Our Maid Sara

Our Maid Sara

Author:Talis peshii



A family full of darkness, many secrets and a sad past gets to experience life in the light after a maid known as Sara steps in the house. She becomes a hope to the broken hearted and what is in the dark comes to the open. She brings together the family that has been avoiding each other for years.
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"I'm fed up with this house. Everyone is moody and no one listens to me! I quit!" That was what the 6th maid in that month said before leaving the house.

She had lasted just two days.

She packed her bags and went out without locking the gate.

The gateman shook his head as he watched her leave.

"Oh God, send a helper for this family. That's the 6th one this month" said the gateman as he locked the gate and sat back at his chair.

Mrs Mehta the lady of the house called up the house help agency in town to prepare a new maid.

"Mrs Mehta, this is the 7th time in this month. We are out of maids. They've all been taken" said the manager trying to control his anger.

"Remember i'm paying for this Peter! You can't deny me. I need a maid like right now!" Yelled Mrs Mehta on the phone.

"But i just told you that we are out of maids. They've all been taken" said Peter the manager.

"Excuse me sir, i'm available. I badly need a job. I can do this" said a young fair blonde lady who just walked in.

Mr Peter quickly put the phone away and walked over to the lady.

"You cannot handle this woman's house my dear. Infact you look young and educated. Why do you need such a job?" Asked Peter

"I need to pay rent and bills. Please give me this job" said the lady

"See, wait for another client. You won't survive two days in that house. Six maids in this month have left. One left just today! I can't let you go there" said Peter being pitiful for the young lady.

"The seventh is God's number. Atleast let me try this. I really need a job sir" she begged

"Mh. I've tried to save you but if you insist then okay. What are your names and where are you from?" He asked

"Thank you sir. My name is Sara Nelson. I come from Runda" she said

"Runda? Seems you come from a well-off family" said Peter

"Not really sir. My family is in Kirinyaga. A friend of mine welcomed me in Runda. She's been taking care of me and i feel like a burden to her that's why i need this job. I can atleast start off from here" she explained

"Welcome to Juja Sara. I hope you brought your luggage with you" he said

"I read the guidelines online and so i did carry what i need" she said

"That's good. You'll be living in Mrs Mehta's house. She hates maids that come and go. Our taxi will drop you off at the mansion. If you find it hard there, just let me know. I will look for another place for you" said Peter

"Thank you sir" said Sara and she thanked God for the job she had gotten.

Mr Peter promised a very good salary if she lasted a month in the house.

"Mrs Mehta, we are sending a new maid for you. Her name is Sara Nelson" said Peter

"Thank you. Thank you Peter" said Mrs Mehta and hang up.

Sara was seen off by Peter and he just pitied the poor girl.

She did not know what she had gotten herself into.

An hour later, Sara arrived at Mehta Bungalow.

She was dropped at the gate and she looked at the bungalow abit far from the gate.

"Are you the new maid Sara?" Asked the gateman.

"Yes yes. Thats me" she replied and the gateman unlocked the gate for her.

"Wow! Such a beautiful house" she said smiling

"Beautiful with a storm from the inside. Anyway, good luck Sara" said the gateman whose name was Nicholas and went on with his business.

"The lord is my strength. I shall not fear whatsoever comes to attack me. Come what may" she said and pulled her suitcase towards the house.

She took some minutes to reach the front door and rang the door bell.

"Good day ma'am" said Sara immediately the door was unlocked.

"Sara right?" Asked the woman who unlocked the door and it was Mrs Mehta.

"Yes ma'am. That's me" she said excitedly.

"I've been waiting for you for over an hour. Come in. I'm glad you are here" said Mrs Mehta a very elegant woman dressed up in an elegant dress, classy black heels and with an elegant braided hair.

She was surprised to see guards in different corners of the house.

"Mr Bambucha, you will show the young lady around. I'm really late for my meeting. The room that the other maid left is to be given to her. Miss Sara, your work starts immediately. There is alot to be done in the house. Don't wake up Shanel" said Mrs Mehta and left the house in her elegant walking style.

"Ookay!" Said Sara and sighed.

"This way madam" said one of the guards who looked like the main guard.

His name was Bambucha.

He led Sara to a very messy room and told her that it would be her new room.

She dropped her luggage and followed Bambucha who showed her around the huge bungalow.

She was shown different rooms of the family members, the kitchen and everywhere in the house.

She found so many dirty clothes ready for laundry, dirty utensils and untidy rooms.

She found the little Shanel who was the lastborn of the family sleeping in her room.

One room was locked up and no one was allowed to step in.

It was Mr and Mrs Mehta's room.

She found a room with label Stacy and a note on the door," do not disturb!"

One room was quite neat but gloomy.

It was shadowy in there.

Only grey bed sheets.

She stepped into another one which was a girl's room but very shabby.

Pictures of boys were in the room.

"Seems this one is helpless" said Sara and went away.

She stepped into the last room and opened it just to find an 8 years old boy sitting on a wheelchair.

"Poor little thing. Why are you alone here?" Asked Sara but the little boy did not answer.

She tried asking his name but he did not say anything.

He looked really sad.

"Miss Sara, don't poke your nose in issues that do not concern you. Here are the house rules. Read them at your free time" said Bambucha and left.


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