Incredible Eyes Get Me Rich

Incredible Eyes Get Me Rich



Vincent Walker finally found a job as an employee of an antique shop. Although the salary is not high, it is very good for him to have a job. One day, while polishing an antique vase, it fell on his head, sending him to the hospital. During his stay in the hospital, he found that he was a little different from before. Because every time he sees an antique, there will be a voice in his mind telling him specific information about this antique! With this ability, he helped the boss identify the authenticity of many antiques and gained a great reputation. And there are other bosses wanting him to work! But danger also comes with this talent...
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In Princeley, at a shady corner outside the antique street.

Vincent squatted on the ground, munching a cheap mixed grain cake, while looking at his mobile phone, waiting for the phone to ring at any time.

He was a college student who had just graduated. Like many people, he was in trouble finding a job. He had already sent more than a dozen of resumes in a row, but no one accepted him. They all asked him to go home and wait for the notice.

For him, home was an extravagant dream. If there was no company to accept him, he could only go back to his hometown and find a job, or somewhat.

In this lonely and helpless city, he couldn't hold on any longer. He hadn't had a full meal for two weeks, and the cheap apartment he rented was about to expire. He only had 120 yuan, which was barely enough for him to eat two more pancakes and buy a train ticket back to his hometown.

Just as he gradually became desperate and was about to get up and wait for the bus to go to the train station, his phone suddenly rang.

"Hello, Mr. Walker, We're the Midnight Pavilion. Congratulations on being hired by us. You can come to work." A very pleasant woman's voice came from the other end of the phone.

"Re... hired? Really?" Vincent's expression was dull. He was like a wax statue, so excited to speak no words.

"Yes, we'd like to know when you can come to work." The woman on the phone asked again.

"Soon, ten minutes at most."

Vincent's brain worked quickly, and soon he remembered the Midnight Pavilion. It was located in the center of the antique street behind him. It was the most luxurious antique shop on the whole antique street.

The distance was less than two kilometers.

Hanging up the phone, Vincent stuffed the rest of the cake into his mouth and began to run wildly...

"Hello, sir. Are you looking for antiques?" When Vincent entered the store, it was already half past eight. The beautiful shop assistant standing at the door asked him with a smile.

"Work. I'm here to work."

Vincent was out of breath. He held the door with both hands and rushed to the office for the interview upstairs without any time to wipe his sweat.

The beautiful shop assistant looked back at his back and blinked her eyes in a daze. Then she couldn't help covering her mouth and laughing secretly!

Soon, Vincent went upstairs and came to the office he had entered before. He knocked on the door lightly, but no one responded. Through the crack of the door, he saw a woman in a lady's uniform, with a thin waist and long legs. She was squatting by the wall, looking for something in the file cabinet.

She was extremely beautiful and had a very good figure. She was about the same age as him. He swore that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was hundreds of times more beautiful than the campus belle!

More importantly, this beauty was the owner of this shop, her name was Belinda!

It was a very happy thing to work for such a beautiful woman.

As soon as Vincent was distracted, Belinda turned back and saw Vincent outside the door. She replied softly, "Please come in."

Vincent tidied up his clothes and went straight in. He bowed and said, "Hello, boss. I'm Vincent. I just received a call from you."

"I know. You don't have to be so reserved. Just sit down."

Belinda gracefully sat on her office chair, and then took out a contract from the drawer in front of her and handed it to Vincent. "You will work in the store. The first three months are the internship period, with a salary of 3,000 yuan, and the position is an assistant treasure appraiser. When the internship is over, we would adjust your salary. Can you accept it?"

"Yes." Vincent agreed decisively without hesitation.

For him, as long as the company could take him in, he would be very lucky.

His major was archaeology. In this kind of unpopular industry, if he wanted to enter the archaeological department after graduation, he needed connections with big shots. Those who had nothing to do with them could only work in private antique shops. However, most shops did not accept people who had no experience, so he suffered from frequent rejection.

Now that he had gotten this job, he would definitely cherish it.

"Very good. Since you can accept it, you can sign it on behalf of the company. After that, you can go to the personnel department to get your work clothes and get started."

Belinda looked at him with a smile. After they signed the contract, Vincent thanked Belinda and said goodbye. Then he went to the personnel department to finish the formalities and went downstairs to work.

Belinda asked him to find someone named Travis, who was a full-time appraiser in an antique store. He had worked for eight years and had a certain status in the antique world.

Vincent thought that he could learn a lot from such an old master, but he didn't expect that when he first found Travis, Travis was playing with his mobile phone with his legs crossed. He took the initiative to say hello to Travis. Travis also ignored him. He glanced at him sideways and said impatiently, "Are you done? Since you are new here, you should sweep the ground first, then dump the garbage, and then tidy up the shelves over there. Remember to be careful when tidying up. You can't afford to break any of them."

"Got it." Vincent saw that he was not very friendly, so he didn't say much to him. He just followed the instructions.

Walking in the distance, Vincent couldn't help complaining in his heart, "It's true. I don't have a grudge against you. Is it necessary to leave a cold face? Is it because you are old and ugly, so you feel inferior and unfair?"

Yes, that was absolutely true!

Vincent comforted himself and then began to work seriously.

He, who had just come to work, was very enthusiastic no matter what he did. In less than ten minutes, he cleaned up the floor of the entire antique shop, and the trash can become new. The other shop assistants in the shop praised him one after another!

Then, he went to the shelf to sort out the antiques. But when he was halfway there, he picked up an antique bottle from the top place. The bottle cracked automatically. With a "crash, " the lower half of the bottle fell directly from the sky and hit him on the head.


A scream came from the back of the shelf. Many people heard the scream and came over. They saw Vincent's head had broken and bleeding, and his eyes were dizzy. At the last moment of his consciousness, he wanted to explain something, but he had no strength to close his eyes and fainted.

When he woke up, he found himself lying in the ward of the hospital. There was a faint fragrance around the bed. He turned his head slightly and saw a woman in a light blue short skirt with two slender and beautiful legs sitting by his bed.

She was Belinda, the boss of the Midnight Pavilion. Vincent felt moved. "Did the boss send me here?"

"You're finally awake."

Hearing Belinda's delicate voice, Vincent suddenly came to his senses!

Before he fainted, he carefully recalled what had happened. He knew very well that the broken vase was actually not hit by him. He only gently took it, and the vase automatically broke into two halves and fell down!

However, before Vincent could speak, Belinda immediately said, "How are you feeling now? I'll go find a doctor for you first. The wound on your head looks serious."

"No need, boss."

Vincent quickly shook his head, subconsciously grabbed Belinda's hand, and hurriedly explained, "Boss, I want to explain the thing about the vase first. In fact, I accidentally broke the vase in the shop. It is..."

All of a sudden, Travis stepped forward and shouted aggressively, "Vincent, you look honest, but you have a lot of evil minds. You actually dare to touch the boss's hand! Hurry up and let it go. Don't think that you can cover up the matter that you broke the vase by pleasing the boss. That vase is a colorful dragon and phoenix vase of the Qing royal family. It's worth 300,000 yuan. Even if I sell you, I can't buy it."

"What did you say?"

Vincent, shocked, looked at Travis. For a moment, he froze on the spot!


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