Forbidden Dreamy Daddies I: Hunter

Forbidden Dreamy Daddies I: Hunter

Author:Lovi Pola



The arrangement was absolutely perfect, spanning three scorching days and steamy nights in the captivating city of love. There were no strings attached, no phone numbers exchanged, and no real names revealed. After going through a painful breakup, he became the temporary companion I desperately craved. He was a tall, dark, and unbelievably attractive man, exuding a magnetic aura that drew me in. Despite the clear age difference of a decade or so, his maturity and wisdom only added to his allure. He satisfied my intense longing for intimacy, taking me on a whirlwind exploration of both Paris and the depths of my own desires. However, reality abruptly shattered our blissful connection when I unexpectedly crossed paths with this mysterious and older man once again. It turns out that he is not only captivating, but also incredibly accomplished in the field of medicine. Renowned as the best in his profession, he stands out amongst his peers with his wealth of experience and expertise. Astonishingly, he is the very doctor responsible for overseeing the delivery of my unborn children. Perhaps it is time to inform him about our twin babies now that his true identity has been revealed.
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"Do you want me?" he growled, his breath warm against my face.

"Yes," I said, my voice barely a whisper.

"Tell me what you want," he demanded, his eyes locked on mine. "I need to hear it."

Caught in the depths of his gaze, I struggled to voice my desires. The bedroom was uncharted territory for me, where I had never been comfortable asking for what I craved. To have someone so boldly demand my wants was both scorchingly arousing and nerve-wracking.

"I don't know," I finally admitted, my voice trembling. His eyebrow cocked, a mischievous glint in his eyes, as he pinched my nipples. Pleasure surged through my body, causing my eyes to flutter open and shut.

"You don't know?" he taunted, his touch electrifying. "You don't know if you want to make love to me or not?"

"Oh, yes," I whimpered, my knees threatening to give way beneath me. The desire burned within me, undeniable and fierce.

"Say it," he commanded, his voice dripping with anticipation.

I averted my gaze, but his strong hands cupped my face, forcing me to meet his intense stare.

"Say it, Lauren," he pressed, his voice urgent. "Unless you don't want to—"

"I want to," I blurted out, my voice filled with a mix of need and determination. Taking a deep breath, I summoned the courage to vocalize my deepest desires. "I want to make love to you. Please."

Before I could finish my plea, he swiftly swept me into his arms, effortlessly lifting me as if I weighed nothing at all. My heart raced as he carried me, his embrace both secure and intoxicating. With a hunger in his eyes, he kissed me with a ferocity that surpassed anything we had shared before. Our bodies pressed together, and I could feel the unmistakable hardness of his arousal through his trousers. He felt substantial, his size both commanding and thrilling. In that moment, I melted against him, seeking to fuse our bodies even closer. The yearning to have him inside me pulsed through my veins, a primal need as potent as the hunger for sustenance when my blood sugar dipped.

With deliberate steps, he moved us towards the bed, never breaking our connection. He gently placed me on my feet, his mouth capturing my neck as a growl escaped his lips.

"Let's undress you and give you exactly what you desire," he murmured, his voice a seductive promise.

A surge of anticipation coursed through me as he expertly removed my dress, unveiling the vulnerability of my naked form.

He wasted no time, practically tearing my dress from my body with a sense of urgency. His movements were swift and forceful, as if each passing second was an eternity he couldn't bear. The discarded dress fluttered to the floor, forgotten in the wake of his desire. With a firm grip, he abruptly spun me around, positioning me to face away from him. In one determined motion, he unclasped my bra, allowing it to join the dress in a graceful descent.

His arms enveloped me, pulling me closer with an intoxicating fervor. His hands found their place upon my breasts, their touch both firm and tender, igniting a surge of sensation within me. I pressed myself against him, reveling in the hardness of his arousal pressed against the curve of my backside. A mixture of anticipation and nervousness coursed through my veins, casting doubts upon my ability to meet his expectations. Would our passionate dance culminate in disappointment, overshadowing the electric tension we had shared?

A soft whimper escaped my lips, barely audible amidst the rising tide of pleasure, as his lips found solace upon my neck. Each kiss was a fiery brand, tracing a path of longing and need along the exposed expanse of my skin. Lost in the moment, his hands moved with purpose, tugging at my panties, drawing them down with a sense of urgency. In that instant, my entire being was laid bare before him, vulnerable to his hungry gaze. He remained clothed, a stark contrast to my nudity, a tantalizing reminder of the power he held over me. Oh, how I yearned to rectify that imbalance, to feel the weight of his desire reciprocated.

"Please," I pleaded, my voice a mere whisper, a plea laden with desire and surrender, as his lips continued their tantalizing assault on my senses. He forcefully tugged at my panties, swiftly stripping away the last barrier between us and revealing the entirety of my naked body. Meanwhile, he remained clothed, a juxtaposition that only heightened my desire to rectify the imbalance. "Lie down on the bed," he commanded, his voice firm and authoritative. "And if you behave, you shall be rewarded, my dear." The sternness in his tone sent a delicious shiver down my spine, intensifying the fiery sensations pulsating between my thighs. Without hesitation, I obeyed, making my way towards the bed and initially settling myself upon its edge.

"I said lie down," he repeated, the firmness in his voice melding with a gentle undertone, coaxing my complete compliance. Nodding in understanding, I reclined against the plush down comforter, resting my head upon a soft pillow. His eyes roamed over my exposed form as he stood at the foot of the bed, drinking in the sight before him. In that moment, feeling the weight of his gaze upon me and witnessing the desire reflected in his eyes, I felt an indescribable surge of beauty coursing through my veins.

Slowly, deliberately, he lifted his polo shirt, teasingly removing it with a deliberate slowness that sent my anticipation soaring. My mouth watered, and the moistness between my thighs grew with every passing second of waiting. His chiseled six-pack abs were unveiled, each muscle defined and sculpted, reminiscent of the physiques adorning the pages of men's underwear catalogs. The sheer sight of him evoked an almost reverent thought within me, a silent proclamation of awe at the magnificent form before my eyes.

I recognized that he possessed an impressive physique, but seeing him in person unveiled a level of fitness that surpassed my initial expectations. As he effortlessly removed his shirt, my gaze traveled upward, drawn to the alluring patch of dark, velvety hair that began at his bellybutton and ascended to his chest. It wasn't an excessive amount, but rather a delicate fuzz that beckoned for tactile exploration. The anticipation of running my fingers through his hair and indulging in the sensation of his body overwhelmed me.

In my eagerness, I leaned forward, intending to draw nearer to him. However, he promptly halted my movement with a single shake of his head, asserting his authority without uttering a word. The silence was broken by his commanding voice, a deep rumble that echoed in the air. "Did I explicitly grant you permission to move?" he questioned, his words rendering me weak and obedient. I acquiesced, reclining back onto the surface beneath me, my body obediently following his unspoken command.

A smile graced his lips, exuding a charm that weakened the knees of any woman. His eyes sparkled with mischief and confidence, an irresistible combination. "Good girl," he praised, his words resonating with a hint of dominant authority. The warmth of his smile enveloped me, and I found myself yearning to please him, to be the woman who could elicit such a reaction from him.

Granting me a tantalizing promise, his eyes locked with mine. "Allow me to finish undressing, and then you may touch me," he declared, his voice laced with playful authority. The anticipation within me grew, mingling with a slight trepidation. What awaited me as he bared himself completely?

With deliberate movements, he removed his belt, the sound of leather unfurling and snapping filling the room. Each action seemed purposeful, as if he relished in prolonging the moment, savoring the torment it imposed upon me. He unzipped his pants with measured deliberation, gradually sliding them down his hips. The fabric clung to his form, accentuating his masculinity, as if eager to reveal the secret it concealed.

Eventually, his pants pooled around his feet, leaving him standing before me in nothing but black boxer briefs that molded to his arousal with tantalizing restraint. The sight caused my breath to catch in my throat, a gasp escaping my lips before I could suppress it. The outline of his desire against the snug material sent a surge of longing coursing through me. It was undeniable—his size exceeded the ordinary, verging on the realm of disbelief. My eyes widened, and my jaw dropped in awe.

My mind raced with conflicting emotions—eager anticipation mingled with a touch of fear. Could I accommodate him? Would it be painful? He possessed exceptional length and thickness, a combination that would give any sensible woman pause. Yet, rationality was eclipsed by an instinctive craving that consumed my every thought.

Closing the distance between us, he moved with purpose, crawling on his hands and knees, positioning himself at the edge of the bed. His eyes locked with mine, radiating confidence and desire. With gentle yet possessive hands, he parted my legs, exposing the vulnerability of my inner thighs. The anticipation intensified, a white-hot spark igniting within me.

He peppered kisses along the tender flesh of my inner thighs, each touch sending electric currents surging through my entire being. The sensations overwhelmed me, a fusion of pleasure and longing. I became captivated by his every movement, lost in a world where only he and I existed. Each kiss served as a testament to his power over me, an invitation to surrender completely to his touch.

I arched my back, my body responding to his proximity, the anticipation of his touch heightening my senses. As his tongue made contact with my delicate folds, delicately flicking against my sensitive nub, an intense wave of pleasure surged through me. The sheer intensity of the sensation threatened to overwhelm my senses, causing me to cry out uncontrollably, my body trembling with a potent mixture of pleasure and primal desire.

He continued to shower me with kisses and tantalizing teases, a master at keeping me on the precipice of ecstasy without granting me release. Every flick, every caress, sent shivers of pleasure coursing through my veins. I clutched his hair, unable to resist the instinctual urge to draw him closer to me, my need for him growing with each passing second. The ache within me intensified, a primal longing to be filled by him, to experience the ultimate union of our bodies.

As if attuned to my unspoken desires, he delved his tongue inside me, the intrusion triggering an explosive reaction within me. My toes curled, and a euphoric cry escaped my lips, the sheer pleasure of his simple action overwhelming my senses. The intensity escalated as he skillfully fucked me with his tongue, intensifying the sensations and eliciting even louder moans of ecstasy from deep within me. I grasped onto the back of his head, my nails digging into his scalp, a desperate attempt to ground myself amidst the overwhelming pleasure that consumed me.

The relentless teasing and torment had brought me to the brink of orgasm, my climax building within me like an unstoppable force. I could feel it, the peak of pleasure tantalizingly close, my body yearning to surrender to the rapture that awaited. "I'm so close," I gasped, my voice a breathless plea. "Oh God, baby, I'm going to—"


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