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Top-notch Beauty Wife


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The young man sent the express mail during the day, but in the evening, he went in and out of the high-end hotel with a beautiful woman! "The delivery guy has been complained by the guests, and he actually called for his wife of the president to support him?" The most misleading profession, who said that the delivery guy couldn't enter a million years old?
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  "Hello, this is broad-minded express delivery. There are a few express mail delivered here. Please come down and take one." Fang Qiyun took the express receipt in his hand and said very skillfully.

  "Where are you now?" The voice on the other end of the phone asked very coldly.

  It was a woman's voice. Judging from the voice, it should be a good-looking woman.

  Fang Qiyun said, "I am at the entrance of your community. The guards don't allow me to enter, so I can only ask you to come out and pick it up. Or you can explain to the guards that I will send you to the door."

  "I'm not at home now."

  "Oh, if that's the case, I'll put things in the guard room first. Get rid of you and tell the guard, and let them sign it on behalf of you." Fang Qiyun suggested.

  "No, these are all precious goods. I have to check them face to face."

  Fang Qiyun was embarrassed. "But you're not at home?"

  "Then wait for me at the door. Let's talk about it after I get off work and sign my signature."

  Fang Qiyun's heart sank. "I'm afraid I didn't meet a thorn today? I still have so many posts in my car that haven't been delivered yet. Is it because of this person that I wasted so much time? Is this woman deliberately looking for trouble?"

  "How about this, Miss Wang? Tell me when you are free tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I will send it to you then."

  "No, I'll use these things today. I'll get off work at 5:30 p.m. and arrive home at six o'clock at the latest. I must get what I want today. I'll complain about you if I find you're not there at six o'clock. That's all." After finishing her words, the woman hung up the phone directly, not giving Fang Qiyun any chance to deal with her.

  "Damn! Is this woman out of her mind? Or is she going through menopause?" Fang Qiyun had been a deliveryman for so long, and it was the first time that he had seen such a useless woman. She was too unreasonable!

  Looking at the time, it was only one o'clock now. If they really waited for six o'clock for her family, the courier car would definitely not be finished. If it was complained for this reason, his salary of this month would be ruined. Because there was a fierce competition in the courier industry, their company management was very strict. If there was any complaint, he would be fine or fired directly.

  Letting out a sigh, Fang Qiyun really had no other way. He could only ride on the electric cube and go to the next delivery address, trying to get back here before six o'clock.

  There was no other way. After all, it was because of being a deliveryman, he would not please her.

  In Shanghai, the number of express delivery every day was almost an astronomical number, and finally distributed to the hands of every expressman, so the workload was also very large.

  Take Fang Qiyun as an example. Almost every day, he worked from morning till night. He didn't even have time for lunch. It would be lucky if he could take time to rest for half an hour every day.

  "Alas, I can't do anything about it."

  Because he had to rush back here at six o'clock, he had to speed up to send the express delivery.

  He had been busy all afternoon, sweating all over his body, but he didn't know.

  Fang Qiyun hurried back to the gate of the community. Just as he was about to take out his mobile phone to make a call, he saw a woman walking toward him.

  At just one glance, Fang Qiyun was somewhat fascinated. This woman was very beautiful. He had been a deliveryman for a few months, and he had seen a lot of beautiful women back and forth in Shanghai, a prosperous city. But it was the first time he had seen such a beautiful woman in front of him.

  The woman was probably seven or eight years old, but there was a mature aura on her body, which was condescending and hard to get close to.

  This kind of woman made Fang Qiyun's first impression of her was that she was a bit fierce, with some bossy style of a female president.

  "There's no need to fight. I'm Wang Xinjie." The woman walked over to Fang Qiyun and said coldly.

  Fang Qiyun was stunned and said with a smile, "Sorry to keep you waiting."

  However, the woman did not seem to appreciate it at all. She said directly, "I made an appointment with you at six o'clock. Now it's already six o'clock. I have already complained about you to your company."

  Fang Qiyun frowned at first, and his face was full of disbelief. Then he found that the woman did not look like to be joking. He directly simmered with anger and scolded, "What do you want to do? It's just five minutes, isn't it?"

  "Are you cursing me?" The woman raised her eyebrows and looked at Fang Qiyun coldly.

  If she was late for five minutes, this woman could complain. If she insulted customers, she might sue herself to the court. Fang Qiyun restrained his temper and said, "Big sister, I..."

  "Who do you call big sister?" The woman's face looked even worse.

  "No, Miss Wang, in order to send you this express delivery, I have to change my original route. After I sent out for more than ten kilometers, I have to run back with great difficulty. I am an electric car, not a rocket. Is it too unreasonable for you to complain about me just because of five minutes?"

  Fang Qiyun expressed the grievance in his heart. If it was in the past, he would have broken out into curses, but in the end, he finally endured it.

  "It's your business to run more. I'm enjoying the service. Not to mention five minutes, even if you let me wait for another second, it's also your problem with your service attitude. I told the doorkeeper that you are coming in with my car and sending it to my house now."

  The woman did not talk nonsense at all. After giving an order, she turned around and got on the BMW at the door. Then she drove the car to the community.

  "Damn, it must be menopause in advance! Or it's a man who doesn't go home for a long time and wants to be dissatisfied! I'll complain 500 yuan a time. Today, I'm dead in the hands of this woman!" Fang Qiyun cursed as he followed the BMW.

  After Fang Qiyun entered the community, he knew what the life of the rich was like. This villa area was like a big park. The trees were shaded, the birds were singing and the flowers were fragrant. The milky white villas looked very luxurious.

  The BMW didn't drive fast. Before long, she saw that she was driving toward a villa.

  Fang Qiyun parked the cube behind his BMW and got off the car.

  "There are eleven packages in total. Please sign." Fang Qiyun took out a stack of express boards from his bag and checked them one by one. Then he handed the list to Wang Xinjie.

  "Open it for me. I need to make sure that the parcel is intact before I can sign it for you," the woman said coldly.

  "Ms. Wang, I can understand if you check it first and then sign it. But you have to do it yourself. Otherwise, if something goes wrong with the opening, I am afraid that I can't explain it clearly. When the time comes, you have to rely on me. Who should I talk to?"

  "If you don't open the seal, I will complain." The woman seemed to have guessed this move.

  "Fine... count yourself in!" Fang Qi was so angry that he took out his knife and opened the parcel one by one.

  "Take a good look at it. If you have nothing to do, please sign."

  The woman took the list from Fang Qiyun and signed it.

  Fang Qiyun took the order list, got in the car with a depressed face, and was ready to go back.

  "Wait a minute!"

  "What else do you want to do?" Fang Qiyun looked back and said, "You don't have to be so polite to me. You are a customer, and you are God. I should help you. You don't have to leave me at home for dinner. Thank you."

  "In your dreams, I'll ask you to move these things into my house!" The woman pointed at the pile of things on the ground and said.

  "Are you kidding me, Big Sister? I'm just a deliveryman, and I've already sent you to the door of the house. Is that okay? My dream is to deliver the goods to the door, not to the door of the house. Please move it by yourself." Fang Qiyun looked at the list at this time. Anyway, his name had been signed, and this order had nothing to do with himself.

  "You don't want to move, do you? If you don't move, I will call and complain about you." Wang Xinjie said as she took out her mobile phone.

  "Is there nothing else except for the complaint? You're a master, and I'm a grandson, aren't I? I'll move, I'll move, okay?"

  When Fang Qiyun heard that the woman was about to complain again, he immediately lost his temper and went up to carry his parcel obediently.

  "Be gentle! If you fall down, you can't afford it!" The woman ordered coldly, then turned around and walked into the villa.

  "Sh*t, it's obvious that there's no man to nourish her. She's lonely and ill." Fang Qiyun cursed in a low voice behind the woman while moving the express mail.


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