Xinjiang language. I couldn't understand a single word.

I replied: "What is this thing?"

Meng Meng: "You just need to input your name and the eight characters of your birth hour in the last blank, and once the contract is successful and our task is completed, there'll be a big red envelope for you." She finished her message with a smiling face emoji.

Without second thoughts, I input my name. I was adopted, and my adoptive father had once told me my birth hour, but whether it's correct or not is beyond my knowledge.

After I closed the webpage, my chat interface displayed: Your new balance received 1000 yuan.

That can't be, can it? Is it real?

Above, it displayed: Funds have been transferred to your balance.

I opened my WeChat wallet and there, real as day, was 1000 yuan!

I rubbed my eyes, not quite believing it. After checking again, there was indeed an extra 1000 yuan.

Damn it! A surge of joy welled up within me. Was money this easy to come by? I thought this woman was a scammer, involved in pyramid schemes or selling stuff via WeChat, but... what exactly does she do?

I thought I was dreaming, and I pinched my thigh hard. It hurt, meaning I wasn't dreaming and it really was 1000 yuan!

As a university graduate working at a third-rate company, 1000 yuan is half my monthly salary.

Meng Meng: "We've already signed a contract, you're mine now." Her message was followed by an ominous laughter emoji.

This sentence sounded weird. I replied: "Stop spouting nonsense. Didn't you say you'd help me make a fortune? Don't think I'll be satisfied with just 1000 yuan. I only want the money!"

I am seriously in need of money. As long as I can get the money, I can ensure my adoptive father and Xiao Yu live a good life.

Meng Meng: "You can call me Sister Meng Meng from now on. I'll assign you tasks later, and after you finish them, there will be big red envelopes." Her sentence was punctuated by a cute smiling emoji.

Upon hearing the three words "big red packet," I was thrilled.

Mengmeng: All tasks should be carried out in secret and not disclosed to anyone. We communicate through WeChat, and no one should see our conversations.

So mysterious? My only thought now is to make money. As long as it can make me rich and is not illegal, I would do anything.

I had no desire to sleep, my mind filled with thoughts of money. Hugging my phone, I awaited Mengmeng's task. Outside, a heavy rain had begun, accompanied by the flash of lightning and rumbling of thunder.

At exactly midnight, Mengmeng finally sent a message: Head out immediately, go to the turning point of the east section of Red Dust Road.

I thought it was an online task, and didn't expect to be asked to go outside, So I replied, " It's raining heavily outside. Where am I supposed to go and what for? Can I do it tomorrow?"

Mengmeng: Don't ask too many questions. If you want to get rich, just do as I tell you.

Hearing the words "get rich", I suddenly felt a lot more energized. I got dressed, grabbed an umbrella, and immediately left. I hailed a taxi and went to the location specified by Mengmeng. When I arrived, there was no one in sight. Under the dim streetlights, there were only occasional cars passing by on the road.

I took out my phone and messaged Mengmeng: I'm here.

Mengmeng: At the turn of the road, there's an abandoned warehouse. Go to the warehouse and find a suitcase. Take the suitcase to the vicinity of Longxiang District in Torch Road and leave it anywhere you like. After completing the task, you'll receive a 10,000 yuan red packet. Remember, do not open the suitcase under any circumstances.

A 10,000 yuan red packet! My eyes shimmered with greed!

I trudged forward in the pouring rain. About five or six minutes later, I found an old and dilapidated building in an open field. Around me, everything was pitch black. I turned on my phone's flashlight, and saw an old sign on the top of the door that read 'Car Repair and Tire Patching.'

This place used to be a car repair shop. It must have been closed for a quite some time as the lock on the door was antique looking, yet oddly enough, it did not have any rust. It was a newly replaced lock.

How should I open the lock? I looked around and found a pile rusted tools. I took one to the door and fiercely hit it. After a dozen or so hits, the lock broke open.

I felt like a thief. I made sure there were no surveillance cameras or anything of the like before kicking the door open. The room inside was musty and filled with a sinister smell.

A person comes here on a rainy night, I can't help but feel a bit scared, but for the sake of money, I'm all in. The room is small with spider webs in the corners. Apart from an old table, the surrounding areas are filled with trash like plastic bottles, and a few severed wires have fallen from the corner of the wall.

I walked towards the right corner where there was a large piece of hemp cloth. I briskly walked over, lifted the hemp cloth, and indeed underneath it was a large suitcase.

The suitcase was huge, large enough to fit a person. I picked the suitcase up with my right hand, but couldn't lift it.

I gave it a try, this case must weigh around a hundred jin, what could be inside?

I was very curious and about to open it when I suddenly remembered Mengmeng's instruction: never open the case.

The case had wheels, so I dragged it outside with my right hand. After a few steps, I felt a faint smell of blood in the air.

That's strange!

I had goosebumps, I took a deep breath, instinctively turned my head, and the light from my phone shone onto the suitcase behind me.

I saw something red seeping out from the zipper area of the suitcase. Smelling the blood in the air, a word popped into my mind - Blood!


Rumbles of thunder sounded outside, and I felt a sinking feeling in my chest, every hair on me standing on its end. What on earth could be in the case? Why is there blood seeping out?

I threw the case to the ground, heart pounding. Biting my teeth and squatting down, I reconfirmed - that red liquid was indeed blood!

My eyes were fixed on the suitcase, hands trembling. Should I open the case? Or should I not?

I love money, but, I can't do anything illegal. What could be inside that suitcase?

Suddenly, my phone rang again. I took it out of my pocket. It was a message from Mengmeng: Remember, don't open the case! Do as I've instructed! Or else, you'll die!

The sky boomed again with thunder, causing my entire body to soften and collapse to the ground. I was gasping for air, my right hand trembling to a point where I could no longer maintain my grip on the phone. I managed to reply to Mengmeng with fingers that were shuddering, "What's in the box?"

Mengmeng replied: "Don't ask about the content, just do as I asked. You are doing a good deed, not an evil one. Remember, take the box to the location I specified, don't leave any trace!"

Good deed? If it was for a good cause, why couldn't I open the box?

The box was roughly a hundred pounds. I had a grim suspicion that it contained a corpse! A human corpse!

My face turned as pale as a sheet, my heart filled with spreading terror.

Outside, the storm was rampaging, filling the whole space with an eerie fluctuation between darkness and light. My trembling hands reached out towards the box, as if compelled by some sinister force, and started tugging at the zipper that seemed to be forced open by some object inside the box.

Gritting my teeth, I held back the fear creeping within me, forcing the zipper apart, inch by inch. Suddenly, a bloody arm protruded from the gap.


I screamed and squatted on the ground, curling up and moving away from the box. I had seen the most terrifying sight in my entire life — a bloody hand, like a ghost claw, as though about to grab me.

The box certainly contained a human corpse, and judging from the slender arm, it was a woman’s corpse!

I was completely petrified, my heart pounding wildly, on the verge of leaping out of my chest.

Gasping heavily, I clenched my fists, gathering some strength, and took out my phone. I wanted to message Mengmeng that I wanted to back out. But then, I remembered one of Mengmeng's warnings - 'open the box, and you die!'

I couldn't let Mengmeng know that I had opened the box, even a little. If not, I might end up like the corpse in the box, murdered!

Should I ask a friend for help? But I just moved to this city for work, I had no close friends. Mengmeng had insisted that I tell no one.

Should I call the police? How could I explain this? About a stranger from WeChat, with no information about the other person, I definitely would not be off the hook easily! Since the other party dared me to do this, there must be back-up plans.

Is the organization that MoeMoe let me join, a killer organization?

I slapped myself in the face twice, trying to calm myself down.

A man dies for money, a bird for food, and an old master's life is cheap. Since it's already been done, I'm afraid of nothing!

After a few minutes, my mood slightly calmed down. Clenching my teeth, I squatted in front of the box, stuffing the bloody arm into it, then wrapped the box with the cloth in the corner of the wall, and cleaned up the bloodstains on the ground.

I walked outside of the house, washed the blood off my hands with the rainwater, and left the room carrying the box.

When I got to the roadside, I hailed a taxi. The driver never asked me what I was carrying, and even helped me put the box in the trunk.

About twenty minutes later, I arrived near the Longxiang Residential Area on Torch Road.

At this time, it was already half past one in the morning, the heavy rain was getting heavier, and it was pitch dark all around with not a soul in sight. I dumped the box in a corner and took off running.

I ran for three stops, waited for about ten minutes, and hailed a taxi to take me back.

When I got back to my place, I hid in the bathroom, trembling. Looking at myself in the mirror, my face had no color, as if there were no soul in me. I turned on the water heater, and without undressing, let the hot water pour down on me. But no matter how I tried, it couldn't wash away the cold and fear in my heart.

More than half an hour later, I lay on the bed. The bed felt cold, too. I couldn't help but shiver. I took out my phone and replied to MoeMoe: The thing is done.

MoeMoe immediately wired me ten thousand yuan, and sent me a message: Remember, what we did is a good deed, it will accumulate good karma for you.

Good deeds? How is murder a good deed?

Seeing the balance in my wallet, I couldn't calm down for a long time.

I had a lot of questions in my mind. The body was in an abandoned warehouse, and nobody would find it. Why did they have me take it to the residential area? Then, the next day, the body would definitely be found by passers-by.

Could MoeMoe's purpose be to have someone find the body?


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