Can't Live Without You

Can't Live Without You



If it wasn't for being betrayed by the trashy man on her wedding day, would she have gone to the nightclub seeking companionship? If it wasn't for seeking companionship in the nightclub, would she have accidentally slept with a diamond class virgin? She even ended up with a baby. Four years later. "Huo Zhun, give me my son back!" She protested. His face showed clear disdain. "Without me, where would you get a son from?" She argued confidently, "Didn’t I give you a good 250 as a hardship fee?" Her words only served to darken his face. He took frightening steps towards her. "Hey... What are you doing?" He gave a sinister smile, put down his son, and carried her off to the bedroom, saying, as if it was the most natural thing in the world: "There's a special promotion. Buy one get one free. Let's have a daughter next!"
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There were no blue skies or white clouds, just a scorching sun releasing intense heat.

The intense heat was aggressively shining down on the Keke Hotel in the twilight city, both inside and out, it was adorned with a vibrant red, a sign of joy and festivity.

Today was the wedding day of Xu Ke and Shen Dongyang.

After four years of being deeply in love, they finally achieved their aim.

Xu Ke stood beside Shen Dongyang with a joyous smile on her face, radiating an aura of happiness.

"Mr. Shen Dongyang, do you take Miss Xu Ke to be your wife, to love her in sickness and in health, in poverty and in wealth, and to cherish her for all eternity?"

"I do," replied Shen Dongyang, looking at Xu Ke with a gentle and charming smile.

This was the happiest moment of her life.

Xu Ke could hardly wait to answer ‘I do’.

Meeting Shen Dongyang was the greatest happiness in her life.

"Miss Xu Ke, do you take Mr. Shen Dongyang to be your husband, to love him in sickness and in health, in poverty and in wealth, and to cherish him for all eternity?"

Xu Ke laughed, of course, she was willing. She had been waiting for this day for so long, how could she not be willing?

"Dongyang...give it to me...quickly..."

Just as she was about to respond, she wasn't given the chance.

The attention of everyone present was captivated by a spectacular performance being displayed on the big screens.

On the screen devoid of any pixels, the most unspeakable scene was being played out.

At Xu Ke's wedding, at the moment when she was full of anticipation for her happy days to come, all her dreams, with one 'bang', shattered to pieces.

"Turn it off, switch off the big screen!" Seeing Xu Ke's face drained of blood, Shen Dongyang was somewhat frantically ordering.

In this hotel hall filled with ambiguous sounds, the crowd buzzed helter-skelter.

The sun at its fiercest could not penetrate into the Kek Hotel, it couldn't bring warmth to a heart that has already started turning cold.

"Keke, let me explain." Shen Dongyang's tone was urgent.

Looking at the man before her, desperately clasping her hand, trying to explain himself.

This might be the only time, that through his eyes, she was unable to feel any warmth.

He has always been her sun.

She had taken him as her faith.

She had handed all of her heart to him.

But now, what had she gotten in return?

At their wedding ceremony, she had watched another woman lingering by his side with her own eyes.

Is this what he calls love?

Is this the happiness he intends to give her?

This is what he had meant by ‘willing’ just now!

"I don't want to!" Xu Ke's voice sounded as cold as ice, devoid of any warmth.

The clamorous hotel fell silent in an instant.

Everyone stood quietly where they were, their eyes fixated on Xu Ke and Shen Dongyang on the stage.

This was supposed to be the most joyous beginning of their lives.

This farce had nearly caused both families to lose face entirely.

Yet, no one felt worse than Xu Ke.

"Honey, let me explain..."

Upon hearing that word from Shen Dongyang's lips, a derisive smile emerged on Xu Ke's face.


It was ridiculous, nothing had ever been more ridiculous than this moment.

"I don't want to!"

Xu Ke repeated, her voice resolute and firm, her gaze unfaltering. "Shen Dongyang, don't force me to lose my temper."

Shen Dongyang seemed taken aback by her cold facade.

Xu Ke had always been gentle, especially so in front of Shen Dongyang.

She never wanted to lose her temper at him.

Sometimes, she couldn't resist scolding him a little, but before she could get angry, she would be amused by Shen Dongyang.

This time, Shen Dongyang didn't think she was really angry.

"Coco, I really don't have any other relations with her, I was drunk that time."

"Coco, you must believe me, I only love you alone."


Xu Ke couldn't help laughing coldly in her heart.

Loving only her, yet he slept with another woman?


It was ridiculous, the man in the video did not look dazed at all.

Shen Dongyang, did he really think she was dumb?

"Shen Dongyang, I do have my limits."

Xu Ke didn't want to hear anymore, the more she heard, the more unfamiliar it felt.

The memories began to blur before her eyes, all were ridiculous lies.

With a forceful push, Xu Ke shoved Shen Dongyang aside and headed towards the exit of the hotel.

She struggled to maintain her last bit of pride, that perseverance didn't allow her to show weakness in front of them, she had to walk out of this place with her head held high.

"Xu Ke, stand still!" Shen Dongyang suddenly roared at her fiercely, his eyes radiating menace.


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