Sweet Wife: Be Gentle

Sweet Wife: Be Gentle



Sheng Wanxing, who was schemed against and lost her innocence, endured both her boyfriend's infidelity and her best friend's betrayal consecutively. After going through such hardship, she turned around to find that Lu Shenxing had always been silently protecting her. "Why are you so good to me?" The man's expression was gentle. "My little lady, have you forgotten that we are already pledged to each other for life?"
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On the 11th floor of the Jinsheng Hotel, Sheng Wanxing stumbled along the corridor, clutching onto the railing. There was a flush of deep red on her face, a testament of how much she had already drunk.

She was so drunk her head felt all woozy.

"Let's drink some more..."

Mumbling to herself, Sheng Wanxing wobbled forward. Suddenly, someone pushed her hard from behind, causing her to lose her balance!

"Aah!" Sheng Wanxing yelped as she tumbled through the door of a presidential suite and crashed onto the floor.

She yelped in pain, peering blearily around her. It swiftly dawned on her that this place didn't look like a bar, it looked more like a hotel room...

What was she doing here? Wasn't she supposed to be singing at the karaoke with her colleagues?

The bathroom door swung open, and a tall figure stepped out.

"Get out!" The man's voice was icy cold.

"Han Chen, is this the surprise you said you had for me?" Sheng Wanxing got to her feet, woozy and unsteady, her ability to discern voices severely compromised.

She touched his bare chest with her small hand, chuckling, "Wow! Who knew you had such a great physique under your clothes? Let me feel more..."

Lu Shenxing frowned at the woman leaning against him, clearly worse for wear.

He grabbed her arm, pulling her away from him.

"Han Chen, darling..." Sheng Wanxing wrapped her arms around his waist, looking up at him. Her makeup-enhanced face was unnaturally flushed, her tone sultry and tempting, "We're getting married soon anyway, so why not..."

Seeing her face, Lu Shenxing froze, "Sheng Wanxing?"

"Annoying, don't you usually call me Little Star!" Sheng Wanxing grumbled. She was too hot and uncomfortable, so she tiptoed to circle the man's neck, delivering her red lips for a kiss.

Her kissing technique seemed very crude, she held him and nibbled on wildly, her saliva was even smeared on his chin.

The man remained still all this while, which irked Sheng Wanxing a little. Yet, because of the following event, she felt timid: "Han Chen, you can't let me initiate everything right? After all, I'm a girl, and I need to maintain some reservation."

Han Chen?

Finally regaining his sanity, Lu Shenxing looked at Sheng Wanxing with a gloomy expression.

After five years, she mistook him for Lu Han Chen??

A flare of anger welled up within him, and he forcefully flung Sheng Wanxing onto the bed.

Sheng Wanxing, hurt from the throw, wondered why Han Chen was so rude. As she saw the man untie his bath towel, her gaze unconsciously wandered down. She blinked in surprise and then widened her eyes.

Isn't this too terrifying?

Lu Shenxing gave no opportunity for Sheng Wanxing to escape. He overlaid on top of her. His burning body caused Sheng Wanxing to shiver, especially with what was pressed against her stomach...

"Han Chen, you, you, you... be gentle." Sheng Wanxing shook her head, trying hard to see her boyfriend's face clearly, but it always appeared blurry. She was cowering and begging for mercy: "I'm... I'm afraid it will hurt..."

Lu Shenxing's expression grew even darker. Before she finished talking, he gripped her waist tightly and thrust hard into her.

The resistance forced him to stop his movements. The small woman tightly gripped his arm, her eyebrows furrowed in pain. He suddenly felt a wave of guilt surge up in his heart, mixed with a bit of joy.

He kissed her forehead softly and whispered, "I'm sorry."

"Didn't I tell you to be gentle?" Sheng Wanxing's eyes were filled with teary reflections. However, her little mouth wouldn't stop babbling: "What on earth did you eat to grow up? This part of yours is too... Ouch, it hurts so much!"

In such a scenario, she found herself considering those things...

Lu Shenxing couldn't help but laugh. So as not to cause her discomfort, he playfully raised his hand to her, capturing her lips with his.

In just a few hours, the man had changed positions countless times. At first, Sheng Wanxing was excited to participate, but in the end, she was left utterly drained, her aching body barely able to lift her own fingers.

As she passed out, her last thought was that those Western men in movies weren't exaggerating their stamina, as she had learned her lesson.


The shrill ringtone of her cell phone was so loud it felt like her head would explode. With her eyes closed, she fumbled painfully to find the phone and answer the call.

"Wanxing, where are you?" the man's voice on the other end of the line was soft and low.

It was the voice of Lu Hanchen.

Lost in a daze as she listened to his voice, Sheng Wanxing wondered. If Lu Hanchen was right here beside her, why would he call her? Reaching out, her hand found nothing, causing her to suddenly snap out of her stupor.

Throwing off the covers, she found herself completely naked, with traces of kisses on her arm. The discomfort in her lower body made her realize that last night's events were not a dream.


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