Regretful EX Chasing His Runaway Wife

Regretful EX Chasing His Runaway Wife



Her marriage was to guard an empty house alone. Her marriage was to wait from hope to despair. Her marriage was the daily routine on the eighth of each month. If it was a lie, would it be a lie for a lifetime? At least in this way, they could be with each other in this fake marriage forever. But why did he change his mind when she became brokenhearted? Wait, did he say he had fallen in love with her when she decided to leave him?
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June is the rainy season. Dark clouds hang heavy in the sky, making the daylight seem like nighttime. An urban city's neon lights fall from the sky, stretching for miles on end, illuminating the clouds and turning the night back into day.

The hospital's hallway is deserted, with the crisp sound of high heels stepping on the marble floor echoing around. Olivia pulls her black hair back, dressed in a white lab coat. The stethoscope hanging around her neck reflects a cold metallic sheen.

"Dr. Bowen, today's three surgeries are all scheduled for the afternoon. There's also an academic conference at six in the evening…" The intern trails behind her, methodically listing out today's itinerary.

"Dr. Bowen, a patient just came in from the emergency department. He's lost a lot of blood, you should go see him quickly." The nurse hurriedly enters, speaking in a rush.

"Um." Olivia nods her head and quickens her pace toward the emergency department.

On the patient bed is a woman with disheveled hair and a pale face. She is wailing in heart-wrenching pain.

However, the man standing by the bed seems almost unaffected. His custom-made suit is crumpled and stained with copious blood, but he stands there calmly, his face as stoic as ever, showing no sign of disarray. His side profile, sharp and defined, stands out under the bright lights, his thin lips tightly pressed together, his expression cool to the point of indifference.

Olivia walks over hurriedly. When she sees the man's face, she freezes on the spot, her face turning white. At this moment, the man is also staring at her, and after a moment of surprise, a hint of a smile passes through his deep eyes.

It seems like she just so happens to work at this hospital.

Olivia nervously shifts her gaze to the patient on the bed. Lifting the corner of the blanket, she sees a blood-soaked skirt, which had once been pure white.

"The baby is already gone. Prepare for a dilation & curettage surgery." Olivia calmly instructs the nurse standing by. Even she herself can't help but admire her own composure at this moment.

The nurse presents the surgery consent form to the man. He grabs the pen dangling in his hand, and confidently signs the name "Alston". His signature mirrors the man himself — proudly indifferent.

The operation lasted more than two hours. By the time the patient was brought to the hospital, the baby had already been lost. All she could do was to clean the patient's uterus and minimize the damage.

After the surgery, Olivia steps out of the operating room, removing her mask and discarding it along with her blue surgical gown into the disposal box. As she washes her hands, she hears a deep, resonating male voice behind her. It's a beautiful voice, it just carries a cold undertone.

"Don’t you have any questions for me?"

Olivia doesn't turn around because without turning she knows who it is. She's heard that voice for three whole years.

She dries her hands under the sanitizer, then turns around slowly.

He stands at the doorway, his tall figure mostly shrouded in darkness, with a cigarette pinched between his long fingers. He exhales smoke casually, his handsome face half-hidden in the fog, the sight dreamy to the point of unreality.

"And you? Don't you have anything to explain?" Olivia fixes her gaze on his deep eyes, her face indifferent and her tone surprisingly calm. But her hands hidden behind her are trembling. She's waiting for his answer. As long as he says he never wronged her, she will believe him, even if it's a lie.


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