Back To My Twenty

Back To My Twenty

Author:Oscar Sam



Andy Chandra is waiting for the promotion announcement. However, after the information was completed, not once was Andy Chandra's name on the list. Andy Chandra asks for justice, but he and his boss get into an argument, and Andy gets kicked out of his job. Luna Sandra, Andy's wife, got the news that one of their twins, Reno, had a fight with a friend at her school. But neither Luna nor Andy came to school. When they get home, the disputes are unavoidable; Luna is furious: Andy is always unreliable. Finally, Luna asked for a divorce, and Andy, fed up with his life, left the house. He meets a mysterious man who gives him a drink, and the following day when Andy opens his eyes, he finds himself awake at the age of 22. Did Andy manage to change his life for the better? Or will he keep repeating his past mistakes? And what about his love story? Will he choose Cindy as his wife, who he knows is the daughter of his future boss?
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"What abilities can you do besides making reports, huh!" snapped Mr. Vishnu Hinata, the company leader of the Hinata Group. His voice was loud and booming, making anyone who heard the shout have great sympathy for the man's interlocutor.

Andy, who became the object of Mr. Vishnu's scolding, began to feel his knees shaking, his heart beating fast. He was shy. He had worked for seventeen years in that place, he should have been a role model for the rest of his friends, but in that place, Andy's self-esteem had no value at all. He was like a stumbling block that only brought shame to the branch company. During the seventeen years, he served in the company, he only worked as an ordinary employee, never reaching a manager's level. Five years ago, his boss promised that he would soon be promoted to manager. Still, unfortunately, the manager's position was occupied by his junior, who, according to his superior's records, had a better performance than him.

Five years have passed since the day of the promotion, and this is the day the employees of the Hinata Group branch company engaged in stockbroking have been waiting for.

"Sorry, Sir," Andy said, looking down at the floor.

Mr. Vishnu looked at Andy with disapproval. "Whose company do you think this is! Do you still dare to act like that! Just who are you!" Mr. Vishnu's voice was so loud as if he had deliberately dropped Andy's good name in front of the other employees. "Make another report for eleven o'clock! I don't want to see reports like this!" The document that Andy had just given was slammed onto Andy's desk. Mr. Vishnu's shoulders moved up and down, his hands clenched tightly, holding all his emotions there. Seeing Andy, who nodded and said softly, "Okay, Sir," he left him speechless, then turned back towards his room.

Mr. Vishnu rarely uses the room because he is the owner of this company; his presence is only at the annual and five-year meetings, which will discuss employees who will get promotions.

Andy took a deep breath. His friends around Andy prefer to pretend as nothing happened as long as Mr. Vishnu is still around them.

Andy started working on a report he had to give for eleven o'clock.

"He never does the good jobs! Everything is always wrong!" Mr. Vishnu's voice was still heard so that all the employees could listen to the door being violently opened and closed with a slam. For a moment, no one dared to open their mouths until they knew that the situation was safe; only one by one, they breathed loudly enough and whispered.

"It must be Mr. Andy who the boss scolds. I heard that Mr. Andy's work is never right; that's why Big Boss is always angry with Mr. Andy." Even though Santi was talking about Andy in a whisper, Andy could hear her.

"You've never heard of it, have you?" asked another female voice.

"Hear what, Na?" asked Santi again.

From his desk, Andy glanced at the front desk where Santi and Nana were sitting; when Santy and Andy's eyes met, Santy quickly turned her face to Nana and whispered, "Mr. Andy is looking at us."

"Let it be. Everyone here knows it all, doesn't it?"

"What the thing that do you know about him?" Santi frowned, she was curious about a secret she had never heard of, but other people already knew.

"Mr. Andy loves Mrs. Cindy, Mr. Vishnu's daughter," Nana told Santi, which immediately made Santi shut her mouth in surprise.

"Is it true?" asked Santi in disbelief. This is the hot gossip, and she should immediately tell the others. "Then did Mrs. Cindy accept Mr. Andy?"

Nana laughed at Santi's question. Her voice was quite loud as she answered, "How is that possible? If Mrs. Cindy accepts Mr. Andy, it is clear that Mr. Andy is now a leader at the head office and not as a lowly employee like us, even though Mr. Andy has worked here for seventeen years but has not received a promotion." Then both of them had to hold their stomachs, trying not to burst out laughing while looking at Andy for a second, looking at him appraisingly; that Andy was in no way fit to have a romantic relationship with their central leadership.

Andy ignored the voices that were currently talking about him. He just stared at the laptop screen in front of him. The string of letters and numbers he needed to finish right away was tens of times more interesting than cheap gossip that couldn't be verified.

"How was the report?" asked Leo, who was standing in front of Andy's desk. Leo is the manager in Andy's division, and he is Andy's direct boss. "We'll be meeting soon," Leo told. Andy nodded; he said, "Yeah, I'm revising the ending now.'

"Okay," Leo answered shortly then walked into his room.

Five years ago, Leo, who had just worked for three years, won a position as manager in Andy's division. Andy was angry, and he could not accept why his junior, who had three years of work experience, immediately took up the position of manager, while Andy, who had worked for five years, did not get a promotion. At that time, the previous manager said that he would take Andy's performance into account in five years.

The clock showed eleven to fifteen; Andy immediately sent the report he had just revised and sent it to Mr. Vishnu's secretary, Mr. Vishnu, and other managers.

He was relieved that he was able to finish his report on time.

The meeting room was already getting crowded, and he arrived late because he had to finish the revised report first. He had sent the information two weeks ago in softcopy, and Andy had prepared copies in advance for all of his superiors. During that time, Andy did not receive any complaints from Mr. Leo, Mr. Wisnu's secretary, and Mr. Wisnu himself. However, today with a face full of anger, Mr. Wisnu came to his cubicle and threw the hardcopy documents on Andy's desk. Andy was stunned; why did Mr. Vishnu only ask for a revision today?

"Thank God I'm not late," said Andy, who sat next to Kevin.

"I purposely vacated this seat for you to sit here." Kevin smiled at Andy.

"Thank you."

Kevin teased Andy, and he said with a smile, "I'm sure you will get a promotion today." Joni, who sat in front of Andy and Kevin, immediately turned around. He smiled at Andy and held out his hand. Andy is his senior, and he has worked in the company the longest. "You will get a promotion today. We'll see, yeah. I must be right."

Andy smiled shyly, and he had also told this to his wife since a month ago.

Luna must be happy to hear that, Andy thought. He couldn't wait to listen to the promotion announcement. That's why Mr. Vishnu is at this branch company because the promotion must be attended directly by the President of the company owner.

"Thank you," Andy said; he couldn't hide his smile anymore. He had been patient all this time. Seventeen years is not a short time. He is already thirty-nine years old; he is not young anymore, while his work experience only reaches the level of an ordinary employee. He is often embarrassed when he meets his other college friends, who have held the positions of supervisor, superintendent, manager, head of the production, director, and others. At the same time, he was just a low-level employee. Today he should have got a promotion.

Several minutes had passed since the branch head gave Mr. Vishnu's report over the past year. Mr. Vishnu did not smile at all; in fact, his face grew sour the longer he was in the meeting room. Andy looked at Mr. Vishnu, and he could only remain silent. Pak Vishnu is Cindy's father, a woman who has liked him since they were in college.

"I can make you the head of the company in one or two years, as long as you want to divorce your wife and marry Cindy, my daughter." Seventeen years ago, Mr. Vishnu said that.

Andy has just married Luna, who is already pregnant with his child. There's no way Andy left Luna and her future twins' children. He must be responsible for what he has done to Luna. Luna was pregnant out of the marriage, and she did not finish her high school education. Rice has turned into porridge, and Andy must be responsible and start having to make a living.

"Good afternoon all." Leo's voice filled the room. He spoke through the loudspeaker. "I'm sure everyone here has made their best contribution over the last five years." Leo smiled warmly at everyone in the room and received a nod of his head and an answer, "Yes, Sir," from all the employees proudly.

"Therefore, I will soon announce who will get the promotion." Leo smiled again and was greeted with smiles from all the employees, including Andy. Andy smiled at Leo. He would patiently wait for his name to be called Leo.

One by one, the names of the employees were mentioned. Andy kept smiling until the last employee's name was "Joni," who was mentioned by Leo to serve as the new manager in the Stocks section, and Leo was promoted to director. Suddenly Andy's body shook violently. His eyes were wet. He immediately stood up, his face tense, full of anger. "What is this!" His voice was loud, and the whole room turned to Andy.

Joni, who was sitting in front of Andy, became restless and uneasy. He has only worked for the company for two years. Not knowing what to do at this point; whether it's grateful or not.

"Andy, calm down, Andy," Kevin said, trying to calm Andy. "There is Mr. Vishnu here; if you want to protest, don't do it now. Later in Mr. Leo's room." Kevin understands very well that Andy is very frustrated with the arbitrary decisions given by their superiors.

Tears rolled down Andy's face. In all his life, he had never cried in front of a crowd, but at this moment, he could no longer contain the annoyance he had been holding in for so long; it was like a hot spray of hot lava that erupted, bursting out in an erratic direction. His chest felt tight, and he breathed with difficulty holding back the sobs that had welled up in his chest. "What have you promised me, Mr. Leo!" Andy shouted. His knees shook. He could no longer contain his anger.

"Mr. Andy! Take care of your attitude! You can't control what the top executives have to decide! You are just a lowly employee! We judge not by how long employees work, but we make assessments of their performance!" Leo snapped; he looked at Andy with a scornful, condescending look. He once promised Andy a manager position, but when he proposed it to Mr. Vishnu, Mr. Vishnu's face immediately stiffened. So Leo no longer dared to mention Andy's name to be promoted.

"Which part of my job doesn't match the high performance the company expects!" This time Andy tried to walk forward towards Leo, but Kevin didn't want his friend to cause any further trouble, so he grabbed Andy's hand until Andy almost crashed into some of the chairs around him.

"Andy. Think of your children and wife. If you get fired from this job, how can you get another job? Remember that you are not young anymore," Kevin reminded.

"Let go of my hand!" Andy snapped; he didn't know what to do at this point; he was hurt and disappointed with the outcome of the decision he had just heard.

"Mr. Andy. You'd better keep your head down before you regret acting stupidly." A deep and dangerous voice came from the front. The entire staff seemed to be sucked in by a terrifying voice that emphasized every word.

Andy tried to get his hands off Kevin; he turned his face towards the source of the voice and asked loudly, "What are you going to do if I don't take care of my attitude? Can I not claim my rights?"


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