Vampire Allure.

Vampire Allure.



General Romance

Katalika is a little bit of a hot nerd, who also loves a good time with her friends, keeps it balanced. Recently though, she was going through heartbreak, her boyfriend had been running around with the new girl and decided she just wants one night to feel numb. She goes to a dark themed party, feeling reckless she hooks up with a hot guy, she doesn’t know that he’s a vampire. Heck, who would? She never even thought they existed. The vampire takes a liking to her, he sinks his vangs in her, she tastes so good that he can’t seem to let her go. He opens a portal and sends her to the under world, leaving Kat all on her own, but closer to his reach. She encounters multiple hardships and ends up falling In love with another vampire, what happens when he finds out that instead of bringing her closer, he lead her to another mans arms.
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  Pale and handsome.

  Kat decided to skip school on the Friday, didn't want to cross paths with her cheating boyfriend. She sat on the bed, sulking. She had made the effort of getting ready and leaving the house so her mother would think she went to school, only to turn back and go lock herself in the room. It had been a whole week of her boyfriend hanging around with the new girl Victoria, completely ignoring the fact that she was around. The rumors, the hateful remarks and constant bashing made her hate every second of being there. She turned, crying herself to a peaceful slumber.

  She woke up with her phone blowing up nonstop, it was her two friends. Half naked, depressed she dragged herself up and picked up the phone,

  “ Yes?” She answered, her voice with a break.

  “ Open the door! Are you ready to go to the party!” They both shouted out, she had completely forgotten about the party but maybe it was just what she needed. Getting up from her bed, she tossed all her books on the floor and walked to the door. She opened, her friends cringed at what stood in front of them.

  “ Oh God, what in the horror story.” They said.

  She looked at them, all dressed up in their outfits,

  “ I see no difference in how we’re dressed, were both basically half naked.” She said, turning around to walk back to her room.

  Her friends had a bottle of wine in their hands, “ Katalika you’re acting like a married woman, get dressed and go out and live!” Amy said, running in front of her to quickly open the bottle. She shoved it in her mouth and tilted the bottle for her to drink.

  Pulling her into the room, sitting her on the bed and taking out clothes, “ God I’ve been waiting on this party for so long and because of you we’re going miss what might’ve been the best moments, you can be so annoying you know.” Amy said, digging to look for what her friend could wear.

  She finally found something, “ Here, I know Cin is here and her stupid brother broke your heart but there’s probably going to he hot guys there, no need to sulk. Hop onto the next good looking thing.”

  Kat looked at the wine bottle and she picked it up, downing almost the whole bottle.

  “ I need something stronger.” She said, getting up to get dressed.

  “ Yes and you’ll find it at the party, let’s go!” Amy said, she was so frustrated with Kat because she had been going on about this party for months.

  Finally Kat got dressed in her shorts, her crop top and heels,

  “ Sexy mama!” Amy said, “ Hurry up now, the car keys. I hate this, you probably cost me a husband now, he’s probably kissing some girl. Anyway forget Sebastian, there’s a lot of hot single guys out there, you know?”

  Cin didn’t really comment much when it came to her brother, they were cute together and she didn’t really understand why he was acting up. Part of her wished they would kiss and make up because she didn’t like the awkwardness.

  They got up, Katalika was naturally beautiful with clear skin, though lately she was having a lot of insecurities.

  They got in the car, she was a light weight and the wine was already hitting.

  “ Someone please navigate.” She said, starting the car. As much as she was a light weight, she was the only one they trusted to get them to their destination in one piece.

  The road they turned on was completely dark, no streets lights or any houses which lit up the road. Amy turned down the volume, to a point of switching off the radio, even though it was still on.

  “ Did you take the right turn?” She asked.

  “ Yes, I’m pretty sure I did. Well, the navigator says I did. I’m gonna keep driving, lock the doors just Incase.”

  They drove down the dark road and in the distance they started hearing music,

  “ Holi shit I can hear the music, okay I’m so nervous ahhh, do I look fine?”

  “ Amy is there an online guy you’re meeting here?” Kat said, arching her eyebrow.

  “ No, ew.” Amy replied.

  “ Shit there’s too many cars, we have to walk there.” Kat said, stretching her neck and parking the car. “let’s go out, I’m going to give my phone and car keys to you cause...”

  “ When you’re sloshed you lose shit.” Amy finished Kats sentence for her as she grabbed the phone and keys, they opened their doors and walked out, closing them.

  They started walking towards the house, Amy already dancing on the side of the road. They bumped into a couple of people they knew from their school, greeting them as they made their way in the house. The house was lit up, changing red and blue lights inside. Music was blasting, people were rowdy and the girls couldn’t wait to go ballistic too. They got inside, holding each others hands making their way to the kitchen. They got there, there was a couple of people but one hot guy stood out for all three of them. He stood with his leg crossed, his air slick back and his skin pale, with red eyes. The girls presumed it was contact lenses, obviously to fit the theme of the party. He looked up and his eyes locked on Kat, this perfectly petite body, everything was just right. He was standing with a huge bottle of alcohol, getting ready to put it in the punch. He opened the bottle and tilted it all into the punch, there was smoke coming out the punch, making everyone go crazy.

  “ I want some of that!” Amy shouted out, trying to speak over the music. The three girls walked over, grabbing their red cups and scooped some. Kat scooped some last, taking a huge gulp which instantly gave her a dizzy feeling. She looked up at the guy who only gave her a naughty smile, she smiled back too, turning around to leave him in the kitchen with her friends.

  “ That guy was so hot and so into you!” Amy said, jumping in the process. “ Shit, I think I’m already drunk.” She added, as they all giggled. Kat turned around to look in the direction of the mysterious guy, but he was gone.


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