The Unmatched Boss

The Unmatched Boss


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A recent graduate and intern is betrayed by his girlfriend, inadvertently inherits a legacy, causing dramatic changes in his life... This is an uplifting tale of a young doctor spreading the beauty of traditional Chinese medicine!
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Lu Yang pushed the door open, hearing sounds not far from the bathroom. The sound of running water was gushing, and the sounds of a man and a woman speaking were very distinct.

“I’ve been enduring for so many days, and it’s killing me. Darling, hurry up!”

“Lower your voice. If Lu Yang hears us, we are done for today!”

“What are we afraid of? He is nothing but a waste. In the hospital, he is nothing more than my lap dog. Even if he sees us, he wouldn’t dare to make a sound!”

Lu Yang really wanted to barge in and see who the man messing with his girlfriend was, but after a thought, Lu Yang gave up such an idea.

What good would it do even if he knew?

He's been with Wang Qin for this long, and he never dreamt that he would be cuckolded. Could his fate be changed?

He was blind to have fallen for a green tea b*tch like Wang Qin in the first place.

“What about my thing? Did you talk to your father?”

Wang Qin asked with a cold laugh.

“Don’t worry. My father is the deputy dean of the hospital, there will be no issues with this. It's assured that you will be promoted this time to be a respectable doctor!”

The man continued.

Could it be him?

Upon hearing the man's words, Lu Yang immediately had an image of a 25-year-old tall man with a face full of acne appear in his mind. He was called Zhao Da, his father was the deputy dean of Hongzhou Second Hospital.

Relying on his father's status, Zhao Da could be said to have committed all sorts of evils.

Zhao Da knocked a female nurse up, forcing her to have an abortion, threatened a beautiful patient, and hooked up with married men. In short, he did all the heartless things possible.

In a word, Zhao Da is a thorough scum.

Lu Yang stood at the doorway, his fists clenched and the veins popping on his forehead, and with one kick, he busted open the bathroom door.


Wang Qin, scared out of her wits, scrambled backward, hastily using the clothes next to her to shield her body.

Zhao Da too got startled, but when he realized it was Lu Yang standing in front of him, a scornful smirk appeared on his face instantaneously.

"Wang Qin, look who's here?"

Zhao Da said, his face filled with a playful grin.

"Lu Yang?"

"When… when did you come back?"

Wang Qin, looking at Lu Yang before her, a trace of panic flashed in her eyes, but she swiftly regained her composure.

"Why? Did I interrupt something?"

Lu Yang asked coldly.

"You…what did you say?"

"We…we didn't do anything!"

Wang Qin immediately explained.

"What have I done wrong? What more do you expect? Do you want us to strip naked and become models here?"

Lu Yang retorted coldly.

He had never held any feelings for Wang Qin. For years, she had been fooling around with other men. Little did Lu Yang know, the man she had been fooling around with was none other than Zhao Da.

"Wang Qin, just ignore this idiot. There's no need to fear him."

"Right, I admit, I cuckolded you. What are you going to do about it?"

"You're nothing but a coward. You can't even keep your own girlfriend. If I were you, I'd rather be dead!"

Zhao Da sneered at Lu Yang, raising his voice.

"Wang Qin, live your promiscuous life as you wish, but remember, this is my home, and you can't mess around here!"

Lu Yang glared at Zhao Da and Wang Qin, expressing his anger.

"Your home? Who do you think you are? You're just living in a leased room. Honestly, I think it's dirty here!"

"What have you ever given me? The only thing you gave me was some cheap ring while pursuing me. Do I look like I need it? Take it back!"

As she spoke, Wang Qin swiftly removed a quaint ring from her finger, tossing it towards Lu Yang's feet.

"Ha! Child, if you want to please your girlfriend, you've got to be willing to invest in her. With your penniless self, it's only just to cuckold you!"

"Naive boy, have you ever seen anything like this? Do you want me to give you a live demonstration?"

Zhao Da looked at Lu Yang with palpable contempt and provoked him.

"Damn it!"

Lu Yang couldn't hold his temper any longer. He clenched his fist and made a beeline to hit Zhao Da.

However, his fist didn't land on Zhao Da's face. Zhao Da swiftly performed a judo throw, firmly throwing Lu Yang to the ground.

"You lowlife, even dare to lay a hand on me!"

Zhao Da sneered, raising his foot to kick Lu Yang ruthlessly.

Zhao Da was massively built, standing tall at over 1.8m, and had even trained in Thai boxing. Lu Yang stood no chance against him and was tossed around until he was bleeding profusely.

"How dare a bastard whose own father is unknown lay a hand on me!"

Zhao Da coldly insulted, and kicked directly at Lu Yang's head again.

"Zhao Da, don't go too far!"

Wang Qin seeing Zhao Da being so brutal, urged hurriedly.

"Don't worry. He isn't dying yet!"

"Let's move somewhere else and continue this."

With those words, Zhao Da put on his coat, took Wang Qin with him and left the room.

However, they didn't notice that the ring thrown away by Wang Qin, after coming into contact with Zhao Da's blood, began to emit an awe-inspiringly brilliant light...

Lu Yang had a very strange dream.

In the dream, an old man dressed as a Daoist priest appeared before Lu Yang, holding a medical book in one hand and a peach wood sword in the other.

"My unworthy descendant Lu Yang, heed my words: I am the Grand Ancestor of the Lu Family. All my life knowledge is hidden within the ancestral ring. I always hoped that the descendants of the Lu family would shine bright, yet it's a shame how you've fallen into such a sordid state!"

"Now, I will transfer all my lifelong learning to you. I hope you can carry forward the secret arts of the Lu Family and heal the world!"

"After receiving my true teachings, you must not stray onto the evil path, or you will meet an unfavorable end for sure!"


The old man disappeared into thin air after his speech, and at this moment, Lu Yang widened his eyes abruptly.


Lu Yang felt an instantaneous headache as if his head was about to split apart, but it quickly subsided.

"What just happened? Did I just have a strange dream?"


Lu Yang suddenly realized there was a medical book called "Taiji Medical Dao" in his mind, detailing the esoteric medical arts, martial arts cultivation, geomancy, talisman engraving, ghost-catching, soul-binding...

It was very comprehensive like everything was in the book.

"Holy moly, was everything that just happened real, not a dream?"

Lu Yang touched his forehead where he had been smashed by Zhao Da. The wound on his forehead was now completely healed, as if nothing had happened.

Looking at the ancestral ring from his family, the unknown gem embedded on it had lost its shine, becoming dull and colorless.

Before Lu Yang had a chance to ponder, his phone suddenly started to ring.

"Director Shen, are you looking for me?"

Seeing that it was Shen Yan who had called, Lu Yang hastily answered.

"Do you feel uncomfortable if you don't cause me trouble for a day?"

Shen Yan immediately scolded him coldly over the phone.

"What do you mean? What trouble have I caused this time?"

Lu Yang asked in confusion.

"You have the nerve to ask me, just come back and see for yourself!"

Shen Yan hung up straight after saying this.

With a confused expression, Lu Yang had no choice but to rush to the hospital at the fastest speed.



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