Temptations Of The CEO

Temptations Of The CEO

Author:Extraordinary Bards



Juliette, a young woman who has life as long as she has her daughter with her. Regrettably, her daughter is strangely ill Sebastian Sandoval, a man full of secrets, a two-faced man as anyone would describe him. They have so much in common. Maybe, the life Juliette had one day is the same life Sebastian hates. Nothing was easy in their lives but, what would happen when she discovers Sebastian is the miracle, the angel she needed besides her daughter? Life is not perfect, there is no debit in life that expects not to be paid and Julliete’s ex-husband would make her aware of that. Past and present, nothing comes alone, everything comes with a purpose and too late, she understands that.
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There was crying, sobbing and sadness. Depressing, that is how one could describe the landscape, death loves to watch, from the corner of this place. People in their scrubs run back and forth. She sat quietly observing, on one of the benches. Despair was printed on her face, there was nothing else, her heart had been torn apart mercilessly.

“We need to do more studies, your daughter needs surgery, if we don’t operate, her life will be in danger.”

In Juliette's life there was nothing else but her daughter, and the doctor’s words. How was it possible? They had operated on her, countless times. She was broken. Two hundred thousand dollars, she knew she had to have two hundred thousand dollars - the doctor had already explained that to her. Now, her nightmare was becoming real.

Helsey was the name of the precious angel, who was brought to her like a miracle. Helsey was the little cherub, who had been born with a strange disease, which prevented her from, even, running to her mother’s arms. It was true, money couldn't buy happiness, love, and life, but what do you do - when you are taught otherwise? In this case, money would buy life, the life of her treasure. She was not going to give up on her little angel. She was going to fight against death. Not even death, was going to be able to take her daughter away.

“Money, Money. Halsey will live. Money, money, that's all I need. my Halsey will get out of this!” Juliette repeated this mantra to herself, as she got up from the bench, she had used.

After having wiped away her tears, she went to her uncle’s house, and knocked on the door. After all, he was one of the few family members, she had left.

Her uncle opened the door, with a sarcastic smile, he received her. Juliette didn't expect any less from him, she knew her aunt was inside the house.

“Really? Are you being serious? I can’t believe this. The last time you came, I gave you 50,000 dollars?”

With tears in her eyes, she looked at her aunt. “Please, aunt Lina, I’m sorry for the problems I’ve caused you but, my Halsey needs more surgeries, please. I am begging you.”

“I don’t have money, I don’t even know if you’re telling the truth. This is too much, that girl of yours, has to be faking.” The middle-aged woman on the couch was disgusted Juliet would tell such lies.

Juliette would have fallen on her knees, if her aunt had asked her to. How could her relatives be so cold?

“Please, aunt Lina, help me, and I promise, this is the last time you'll see me. I am begging you!”

“I don’t care about you, or your daughter. Now, get out of here!”

Without any care, her uncle took her by her arm and kicked her out of their small house. Ironically, it was the same house they would be kicked out from, someday. The owner told them the house was going to be sold soon.

“Really, is she asking us for more money?!” Juliette heard her uncle complaining. If only they knew how much she was suffering. Her daughter was sick, her daughter was in danger. Everyone had problems but, there were some, who could still offer a hand, and they chose not to. More relatives came to mind, but it was not necessary to guess what they would yell at her, as soon as she knocked on their doors.

“No one wanted to know anything about her. She's no more than a relative. They just forgot about us, or tell us to get out. Not even her stepfather wanted to know anything about her.”

There was a heavy rain over her. It seemed fitting. That was all she needed to make that night, one of the saddest nights in her life. Tearfully, she took her cell phone from her pocket. There was someone who had to help her. Bayron.

She was too young when all of it happened, but the memories were still as fresh as if it were yesterday. Juliette had been married to Bayron. He had accepted her, even though little Halsey was not his daughter. They lived happily for years, until the death of Juliette’s adoptive mother. That's when everything fell apart. Bayron accused her of adultery. He said she didn’t know who her daughter's father was, then he kicked her out of his house. Strangely her daughters illness began at the same time. All of a sudden, she was declared gravelly ill. Juliette wondered where her old life was. She was one of the most respected women in the country. She held many secrets, which in a moment, turned her world upside-down. Juliette Zeller had been her name. Juliette Zeller, had been the woman many people had respected and looked up to. How could this happen after, being such a influential woman - in her country? The life she had once, was her life no more. The present was here, an uncertain future on the horizon, and she was just a woman fighting for the life of her daughter.


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