Unconscious Love: Only Marry You

Unconscious Love: Only Marry You



He had already been unconscious in bed for three years, but after waking up, he chose to wallow in self-despair, refusing to exercise! "Mr. Pei Jingxian, to prevent your mobility functions from being lost forever, I must assist you in exercising... even if it means straddling you..." With that said, she began to undress...
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Late spring, early summer, the morning wind was warm and comforting.

Shen Qing was dressed in a professional outfit of a shirt and a short skirt. She looked at the pale golden sunlight outside the window and impatiently nudged the man lying on the bed, "Get up."

Every time Pei Jin Xian saw Shen Qing, it ignited a fiery anger within him. His handsome and upright face stiffened into an ice sculpture, glaring at her. "Get out!"

"If he keeps resisting the recovery treatment so negatively, then those legs which have clearly improved will forever lose their walking functionality. We should try every method to make him exercise." Shen Qing was lost in thoughts about the serious words of the doctor, while she supported her smooth and radiant forehead, her bright eyes slowly narrowing.


If he wouldn't get out of bed to exercise, then so be it!

"What are you doing?!!"

Facing the woman who was suddenly holding him down and starting to undress him, Pei Jin Xian tried to shove her away in disgust.

Shen Qing increased her strength to retaliate against the man's struggles, and chuckled, "What am I doing? You're my husband – you haven't fulfilled your marital duties for the three years you've been bedridden. Today, let's consummate our relationship!"

"Shen Qing, you madwoman, I am not your husband! Not!" Being as prideful as Pei Jin Xian, he would never accept that he had been in a vegetative state for three years and even married a woman whose identity was a mystery.

And this woman was the one who caused him to be a vegetative patient!

The bedside drawer was pulled open, the woman still held the man down, and fished in the drawer for a while. Then she took out a red book, slapped it hard on the bedside table, "Mr. Pei Jin Xian, look closely. Who’s the legal husband you are!"

As soon as her declarative tone ended, Shen Qing continued to strip Pei Jin Xian's clothes, pulling at his trousers as they both panted heavily. One attacked, the other resisted; their intertwined bodies drenched in sweat.

Pei Jin Xian was fairly strong, but when it came to exerting force with his legs, it took quite an effort. He wasn't completely paralyzed, but his bones felt as if they were ridden with rust.

In the midst of their struggle, the bun Shen Qing had carefully tied her hair into had come undone, her long hair cascading down, unexpectedly adding a seductive air to the scene.

Suddenly, Shen Qing hooked her arm around Pei Jin Xian's neck, quietly looming over him. Only when the atmosphere subsided did she leisurely unbutton her blouse, one, two, three buttons undone, her full mounds barely concealed. Her eyes shifted, allure radiating through her. She softly asked, "Am I pretty?"

Shen Qing's beauty was undeniable, her delicate eyebrows as soft as water, her nose straight but not sharp, her chin small and not overly pointed. However, her eyes were bright and charming, her soft features altogether giving her a vitality that's hard to forget.

Yet, in Pei Jin Xian's eyes, there was only revulsion, contempt, and disgust. "Crazy woman!" he spat.

"Okay, crazy!" Shen Qing just laughed lightly, and continued to undress herself...

Kisses, teasing, tantalizing – she employed all known methods on the man beneath her, undressing him completely only after his restrained panting was audible.

Pei Jin Xian had thought to resist further, but for a man who hadn't indulged for over three years, he couldn't resist such an attractive lure. Not long after, his resistance broke.

Shen Qing showed not even a hint of embarrassment, because for the past three years, she was the one who took personal care of him.

Knowing it would hurt, she still positioned herself on top...

A union without passion, only leading to more pain, but she still remembered to lightly breathe over and nibble his earlobe, moving her waist with difficulty.

Sensation from her unusual movement almost made him break, gripping her waist, his breath rough and coarse. However, his words were particularly scornful, "No wonder you're the most uninspiring woman I've ever slept with, so you're a virgin!"

Shen Qing, in pain, her lips white, looked down contemptuously from atop him, "Had I known a restored hymen would still hurt, I wouldn't have bothered. It's so funny, did you think I've been celibate, waiting for you? Don't forget, you haven't touched a woman in over three years. Dare mock me? Amongst the men I've slept with, you're the least skilled. You can't satisfy me at all."

The air immediately thickened with an icy, murderous chill...

Although Pei Jin Xian found it hard to accept his experiences from the past three years, even feeling desolate enough to self-destruct, deep down, he was still a proud man who held everything in disdain!

Facing Shen Qing's contemptuous gaze, her sarcastic words, her mocking tone, his adrenaline surged, and from somewhere, a burst of strength flooded his limbs. In an instant, he flipped her under him.

The situation reversed, man on top, woman below...

Finally, Shen Qing felt a sense of ease. At last, she had managed to provoke him...


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