Mr. CEO's 99th Proposal

Mr. CEO's 99th Proposal



She was a superior genetically engineered individual created by a mad scientist. Tired of being a laboratory rat, Su Nai ran away, only to inadvertently encounter him. Su Nai asked, "Why did you choose the legal profession, Lawyer Huo?" He replied, "So that in case of a potential divorce, I can ensure the other party cannot even carry away a pair of underwear. And why did you study business?" "Possibly to ensure that if I go through a divorce, I can afford to buy myself underwear," she replied. With her stunning beauty and fiery attitude, she was a top shark in the world of finance, yet she ended up obsessing over a single person. In order to see him earlier every day, Su Zong invested in the construction of a grand bridge across the river that led straight to his house. After they were married, she asked, “Lawyer Huo, can the legal fees be cheaper?” "No, my wife is in charge of the accounts, and she says we’re still a million short for this month’s milk powder budget.”
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#Day 1 of Tricking Mister Huo

Inside the restroom on the top floor of the bar.

Su Nai looked at the alcohol-soaked shirt in the mirror, feeling a burst of annoyance.

Two hours ago, she received a call from her friend Tong Ran, insisting that she comes over to celebrate the opening of the bar. No sooner had she taken the elevator up, a group of clearly intoxicated men splashed her with alcohol.

Even though they expressed their apologies sincerely.

They suggested compensations and even leaving contact information so they can apologize in person later, but she ignored all of it.

She, who never liked attending crowded parties, was even more annoyed now.

She quickly wiped the scarlet wine stains on her shirt, and Su Nai turned around to leave.

Just as she pulled open the beaded curtain at the restroom's entrance, Su Nai saw a tall figure with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. The figure moved in a leisurely manner. The silhouette alone was attractive enough.

There was a sink nearby. She washed her hands and worked to compose her agitated expression.

After about two minutes, the sound of footsteps came again.

Given that this was a bar, even the restroom's lighting was not bright. The dim yellow light rendered the indifferent woman with a trace of softness.

The man noticed her but didn't focus on her for long. He rolled up his sleeves, bent over to wash his hands with slow and deliberate movements, seemingly living a sophisticated life.

Su Nai was a meter away from him, and she noticed the pinky ring on the man.

She asked with a teasing smile in her voice, "Single?"

Hearing this voice, the man met her gaze through the mirror, raising his eyebrows generously, "What can I do for you?"

Since he responded, he's probably single.

Su Nai waggled the tail ring on her right hand, "Would you be interested in starting a relationship, sir?"

Living for 28 years, Huo Jinyan had never encountered such a straightforward pursuer.

However, this woman looked a bit familiar...

She seemed to have appeared on the financial channel this morning.

He straightened up and wiped his hands with the facial towel prepared by the bar. His voice was as calm and pleasant as water, "With you?"


The woman was very beautiful. At first glance, one could tell she was of mixed race. However, it seemed that she had more Asian genes, with a heavily Eastern face, deep eye sockets, amber eyes, and a pair of plump, lustrous lips on her chin.

Huo Jinyan calmly discarded the tissue into the waste basket, "Not interested."

"Not interested in dating, how about a private chat then?"

The man's stride to leave halted, he turned back with a bit more patience.

The intermittent dim and bright light in the bar seeped through, along with the waves of sound that stimulated the eardrums, tinged the air with restlessness.

Seeing him stop, Su Nai walked over unhurriedly. Her smile was generous, her eyes straightforward, her interest in him not at all concealed in her beautiful eyes.

From the moment she saw his back, Su Nai felt a liking for this man.

Until he emerged from within, looking upon that face again, every one of his movements was elegant, his temperament both abstinent and indifferent, as cold as it was dignified.

Taking the initiative to strike up a conversation was something that Sunai was doing for the first time, but she never hid her demands, either in work or in life.

Grinning, Sunai reached out and poked the man's arm. "Hmm?"

Just then, there were faint sounds of commotion outside, as if a fight was breaking out.

While trying to discern what was happening, a group of people had already started to brawl towards the washroom.

Each one of them spouting curses from their mouths.

As Sunai lifted her eyes, a beer bottle flew out from the crowd, aimed directly at them.

Her pupils contracted sharply, and she instinctively pulled Huo Jinyan toward the women's washroom as a reflex.

But perhaps Huo Jinyan had noticed it before her. When he realized he hadn't moved Sunai, he immediately embraced her waist, lifted her up in his arms and took her straight into the men's washroom.

Sunai: "......"

She was indeed very thin, but was it really so effortless for him to pick her up and bring her in?

As expected, they had just dodged when that beer bottle flew past the spot where they had just stood, hitting the mirror, shattering it on impact.

Outside, more and more people were joining in the fight, filling up the area by the washroom entrance.

Sunai pulled Huo Jinyan and rushed into one of the doors, slamming it shut behind her.

Right after, the toilet door was hit by something from outside. The commotion got louder and objects were flying all over the place, violently hitting the door from time to time.

In the cramped room, Su Nai leaned against one side. It was a newly opened bar so the bathroom was devoid of any particular smell except for a hint of formaldehyde.

Outside was a chaotic mess, inside Su Nai hooked her arms around his neck, and whispered into his ear, "In the middle of this crowd, you dare to take me into the men's restroom?"

Huo Jinyan ignored her antics, casually licking his lips and replied, "Didn't you try to drag me into the women's bathroom just now?"

"If we share the same ideas, why not consider my previous proposition?" She chuckled, resembling a sly fox.

As she drew closer, Su Nai detected a trace of alcohol on him and involuntarily took a sniff.

The woman's neck was Qian, her earlobes tinged red, cheeks flushed. Being so close, he could feel the smoothness of her skin and a faint fragrance that was not of perfume, but was extremely refreshing.

Huo Jinyan's throat twitched, a deep dark intent dulled his eyes.

At that moment, the brawlers stumbled in, slamming into the bathroom door. The loud noise caught Su Nia off guard, jerking her forward instinctively and placing her straight into the man's arms.

Given it was summer, her heated breath sprinkled onto the man's bare arm.

Huo Jinyan's gaze turned abyssal and dangerous.

Lifting her head, she said, "I wonder how it feels like to be caught having an affair?"

The man's leg bent slightly, a smirk appeared on his face, "Having an affair with whom?"

At his retort, Su Nai grinned, and leaned closer, whispering into his ear, "I wouldn't mind if that 'whom' were me."

Every single action and expression of this woman was enchanting.

As soon as her voice fell, her chin was pinched by someone. Huo Jinyan slowly approached her lips, which seemed to be glowing.

"Do you often seduce men like this?" His voice was husky and low.

She was not afraid at all, laughing openly and unrestrainedly. "You're the first one, the first one I wanted to sleep with as soon as I saw."

Gradually, the sounds of battle outside began to fade.

It seemed that someone had come; the group outside was cursing as they were taken away.

Once the outside had quieted down, Su Nai's phone conveniently rang. It was a call from Tong Ran. She hung up without answering and opened the bathroom door to go out.

Having taken a few steps, she turned back to look at the man who had just come out.

"Your surname is Huo, isn't it?"

How could she not know this man?

The second young master of the Huo family. She had only seen pictures before, but they didn't fully capture the visual impact of seeing him in person.

His aura enthralled her completely.


On the other side, Tong Ran was searching for her all over the bar. Tong Ran was worried in case she was incidentally involved considering Su Nai's status, after all, if anything happened to her here, she couldn't handle it.

Su Nai had long lost interest. "I'll leave first, you'll be busy anyway. We will talk some other time."

Bidding farewell, Su Nai did not take the elevator due to the crowd, they were the same people taken by the police. She then decided to take the stairs down.

She had just reached the 6th floor when she heard a familiar voice coming from above, and it was getting closer.

It was the same man from before.

He was on the phone.

Su Nai stood quietly around a corner, waiting.

Right as Huo Jinyan was telling Tong Qian about the incident at the bar and preparing to leave, his arm was suddenly yanked by someone, who was surprisingly strong.

In the dark corner, Su Nai clung tightly to his waist, her fingers mischievously moving back and forth.

She smiled at him, gesturing at his still active phone with her chin.

Huo Jinyan took a deep look at her and then promptly ended his call.

The instant their two contrasting gazes met - one cool, one hot - the man's eyes abruptly surged with an intense emotion...


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