Reason To Breathe

Reason To Breathe




Rose Sebastian was left alone in the world at the age of fifteen when her only family, her grandfather, died out of severe disease. At the end edge of his life, he asked his trustworthy student and the great CEO, Albert Cruz to be Rose's guardian as he can only trust Albert! Albert is 24 years old, successful CEO in the country, who achieved everything at a very young age. He is the king of his kingdom and he knows well how to rule the world! He is the best in everything. But how this rude, arrogant and emotionless CEO will able to handle the tantrums of this little bubbly girl? How will this relationship between Rose and her guardian turn out as a great bond of love? What would this little girl do to get her Handsome love back to her life, her Reason To Breathe!
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In a huge mansion, darkness was filled. The base of their family is no more. William Sebastian, the biggest tycoon of the country got died out of the severe disease leaving his only heir in the world, Rose Sebastian.

Two servants walked to the main bed room of the mansion, which was used to be the glory of the home. A shattered girl was seating on the floor besides the chair of William Sebastian in lifeless condition.

“Young lady, Sir has ordered us to give you lunch on the time, and to make sure that you take it on the time.”

His sentence made the girl pissed and she looked at him with an angry glare.

“Grand Da is no more…and no one can order me anything expect him.”

A young girl around fifteen said in angry tone. She was the only daughter of William's son Graham. Graham and his wife got died in a car accident when Rose was just two years old. Since then, William is taking care of her, and he was used to be Rose's world. William knew his life is bounded after the disease he got, and he thought to appoint someone as Rose's guardian in his absence.

Albert Cruz is the only one who can take care of his precious star, and also the firm until Rose becomes capable enough to handle it. Albert is the strong business man of new era and he has achieved many things in his young age. He is the heir of Cruz. He has his step mother, and two siblings from his step mother in his family. He is as soft as jelly when it comes to his family, but he can kill the whole world if anyone dares to harm his family, at the same time his family doesn’t respects him at all. He is just a villain for them, who snatched their rights of being heir of Cruz.

“Young lady, Sir would be coming in no time to take you with him to San Francisco. You are requested to get ready after eating the lunch.”

Said Servant as per the order of Albert Cruz and left after bowing to her. She wiped her tears and got up. If this is the last wish of her Grand Da, she will definitely fulfil it, but she will never leave a chance to make Albert's life hell, she will be a spoiled kid.

She got ready in a white shirt, black pants and sneakers. She tied a loose bun of her hairs and looked at the mansion for the last time as she is going to bid her farewell to this place. She opened her cupboard and took her favourite teddy which her Grand dad gifted her meanwhile she got a knock on her door.

“Come in.” she said in a rude voice and a female servant entered in.

“Young lady, Sir is downstairs.” She nodded and the servant left. With her slow steps, which were showing her least interest, she went downstairs.

A person having a body on which one can drool was standing keeping his back to her. She reached there and made a sound of her throat to make him turn toward her. He turned and she looked down, as she was not interested in even sparing a glance at him.

On the other hand, he raised his one eyebrow looking at this egoistic girl in front of him. She was so small to him, she was almost reaching at his chest. A slight smile appeared on his face when she tried to look at him with her narrowed eyes.

“May I Ms. Sebastian?” He said, asking for her bag and she shook her head while denying and their hands touched. A sudden spark appeared because of which they both jerked. She got goose bumps when she saw him completely for the first times. His blue eyes was making her go deep into him, as if she found peace after a long time.

He took a step ahead and subconsciously, she took one step back. He smirked looking at her fearful eyes, but those eyes were shining like stars, they were warm.

She got settled with her teddy in the passenger seat and Albert, who was planning to take co-pilot seat, also sat besides her. They both were silent until they reached to the airport. Rose didn't expect this, as soon as she saw outside, she was shocked!

“I don't want to go from flight…I won't go with you.” she said and tried to ran out when Albert held her hand tightly…

“You are wasting my lot of time, and now what is this with your behaviour Rose?” He asked and his eyes turned red from anger.

“I can't go…I will never.” she said and ran out of the Car.

“Bloody hell…can’t you use a child lock?” Driver was dumbfounded on Albert's scolding to him. Albert also hopped down of the car and ran behind her to catch her. Within no time, he caught her and lifted her up in his arms. He directly went to the flight while she was struggling hard. As soon as, he dropped her down as they reached to the jet, she again tried to run away and he pinned her to the wall forcefully,

“What is with your behaviour Rose?”

He asked but he got dumbfounded when he saw her in miserable state. Her eyes were swallowing and red. She was crying mess...his heart ached looking at her.

Her tears dropped at her lips making her look gorgeous and tempting, she was just a fifteen years old kid, but she was having no bounds for her gorgeous ness.

“I can't travel on the plane.” she whispered but her whisper went unnoticed to Albert as he got a call.

“Speaking Daniel...” He said to his assistant.

“Sir, the live news went viral that you are forcing an under aged girl, it was probably Ms. Sebastian with you.”



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