After Breakup, Signing for Five Billion Daily

After Breakup, Signing for Five Billion Daily


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His girlfriend cheated on him with a rich second-generation, wanting to break up with Zhao Tianyu. Unexpectedly, the very next day, she saw him driving a luxury car, passing by flauntingly - she regretted it to her core! Zhao Tianyu: "Time to lay the cards on the table, no more pretending; with the system in hand, I have the world!"
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"Kun, you're so amazing, I can hardly take it anymore!"

"Hehe, babe, let's do it one more time before that waste Zhao Tianyu comes back!"

Within a bedroom in the Sunshine City residential complex.

A man and a woman, both drenched in sweat, embrace each other.

The woman, nestled in the man's arms, draws circles on his chest nonchalantly, saying,

"What's there to be afraid of? That useless fellow is substituting for his colleague's night shift tonight, he won't be back, we have plenty of time."

"By the way, Kun, today is 520, what gift have you prepared for me?"

The man replies, "Don't worry! This necklace cost me over 200,000 yuan, I asked a friend from overseas to get it for you. Do you like it?"

Zhao Tianyu, who just bought an engagement ring and was planning to surprise his girlfriend by sneaking back home, stood at the entrance of the bedroom. Having heard the conversation inside, he was struck by lightning, his face turning pale.

The 99 roses in his hand and the gift box drop to the floor with a thud.

"Who's that?"

Upon hearing the sound from the entrance, Lu Yan is startled inside the bedroom.

She immediately gets up to dress while glaring at the door.

However, Kun seems pretty calm, "What’s there to be afraid of? So what if that useless boyfriend of yours came back?"

Saying this, Kun too dresses up wearing a grim expression, "If the punk bothers me, I assure you, I'll beat him up until he can't take care of himself!"

Hearing this, Zhao Tianyu couldn't take it anymore, directly kicking open the bedroom door.

He happened to see this couple hurriedly getting dressed.

The sudden sound of the breaking door startled Lu Yan.

Upon seeing Zhao Tianyu's enraged face at the doorway, Lu Yan was at a loss.

At this point, Brother Kun who had tattoos all over his chest and arms, pointed coldly and angrily at Zhao Tianyu with an arrogant aura:

"Kid! What are you trying to do?"

"Do you want to fight?" He pointed at his nose in disdain and threatened, "Come on, if you dare, hit me here, let's see if you have the guts."

But Zhao Tianyu ignored him, instead, he set his gaze on Lu Yan and said in a deep voice.

"Lu Yan, don't you have anything to explain?"

Zhao Tianyu's heart was bleeding. He had worked hard to earn money, lived frugally, and saved four months' salary to buy this despicable woman a gold ring, intending to propose.

But to his surprise, his girlfriend who had been in a relationship with him for four years, brought a lover home.

When Zhao Tianyu asked her like this, Lu Yan, on the contrary, was not afraid at all.

She looked up and stood with her hands on her waist defiantly, "What's there to explain? Since you've found out, let's break up."

Tears instantly welled up in Zhao Tianyu's eyes. He took several steps back, bent down to pick up the box from the ground, and took out the gold ring.

"Heh heh! Lu Yan, Oh Lu Yan, I never thought you were this kind of woman."

"I scrimped and saved for four months, spending almost 20,000 yuan to buy you a gold ring, originally intending to propose to you today on 520, but it seems, you are not worthy at all."


Lu Yan looked at the ring in Zhao Tianyu's hand and scornfully mocked, "You're quite bold to use this measly 20,000 yuan gold ring to propose to me."

As she spoke, she took out the diamond necklace that Brother Kun had just given her and flaunted it.

Full of pride, she said, "Look at this, it's a Patek Philippe diamond necklace, worth more than 200,000 yuan. How many years would you have to work to afford this?"

"So far, only one month's mortgage has been paid on this house, and you don't even own a car. Do you expect me, your mother, to spend my life with such a loser like you? Keep dreaming!"

Zhao Tianyu clenched his fists, rolled up his sleeves to wipe his tears and took a deep breath.

"Fine, since that's how you feel, you two need to get out of my house right now. Don’t regret it later!"

"Huh, me regret? You better take a good look at yourself. Given your poor family conditions, with no money and no background, what makes you think I'd ever regret leaving you?"

Lu Yan exposed her true nature, mercilessly speaking her mind.

"I must have been blind to have agreed to be your girlfriend, I've had enough of this life!"

After saying these words, Lu Yan casually gathered her clothes, picked up her suitcase, and called out to Brother Kun, "Brother Kun, let's go."

The disgraceful couple, one on the left and the other on the right, intentionally bumped into Zhao Tianyu as they passed by.

Zhao Tianyu took several steps back, his entire body seemed like a walking corpse.

Looking at the ring in his hand, waves of beautiful memories from the past kept surfacing in his mind.

Those vows of eternal love, seemed like a cruel joke slamming against Zhao Tianyu's heart.

"What the hell is love, I'm never going to believe in it again!"

With a fit of rage, Zhao Tianyu felt like tossing away the ring.

But just as he was about to do so, an abrupt mechanical notification sound echoed in his mind.

"Ding! Congratulations host, you've received the spendthrift check-in system!"

"This is a sign-in system, you can sign in once every day to receive random rewards, but the prerequisite is to complete tasks given by the system. If the task fails, you lose the chance to sign in for the day."

"In addition, as long as the host spends a certain amount of global currency, he can sign in again."

"System note: Each spending amount is measured in: million, ten million, billion, ten billion, hundred billion, trillion..."

"The more money you spend, the more substantial the reward will be received. After signing in, you can keep accumulating the amount spent."

"Rewards from signing in include, but are not limited to, money, real estate industry, transportation methods, various skills, utility tools, magic potions, pets and so on."

"At present, the system is in its initial state. As long as the host completes the sign-in task of consuming one trillion, and a specific system task, the system can upgraded to a higher level."

"Serious reminder: any rewards received from signing in are legal and compliant in the real world and will not cause any trouble."

Still bewildered and shocked, Zhao Tianyu listened to this series of notifications echoing in his mind.

He stood, completely dumbstruck, in his original place.

"Goodness, this can't be a dream, right? What the heck is this spendthrift sign-in system?"

Suddenly, Zhao Tianyu recalls the golden finger from webnovels. He springs up from the couch, his eyes wide in excitement.

"Oh my gosh, do I also have a golden finger now?"

He never expected that his girlfriend's betrayal would turn into a blessing in disguise.

This is even better than winning a multi-million lottery.

At this moment, his girlfriend's betrayal, whatever about Lu Yan, it's all insignificant now!


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