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Carry A Torch For




Kisses Alfante is a highschool girl who's deeply in love with the cold hearted and heartthrob guy at their campus named Felix Ventura. Kisses is a popular for being rich and smart while Felix is popular because of his looks, attitude, and because girls are turn on for he's a hardworking guy.
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"Good morning! Are you going to be a full time stalker now, Kisses?"

Mark caught my attention who sat beside me, he's now looking at Felix whom I am staring earlier. I pouted and sighed.

"What do you think?" I asked him, problematic.

I started having a crush on Felix since I started my highschool journey and now I am on my fourth year in highschool and there's still no progress. Not even one percent. I really am hopeless.

"Just move on." he simply said so I can't help but to hit him.

It's not like moving on is easy. It's never been easy plus the fact that my eyes are all on him since I'm on my first year.

"You're not a help!" I spat out.

I bit my lips when the students who's busy at reading books here in the library looked at me, annoyed. I made a peace sign and forced a smile.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled.

"You're a nosy kid so Felix didn't like you," he teased.

I frowned at his remark. I gathered all my things when Felix stood up. I giggled and looked at Mark who's looking at me ridiculously.

"See you after class!" I tapped his shoulder.

I quickly followed Felix, I was about to approach him but someone did it first. I pouted and stayed on their back. I'm playing with my school ID while following them quitely.

"Soccer practice?" I heard Felix say.

"Coach is looking for you since yesterday." His acquittance replied.

One week before our monthly exam and two weeks for our intramurals. While playing with my hands I bumped into someone's back. I looked up and to my surprise it was Felix. He looked at me with a blank expression.

I didn't even notice that they stopped walking, they are in front of the billboard looking at the schedule that was placed in it.

I smiled cutely and raised my right hand for a wave. "Hi,"

He looked at his acquitance before he started walking away. My eyebrows met in extreme annoyance. He didn't even greet me back!

"I'll get going, Kisses." his friend said before following him.

I sighed as I watch him walk away. Well, he's not Felix if he's not rude when it comes to me.

When I went to my next class, Mark is already at his seat while talking to one of our guy classmate. He raised his hand and pointed the vacant seat beside him. With a shady face I sat beside him.

"Rejected... again?" he chuckled.

I rolled my eyes, instead of arguing with him I get my notes in history inside my bag to read it while waiting for the professor. Mark didn't talk to me, he may be noticed that I'm not in the mood to play with him.

When the professor entered the chaotic classroom of ours, my classmates suddenly became silent when they noticed how serious the professor is, plus he's holding a index card which make us all pee in our pants.

Far from what I thought, the class went smoothly and it ended early. I fixed all my things and looked at Mark when he poked me so I looked at him.

"Jajangmyeon!" We both beamed.

He put his arms across my shoulder as we went to our favorite korean restaurant near our school. When we entered the restaurant, Mark ordered a jajangmyeon and mandu, our all time favorite.

"This is so yummy!" I giggled when I tasted the mandu.

We always went here everytime our class ended, we even became a valued customer here but it gives me the feel that I always eat those in first time.

"Hanna wants to talk to me," Mark said out of nowhere.

I almost choke when I heard his ex's name. "Why? Is she bored?" I arched my brow and continued eating.

"I don't know. I didn't reply her... yet--"

"Don't tell me you still like her?"I cut him off, with a big eyes can't believe that he still wants her after the cheating incident.

He sighed, looked defeated. "I thought of meeting her tomorrow. I'm going to ask for an advice to you, is it okay?"

"Even if I tell you that meeting her is the worst, you won't even listen to me." I rolled my eyes. "Your feelings aren't mine. If you want to be hurt then be it."

"But I'm not like you, die hard lover of Felix." he chuckled so I glare at him.

Hanna cheated at Mark last month, and now she had the guts to talk to my bestie again? How dare her. And her excuse of cheating was because of me, that she was jealous of me. Since Mark was in a relationship with her, I didn't meddle with them, Mark and I barely talk because of his girl and I respected it. Thinking of it makes me upset.

"The choice is on you. I don't care if you're going to choose being stupid."

He stare daggers at me before he continued eating.

"Felix is so handsome."

"I like how he smirk,"

I looked around when the people inside the cafeteria became noisy, they keep on whispering how handsome Felix is.

"You have so many rivals." Mark pointed.

"I don't care." I rolled my eyes.

"And all of you don't have a chance for him. How sad is that," he insulted.

I made face and looked at Felix who just entered the cafeteria. He surely is handsome. He have the looks and the brain.

I'm now inside our car, we're on our way home. I sighed and looked at our driver.

"Can we go to the convenience store just for a minute?"

"Ma'am, your parents told me that we should go straight to your house." he said, he didn't even glance at me.

I made face, I really can't see Felix. He's working there as a part timer so I just wanted to have a glance of him even just for a minute. I sighed as the gate of our house opened, when I get out of the car I saw my Mom at the garden, probably waiting for me.

"Good afternoon, Mom!" I smiled and get a one piece of cookie that was served on her table.

"You were with Mark?" She asked, smiling.

"Yep. We just parted our ways when I went home." I said and munched.

"Should I invite him and his parents over?"

I almost choke, not at my Mom's question but at the person who's holding a hose and watering our plants. My eyes widened while looking at him.

"Don't you like it, Kiss?"

I looked at Mom when she repeat her question. "What is he doing here?" I cleared my throat.

"Who?" Mom asked curiously and looked at where I'm looking. "Oh, he's Felix. I hired him as our gardener and... wait, do you know him?"

"Uhmm...  Schoolmate."

Isn't he working at the convenience store anymore?

"That's good then. Hope you'll get along with him," Mom said and stood up. "Kisses, be good with him." she said in a warning tone so I nodded and gave my Mom a thumbs up.

"Sure, Mom!" I beamed.

Of course, he's going to be your son-in-law. I should be a good future wife. I can't help but to giggle at the thought of it.

"Hi." I approached Felix.

"What do you need, ma'am?" he asked, emphasizing the word ‘ma'am’.

I blinked, he's acting as if he doesn't know me! I stared at him and pouted but he just looked away.

"Don't you know... me?" I asked in a low voice.

"No." he said without a doubt. "But from what I heard.. you're the daughter of my boss."

I hate him for being so rude! I don't know if he's just acting that he doesn't know me or he just really don't know me. I don't know! But one things for sure, I hate him tonight!


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