The Queen Of Revenge

The Queen Of Revenge




Laura all her life has endured her sister Eve who derived pleasure from hurting people and taking things that didn't belong to her, but this time around she stole what was sacred to Laura and Laura vowed not to the other way. She has had enough. Right years of her sacrifice were thrown to her face with no care for her feelings, she decided to fight back but the unexpected happened in her quest for revenge. What better way to take revenge if not hitting back where it hurts?
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Laura looked forward to having a quiet and romantic night with her husband, she had called earlier and he said he would be home soon. It was odd that he had not returned after what seemed like three hours since she last called and it was weirder still because her husband of Eight years didn't think it fit to send her a text or call to inform her that he would be late.

Her husband had always been both attentive and loving towards her and so she found this silence odd. Moreover, If something urgent came up, and he was going too late, he always called or messaged her.

She has been busy with some design of new outfits she is planning to showcase in her fashion show coming up in two weeks to help take her mind away from her husband's strange attitude towards her today, she didn't want it to bother her because she trusted her husband can never cheat on her.

They were so in love with each other and he couldn't betray her, this she knew.

While she was putting the finishing touches on the design, she heard the door open. She happily walked toward her husband who just came in, she moved close to hug him but he rejected her and he walked in with a somber expression, this confused her because he was always the first that would pull her into a hug and it always ends in both of them making love like they just met for the first time. His attitude towards her tonight is strange but she didn't let it bother her, she felt he was probably having issues at work.

“ Hey babe, what happened, don't I deserve a hug from my man?” She tries not to allow his attitude to affect her, thinking he is probably tired from work.

“ Laura, we need to talk,” He motioned for her to follow him to his library which is what she often dubbed his inner sanctum.

" Babe, is anything wrong? You are scaring me," Laura starts to panic. Considering the fact he’d made love to her for hours the night before, his cold demeanour right now as he led the way, not even pausing to kiss her hello had her thoroughly confused, wondering why or what she had done wrong.

" I need to do this, and I must do this now." He said without looking to see that Laura was panicking with his attitude towards her.

On getting to the library he motioned for her to take a seat in the chair opposite his desk without looking at her.

" Are you kidding me right now?" She is astonished, this is not the man she got married to, he would not ask her to sit in front of him be rather on his lap and kiss me but he was making her look like they were business partners who were about to make a business deal.

“ Dave, What’s going on?” She could not pretend that all was well with the way he was treating her.

" I want a divorce,” He said bluntly with no consideration for her feelings.

She laughed, it sounded funny in her ears. Eight years of marriage? Does he think marriage is just a game that you can end anytime once you feel like it? Where is this joke leading to? they’d never had any serious argument, it was always ended up having incredible make-up sex anytime they had a minor misunderstanding. She stopped laughing and stared at him. “ Is this a joke, right now?”

“ Please don't make it difficult for me as it is already difficult for me. I just need your signature on these papers,” He said coldly to her. “ The prenup we signed will stand. You get the house, and you can keep your car and you’ll get a monthly allowance for ten years. You don't need to worry about anything,”

“ Do you think marriage is some kind of joke? Where did I go wrong?” She asked when she saw that he seemed to be serious about the divorce stuff.

He held another document in his hand, “ It's not you, I am the one wrong here,”

“ What is this?” She was frowning as she looked at the way his fingers trembled, just slightly. She took the paper and her eyes popped out in shock, " This can not be true?"

“ It happened too suddenly and this is my biggest regret,” He says refusing to look at her

“ It doesn't look like it? You cheated for God's sake and you are imposing your divorce stuff on me,” This news broke her heart into a thousand pieces, how could he do this to her? She had devoted her life to this marriage and never once thought he would do this to her.

“ I am sorry, I lost control of myself, ” He said with shaking voice

She got up from her seat and wrapped her arms around her middle, she suddenly felt all alone. “ Sorry? Do you think just saying that word would fix it, you got someone else pregnant,”

“ I fucked up and I know sorry can not fix this but I have done a paternity to confirm it and the result came back as mine.” Dave tries to make an excuse for his mistake.

“ So you suddenly want to be a dad, I thought you told me you didn’t want children for now! That we should enjoy our marriage for ten years before the little ones start running around in the house?” She turned to look at him because she found this difficult to understand his wish to become a daddy.

“ Yes I did, and I stand by what I said but It was unfortunately this happened. I made a mistake but I can’t give up my child for another man to raise my child. That is why we need to do this ” He declared like someone ending a business deal not considering Laura's feelings.

“ Wow! Did you even consider my feelings?” She accused him, thinking about all she has sacrificed because because of the marriage.

“ Do you think this is easy for me?” He said trying to justify his action.

“ It sure doesn’t look like it at all, you don't seem bothered about it, for fuck sake, I am your wife, not some business deal Dave. I’m your wife! Your wife! Damn it, you suck,” She had always thought the way he could remove emotions during a negotiation was sexy and powerful but right now, being on the receiving end of his harsh, calculating mannerisms felt like agonizing cruelty.

“ Please, find it in your heart to forgive me, and just sign this so that we can get this over with.” He said and pushed the documents towards her.

" I am surely going to sign this, and you get the fuck out of my house right now.” She shouted at him seeing that he was determined to get the divorce.

He blinked at her words, “ What? We are not even divorced yet, I need to move my stuff, you know,”

“ How is that my business, just leave my house right now, to me this marriage is over the moment I sign this,” She didn't see the reason why she should care about where he slept, he should have thought better before knocking someone else.

“ Can go to Jennifer or Chloe while I sort this out?” He was reluctant to leave.

“ I’m not the one who screwed around. So why should I be the one to leave.” Laura refuses to take his advice.

“ Please, try to understand.” He pleads with her, he doesn't want to sleep out.

“ You should have thought of that before digging your dick in holes, you are not my business anymore,.” She was not ready to accommodate him.

“ I understand you’re angry, Laura but you need to give me time to get my things.” He tries to patronize her.

" Can you even hear yourself, fucked you! Get out of here,” She screamed at the top of her lungs, gasping for air as her mind swirled. She gripped her stomach as she struggled not to release the contents all over his prized office.“ She thought and glared at him, imagining how he would feel if she did.“ I gave you my body every single day and you sit there, telling me, you fuck someone else and got her pregnant?”

“ Laura, please try to understand,” He said quietly not breaking his stony facade, “ I didn't plan this, It happened and the best way I can fix this is by coming clean with you. My grandfather’s will was specific that any child born out of wedlock would get nothing. It means a million dollars in trust for my child will not be given to him for my mistake, I cannot punish a child for my transgressions.” He pleads while explaining to her the reason for his action, he didn't plan this but he made the biggest mistake ever.

“ That woman must be thick skin to do this to someone else marriage? She’s all gung-ho, is she?” She couldn't help but ask him.

“It's not easy for her too because she is married and probably letting her husband know this evening as well,” He declared like it was a soap opera

“ You mean she is also married?” She tried so hard not to cry and angrily brushed the tears streaking her cheeks away. " It's like both of you have the same hobby, this is really despicable, I thought everything we had was good. Why would you go to someone else wife?” She groaned and rubbed her forehead,“ I Scheduled my time around your schedule so I could be at your beck and call like a dutiful and obedient wife and the best way to show appreciation is having sex with someone else wife?” He was silent as she vented her frustration.“ You know what, just get the hell out of my house.”

“ Please, let's be civilized here, we are both adults here.” He suggested to her again.

“ It’s too bad, I don't want to be civilized here because I am a bitch,” She turned to face him and when he remained seated, she shrieked so loudly her voice felt scraped, her vocal cords straining,“ Get the fuck out of my house!”

“Laura, I do love you, I never planned it, please forgive me," He whispered sadly to her.

“ Save your bullshit for my lawyers. I don’t need it. Get out,” She was shaking with unbridled rage, shock, and if she were honest, heartbroken as well.

“I need your signature on those papers.” He reminded her.

“I will call my lawyer to come see the paper before laying my signature on them.” She had loved this man with all her heart and soul for eight years, and he just coldly, callously ripped her world to shreds without a second thought.

He rose from his desk and slowly walked to the door looking dejected.

“ Who is she? When and where did you meet her?” He paused, his hand on the door frame as he clutched it, he was a bit reluctant.

“ Your mom's party, it was Eve.” He simply said.

The room spun dangerously, and she gasped for breath,“ What? Eve! This is ridiculous”

His single nod was all it took for the world she had built to get broken to shatter. She slumped off the sofa to the floor, gasping for breath as she let out an ear-piercing scream of pain and sobbed her heart out while he walked away.


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