Rent a Husband for Love

Rent a Husband for Love



"Mmm, ah...hurry, hurry! I, I'm almost there..." Ye Xi's face was full of embarrassment, she hadn't expected to hear her sister's amorous sounds while using the restroom, but just as she was about to turn around and leave, she heard another familiar voice— "Baby, lower your voice a bit..." In that moment, Ye Xi thought there was something wrong with her hearing. "I don't want to lower my voice, I want to moan...Qiao Yi Bai, I want, I want..." Ye Xi could no longer deceive herself, and her heart suddenly plunged into a chill. Qiao Yi Bai, her fiance, today's groom, was at this moment indulging in lust with her sister... —"Everything that's yours, I will take it away!" The words her sister Ye Le had once said reverberated in her ears. But Ye Xi couldn't afford to make a fuss today, she could afford to lose face, but the Ye family's prestige couldn't. The Ye Group could not withstand any storms now. Since the day she took over the Ye Group after her father's illness, she was no longer able to act impulsively. Ye Xi quickly left the restroom, her face full of confusion... "Miss, the wedding is about to start, but we can't find Mr. Qiao," the wedding planner rushed over in a panic, blocking Ye Xi's way. Mr. Qiao...
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"Mmm, ah...Hurry up, fast! I—I'm almost there..."

Ye Xi wears a face of embarrassment, she did not expect to overhear her sister's intimate moments in her trip to the restroom. However, as she was about to turn and leave, she heard another familiar voice—

"Babe, lower your voice a bit..."

In that instant, Ye Xi thought her hearing was failing.

"I won't lower my voice, I want to shout... Qiao Yibai, I want, I want..."

Ye Xi could no longer deceive herself, her heart instantly ice-encased.

Qiao Yibai, her fiance, today's groom, was currently having a grand time with her sister...

—"Everything that is yours, I will snatch away!"

Ye Le, her sister's once said words, suddenly echo in her ears.

However, Ye Xi cannot afford to make a scene today, she can take the hit to her own pride, but the Ye family's face cannot be lost.

The Ye Corporation currently cannot withstand any negative public winds or waves.

Ever since her father fell sick and she took over the Ye Corporation, she could no longer give into her impulsive actions.

Ye Xi hurriedly left the restroom, her face full of confusion...

"Miss, the wedding is about to start, but we can't find Mr. Qiao," the wedding planner said anxiously, blocking Ye Xi's path.

Mr. Qiao...

The three words instantly ignited Ye Xi's wrath, akin to a dam bursting, sweeping through her chest. "If he can't be found, then don't bother! Without him, I can still get married!"

But Ye Xi was wrong.

All of the men she had reached out to, upon hearing the news of her wanting to marry, proclaimed she was just fooling around!

As Ye Xi was spinning in frustration, the door behind her was forced open and a man barged in.

"Who are you? Get out!"


The man motioned for silence at his lips. Before anyone could say anything, shouts could be heard from outside the room. "Yi Jun Hao, you better come out right now.... Today, you have to give me an explanation… "

So, he was in debt to a woman!

With a disdainful smile, Ye Xi was about to shout, but the man covered her mouth and tightly held her in his embrace.

Instantly, the man's heartbeat pulsed through her thin wedding dress, directly striking her back; a refreshing mint aroma shot straight to the tip of her nose — impossible to deny.

Ye Xi was in a trance!

The woman's piercing scream from outside brought Ye Xi back to her senses, reminding her to resist as she pounded on him with her hands and feet.

But the man held her even tighter, "Such a fiery bride, be careful the groom might not want you!"

His taunting words stabbed Ye Xi. She struggled and squirmed. She dreaded the type of consequences such squirming could bring forth, until the man growled, "Stop moving!"

An uncontrollable sensation stirred within his lower region.

Finally, Ye Xi noticed the hard pillar pressed against her back—

"Aah! You're such a ruffian..." she shrieked.

"I'm not a ruffian. I'm a pauper who can't even afford a woman's service fee," the man explained with a sheepish laugh and slipped out the door before the woman outside could disappear.

"Ruffian, ruffian..." The man was already gone, but Ye Xi was still screaming.

It felt as if a piece of her little buttock had been burned off, still sensing the warm imprint of the iron rod.

Outside the door, the man’s admittedly good looking lips curved into a wicked smile. His 'accidental' intrusion was far from accidental. He had gone through a great deal of trouble for this and wished his last words could sink into the woman’s heart.

Despite not wanting to, her wedding had begun. Ye Xi held the check in her hand, yet the temporary groom was nowhere to be found. The man standing at the end of the red carpet was still Qiao Yibai. His hypocritical face was so repulsive, Ye Xi had to muster all her strength not to charge at him and tear him to pieces.

Step by step, Ye Xi approached the man who had betrayed her. That’s when she spotted the man on the seat to her right. Her face flushed instantly.

Was that the lecherous man? What was he doing at her wedding?

Before she could give it much thought, she felt a familiar sourness to her bottom - the very same spot she had once been poked by a certain man’s tool!

"Beautiful bride, we meet again," the man spoke in a flippant yet sensual manner.

In the heat of her anger, Ye Xi hadn't noticed how handsome this man really was. His features were finely crafted to perfection, seeming as if they were sculpted by an artist.

Until now, she had always thought Qiao Yibai was the most attractive, but now she realized there were always others even more outstanding.

"I'm here to avoid debt. Don't expose me!" The man's amorous whisper didn't seem to carry a specific purpose, yet it seemed to serve as a subtle reminder for her.

Suddenly, the words he once said echoed in Ye Xi's ears, "I'm not a ruffian. I'm a deadbeat. So poor that I can't even afford a woman's service fee!"

This sentence filled Ye Xi's ears. Before she could understand what was going on, her hand was suddenly seized by a large one. "Xi, it's time, our wedding is about to start."

Unbeknownst to her, Qiao Yibai had already approached her and was looking at her affectionately.

Reacting uncontrollably, she jerked her hand away, "Don't touch me!"

Qiao Yibai's face instantly turned purplish, "Xi..."

The large wedding hall quieted down. They could almost hear everyone's heartbeat because of this scene.

Bearing the questioning gazes of everyone present, Qiao Yibai's voice was weak, "Xi, stop making a scene. We are about to get married."

"Married?" Ye Xi laughed coldly, "Yes, getting married, but not us…"

With a swift move, she impulsively pulled the man next to her, laughing as she turned to Qiao Yibai. "I'm sorry, the groom today isn't you! You've been 'PKed'!"

Upon hearing this, Qiao Yibai's face turned ashen like he had been hit by frost, and the surrounding crowd buzzed with discussion.

The man, however, remained calm. He leaned in and whispered into Ye Xi's ear, "Bride, isn't your joke a little too much?"

Ye Xi's face went through a slight change. How could she have forgotten that this man was just impulsively pulled over? If he rejects now, she would be the one humiliated.

Thus, Ye Xi held onto the man even tighter. Standing on her toes, she put her lips next to his ear, "I've hired you, name your price…" As she said so, she stuffed a sweaty check into his hand.

"Hired me..? Can she afford my price?"

The corner of the man's mouth twitched slightly, a motion that, to Ye Xi, signified his rejection. Her lips moved quietly upon his, muttering unclearly, "No backing out, or I'll expose your true colors!"

Her soft lips were as tender as the cherries in May, causing his heart to flutter. The man couldn't help but reveal a satisfied curve of his mouth, though he quickly feigned an extremely wronged expression, compromising in a pitiful manner.

The onlookers who had been shocked, now gasped as they watched the couple kiss, full of amazement!

Standing there like a puppet, Qiao Yibai seemed to have never imagined that things could go this far, and then he looked at Ye Xi with unwillingness, "Xi'er, stop joking around, we..."

"Joking?" Ye Xi abruptly cut off his words. If it wasn't for the sake of preserving the Ye family's dignity, she really wanted to publicly expose his despicable behavior.

"My dear, since this gentleman believes we're joking, why don't we let him witness our wedding?" Yi Junhao took over the conversation.

"Alright!" Without any hesitation, Ye Xi held onto the man beside her, and they slowly walked towards the red carpet.

When Yi Junhao and Ye Xi had finished the wedding ceremony, and guests clamored for the groom to kiss the bride, Qiao Yibai finally understood that he had truly been defeated.

"Ye Xi, you're ruthless! You'll regret this!" Frustrated, he dropped these words and left in defeat.

On the stage, Ye Xi's heart clenched tightly as her beautiful eyes slowly closed. The corner of the man's lips curved upward, his alluring lips pressing onto hers.

The next second, his moist tongue probed into her mouth, tightly sucking onto hers...


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